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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ahana Insults Rehaan


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 5th December 2017 Episode start With Anant asking Rehaan to come for a talk. Rehaan says even I have to talk. Anant asks any new business deal, I m just joking, its not a mistake if anyone learns from a mistake. Rehaan asks him to say first. Anant says I m surprised seeing Ahana’s maturity. He tells everything. Rehaan thinks of Laila’s words. Anant praises Ahana. He says if I had any doubt regarding this marriage, it got away, I feel I made a right decision by marrying Ahana. Rehaan says it maybe right if you are saying so. Anant says I can talk about her all day, you tell me. Rehaan says nothing. Ahana comes and asks what are they talking. She says Saloni has left. Rehaan thinks of Ahana. He asks why did Saloni came. Ahana asks can’t she come. Anant says this is Ahana’s house now, come early,Ahana wants us to have dinner together. Rehaan agrees and leaves.

Rehaan meets Richa and says whatever is happening, I don’t understand, just set this right. Richa says hypnotherapy is a way to bring out inner voice, I understand everything, I know the girl you have seen was not Roma, right, you can tell me, it will be between us, I promise. He says I have seen my ex Saloni’s sister Ahana, I don’t have any relation with her, Ahana married my uncle Anant. She says don’t feel bad, Ahana, your uncle’s wife, did you ever flirt with her or try to get friendly. He thinks of Ahana. She says it means she is different and rejected too, its in your heart, listen to me, this is human behavior, if we don’t get anything, we try to get away from it, your mind will force you to not understand her new relation. He says everyone feels she will ruin Anant. She asks do you really think so. He says yes, she is not right for Anant. She says be honest, do you want to save Anant from Ahana or do you not trust yourself, I m a professional, reading people’s mind is my work, don’t hate Ahana only because you can’t love her, understand this. He gets shocked.

Everyone sits to dine. Roshni asks where is dad. Aarav says dad would be having honeymoon. Roshni says you say anything rubbish. Anant and Ahana come. Aarav says you were having honeymoon right, they don’t agree. Anant says you know everything. Roshni and Yamini compliment Ahana for her necklace. Ahana says thanks, Anant gave me as wedding gift. She sees Kavita staring. Roshni asks when did you buy this dad, you would have taken me along, I would have helped you. Ahana says Roshni has a very good taste, you will have to give me one more gift of her choice. Anant jokes that its her benefit. Rehaan says this is the world, people use others and some people help others, I forgot to say, I met Tarun, he looked worried. Ahana says Gupta is troubling Tarun a lot, Saloni is very stressed. Anant asks do you think Tarun will work with me. Ahana asks are you serious. Anant says yes, why not, he is qualified, Roshni and Aarav are too young, nobody knows when will Rehaan’s MBA get complete. Roshni jokes on Rehaan.

Rehaan recalls Gupta’s words. He leaves. Anant goes to Rehaan and asks what happened, why did you get angry, it was a joke. Rehaan says I don’t care if anyone jokes on me, but if anyone jokes on you, I can’t tolerate this. Anant asks who made fun of me. Roshni says he got angry because of me, I will talk to him. Ahana says no need, Anant went to see, I will go and see. She goes. Yamini says let Rehaan calm down, then talk to him.

Anant asks what’s the matter Rehaan, tell me, did you do anything wrong again. Rehaan says big mistake is done, Ahana did wrong, Ahana has married you for your money. Anant gets shocked. He says I m asking about you, don’t get Ahana in this. Rehaan says I m worried because of Ahana, I m angry on Laila, I went to meet Gupta. Anant asks why. Rehaan says to find the truth. Anant asks did you think Gupta will tell you truth. Rehaan says no, he wouldn’t lie to his wife, I heard him telling Saloni…. Laila took money from Tarun, Laila is dealing her daughters for money, Ahana is doing the same, she is trying to trap you. Anant asks him to stop it, its enough. Ahana hears them. Rehaan says Laila is sinking in loans, she is using her daughters, why did Ahana marry you, couldn’t she get anyone else of her age. Anant says she loves me, don’t cross your limits, don’t force to say something for which I regret later, just Ahana and I have the right to comment on our marriage, I don’t care what anyone thinks. Ahana comes in and says even I don’t care, you trust my love, its enough.

Anant says you don’t need to give an explanation. She asks why will I feel bad, Rehaan’s thinking and words don’t matter. She insults Rehaan. Rehaan says I only said what I heard. She says you have commented about me and Saloni as well.

Ahana gets angry on Rehaan and goes. Anant says you didn’t do this right, I will never forgive you. He goes to Ahana. She cries. He apologizes to her. She asks him not to say sorry, everyone feels I married you for money. Jeene bhi de…..plays…. He says no, you married me because I m very handsome, don’t cry in front of me, I can’t see you crying. She hugs him. Rehaan looks at them and cries. Ahana stares angrily.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni says dad, Rehaan is saying he is leaving the house, please stop him. Anant sees Rehaan.

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