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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 4th December 2017 Episode start With Gupta asking Rehaan to stay alert of Laila. Tarun comes. Gupta taunts him. Tarun says I need to talk to you. Gupta says I don’t want to talk till I get my money back. Tarun says I will return you money. Gupta says I have bought your car, give the keys to watchman. Tarun says I did big mistake by coming here, have the keys, I promise you, I will never come back here. He goes.

Rehaan says come I will drop you. Tarun sits in his car. He cries. Rehaan looks at him. Aarav teases Roshni. They see the old album. Ahana joins them. Yamini says I have to prepare for Reema’s departure. She goes. Reema praises Rehaan and tells about his childhood. Laila sees Rehaan and Tarun. She asks Rehaan what’s this drama, did Anant send him. Rehaan says no, its related to my family, its my decision, I don’t have to ask anyone. She laughs on him and says you will fall over your face when you know where you belong. Rehaan recalls Gupta’s words and asks Laila to explain him. She says Ahana is Anant’s wife, he can get angry when anyone tells anything against Ahana, you are innocent, don’t come in Gupta’s words. He says I won’t let Anant get any loss. She says you will not have anything left. He says we shall see and leaves. Reema hugs Anant and Ahana. She asks Anant not to give important to whatever happened. He says media made many stories about my and Ahana’s marriage. She says don’t know why Gupta did this. He says I think he did this to teach a lesson to Tarun and we got caught, don’t worry. He takes her.

Saloni asks Laila why did she get a lawyer. Laila says I m not foolish like Gupta. Tarun taunts her. Laila says I came here to help you both, Gupta can’t make you out of his will, you can go court and ask your rights. He says we don’t have any right on his property, I will not sign these papers. Laila asks Saloni what’s Tarun’s plan, he is ruining his life, how will they fulfill his child’s wishes. He says love is most imp, we will find happiness. Saloni agrees with him. Laila says love will die when you run out of money, then come to me, I will wait. She leaves. Yamini sees Ahana with Aarav and smiles. She goes. Anant asks about Ahana. She says she is with Aarav, I thought not to disturb them. They come to Ahana and Aarav. Anant asks him to do homework. Yamini says its fine, he can do later. Anant asks her not to spoil him. Ahana asks Aarav to finish homework and come. Ahana gets Saloni’s call. Saloni sounds upset and asks Ahana to meet. Ahana says you can meet anytime, come home, Anant is an amazing husband, come anytime. Saloni agrees.

Kavita argues with Uma. She says you just like Karan, Ahana and Roshni. Uma asks how did Roshni come in this. They gossip that Ahana’s sister is coming. Uma says we will make something good. Ahana consoles Saloni. Ahana asks her to come over anytime she likes. She gives her Gajar ka halwa. Saloni says I m happy for you, I also wanted a family, but my inlaws…. Ahana asks her not to cry. Saloni says I feel bad seeing Tarun, he got trapped between Laila and Gupta’s taunts. Ahana asks her not to think about anyone, just think about baby, Tarun and yourself. She jokes and makes her laugh.

Rehaan comes to meet Roma. She asks is there anything serious, you went to Gupta, did he threaten you. He asks why will he threaten me, I m worried and angry, I should have not gone there. She asks what did Gupta say. He says Gupta is saying truth, Laila took money from Tarun, he was talking to his wife, he won’t lie to her. She asks what are you thinking to do now. He says I have to tell Anant, I have no option. She asks you think he will believe you. He asks what shall I do, that man raised me, should I watch him getting ruined, I have to tell him, he will believe me, he trusts me, you shall see. He thinks of Ahana and Gupta’s words.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Richa asks Rehaan to say honestly is Ahana not right for Anant, do you wish to save Anant or you don’t trust yourself, don’t hate her just because you can’t love her. Rehaan looks on. She asks him to understand this.

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