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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 6th December 2017 Episode start with with Rehaan thinking of Anant and Ahana, Anant’s words and their relation. He thinks I have become an outsider today. Anant and Ahana come to dine. Roshni and Aarav asks him about Rehaan. Anant asks them to have food, Rehaan is not a kid, if he can joke on others, others can also joke on him. Roshni says I will ask Uma to give him dinner in room. Anant says he is not ill, he will come to dine. Rehaan comes downstairs. Roshni asks him to come and have food. Rehaan says I m leaving. Roshni asks him where is he going. Rehaan says I m leaving the house. She asks why, what happened, where will you go. Aarav asks what happened. Roshni says sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Rehaan says no, matter is something else. She asks Anant to stop Rehaan, he is saying he is leaving the house, please stop him. Ahana looks on.

Anant turns away and says he is going by his own wish, I won’t stop him. Roshni asks Rehaan to stop. Rehaan says Anant is right, I m going by my own wish, let me go. She asks Anant to say the matter. Anant says its not necessary to tell you everything. She asks did you ask him to go. He says stop acting like a child now, leave me alone. The glass drops. Anant leaves. Roshni asks Yamini to convince Anant, don’t let Rehaan leave. Yamini goes to Anant. He asks has Rehaan left. She says he will stop on your saying. He says I won’t stop him. She sees Roshni. She asks Anant to stop Rehaan, else… He says else I can regret, I still regret that he doesn’t value my love, he doesn’t know what he is for me, I couldn’t win his trust. She says but he respects you a lot.

He says no, he has hurt my heart, he insulted my thinking and sensibility, I can’t forgive him, I didn’t ask him to leave, he is going by his own wish. She says I trust your decision, but you know him, he does mistakes but understands, don’t let him go. He says maybe he will value relations by staying him. She says I m worried for Roshni, she can’t bear this, she cares for him. He says then she has to learn. Yamini turns and sees Roshni and Ahana. Roshni asks Ahana to convince Anant. She goes.

Rehaan asks Aarav why are you crying. Aarav cries. Rehaan says its not raining here. Karan asks should I take the car out. Rehaan says no, I will manage, take the keys, I don’t need it, you got free from my work, just call a taxi please. Roshni comes and hugs her. He says Anant didn’t agree as you are not charming like me. She says even you lost today. He says yes, stop crying, smile now, I m leaving the house, not you, I will keep meeting. Karan says taxi has come. Anant sees Rehaan and cries. Rehaan hugs them and sees Anant at the window. He leaves.

Ahana comes to Anant and says he has left, did we drag the matter, did we make a big mistake. He says Rehaan did mistake, not we. She says I got angry on his words, but I m feeling bad seeing the pain in your eyes, maybe he didn’t wish to hurt you, he wanted to protect you, he loves you a lot. He says he has always hurt me, he wasted my money and his time, he didn’t fulfill responsibility, he doesn’t care if anyone’s heart breaks, I always felt his intention is good and he loves me, but its enough now, he has to bear punishment of his doing, if he has hurt anyone, he has to bear the pain, I have loved him without any condition, now he has to win my love. He cries.

She says whatever Rehaan said was not a lie, I know mom took money from Tarun and cheating Gupta, sorry I didn’t tell you. He says you don’t know lying and Rehaan said you are cheating me. She says no, I…. He says thanks for your truth, but always remember, you are not Laila, you don’t need to justify her mistakes, you are Ahana who loves me, whom I love, nothing else matters, if Rehaan doesn’t understand this, there is no place for him in my heart and house, he left by his wish, now he can’t come back without my wish.

Rehaan is on the way and cries. Anant and Ahana stay awake. Rehaan recalls Anant getting him home. Little Roshni asks Rehaan to come and see the house. Naina thaglenge…..plays….. Anant plays with Roshni and Rehaan. Rehaan stays sad. Roshni asks are you missing your parents, even my mum is not here, Yamini says the people who leave from world becomes a star, they will be seeing us. She hugs him. Anant says Roshni is right, one who has no one cries, but we all are your family, don’t think you are alone, so smile, a little more. Rehaan smiles. Roshni gets a trophy. Rehaan comes and says I just got a consolation prize. Anant says its fine, come and hug Papa. Rehaan hugs him. Rehaan makes a drawing and writes RK for Rehaan Khanna. He asks can I call you AM. Anant says fine, I will call you Rehaan and you will call me AM. Rehaan grows up. Rehaan hugs Anant and says AM proved he loves me more. Anant says no, I love all three of you, but its his first day in college, so he deserves a hug. He hugs Rehaan. FB ends. Rehaan cries.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Roshni tells Rehaan that Tarun and Saloni are coming to meet dad, I have to meet you, not them. He says Anant didn’t take a day to fill my place. She meets Rehaan and says Ahana made Anant oust you of the house. He asks what do you mean.

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