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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Anant coming to workshop. Roshni refuses to play with Aarav. Anant says I want to be alone. She says you would be tired, I want to go Alibagh to Bua. He asks why. She hides the carving and says I think I should make myself ready for this change. He says I m busy, I can’t drop you. She says you are busy with Ahana, Rehaan or Karan will drop us. Aarav says we are going to Reema Bua, thanks. Anant says I will talk to Rehaan or Karan. He goes. Aarav says dad agreed, he changed. Roshni says everything is changing. He goes to inform Yamini.

Ahana says I can’t depend on mom, if she knows Anant won’t marry me till she says yes, she will never say yes. Saloni calms her down. Ahana says mom will never allow, my marriage will never happen. Saloni says I don’t think you and Anant are right for each other, he is 20 years older than you, he is of our dad’s age, you will regret for this, mom worries for her. Ahana says you don’t know anything, she doesn’t care for me. Saloni says she really loves you. Ahana says fine, matter ends. Saloni says sorry, I spoiled your mood, if you think you will be happy, I m happy for you, mom will agree, don’t worry. Ahana recalls Laila taking cheque for Tarun. She says I know how she agreed for your marriage, I mean she will agree in last moment, I don’t want stress. Saloni asks her to smile.

Rehaan argues with Roma. He asks how should I get 10 lakhs. She says sorry. He says what shall I do of your sorry, I have to do something before Anant knows. Anant calls him. He answers and asks when are you marrying. Anant says Laila didn’t agree, Ahana and I decided to wait till she agrees. Rehaan says don’t take stress, we will find a solution. Anant says I m fine, take Roshni and Aarav to Reema. Rehaan asks why. Anant says Roshni wants to go, her mood will change, she will be happy if you are there. Rehaan says I would have gone, but I m stuck somewhere. Anant asks in what. Rehaan says my project. Anant says you didn’t tell me. Rehaan says I will come home and talk. Anant says no problem, I will ask Yamini to take kids, you don’t stress, all the best for your new project. Rehaan ends call and says I m lying to him, thanks. He gets sad.

Laila meets Srivastav. She asks what’s the problem. He says the problem is big, people want money back, they are threatening of media, think something, we have no time. She says I decide my time, don’t waste my time. She leaves. Bansal asks Gupta to see Laila. Gupta sees her. Bansal says Rahul was my friend, he was a good man, but she isn’t good. Gupta says I heard about Laila and your fight around money. Bansal says you will feel bad if I say, she is related to you now, she took big loan, I gave it for Rahul’s sake, whenever I ask, she asks for time. Gupta says she will give something soon. Bansal says she has given me full amount cheque, but she doesn’t let me deposit it, I wish to throw it on her face. Gupta asks can I help. Bansal asks how. Gupta says you just have mangoes, why do you count the seeds, if you have to win, the sight should be always on target.

Kavita says Karan I want to come along. He says you can’t come. They argue. He says you and Roshni have difference, you lied to me, I heard you talking to your friend, you were with her and told me that goons got after you. She says you were having love for Roshni, why don’t you understand, she is not your friend, you are just Anant’s driver. She cries and goes.

Aarav asks Yamini to come along. Yamini says you both can take care of yourselves, if I m always with you, how will you become strong and independent. Aarav asks her to be strong and not cry. Yamini sees Anant and says I was not crying. Anant asks Karan to take care of kids. Roshni says I will take care of Aarav. He asks who will take care of me. She says Ahana is there and Yamini too. Karan smiles seeing Roshni. Kavita gives him water bottle. Karan says I don’t need. Anant asks Karan to drive carefully. Karan says yes Sir. Roshni asks Karan to call Anant as uncle, not Sir.

Yamini asks Anant why is he worried. Anant says Laila doesn’t agree, she has problem with our age difference. She says its not a right reason to refuse. He says people of same age should marry, this age difference can make hearts apart. She says when two people know each other, this doesn’t happen. He says I came too far and get afraid of losing Ahana. She says don’t worry, you can’t lose her, what does she say. He says she says she will marry me, even if Laila agrees or not, but till Laila agrees, I won’t marry. She asks why. He says I want to give happiness to Ahana, she can’t be happy being away from her mom, I know her well, she can’t be happy by hurting anyone. She gives him tea.

Laila angrily comes home and recalls Ahana and Anant. She smiles. She calls Anant and says I want to meet, I will just take 15 mins, its imp work.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Laila says if Ahana regrets after marriage, what will you do. Anant says that’s completely her decision. She says you can marry Ahana, I have a condition. He asks what condition.

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