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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 7th December 2017 Episode start with Roma pacifying Rehaan. He says I feel suffocated, I can’t bear anyone cheating Anant, I had to say truth, I didn’t think I have to pay big price for truth, I feel depressed. He cries. She consoles him. Servants talk about Rehaan. Servant says since Ahana came, its happening wrong, maybe Saloni asked Rehaan to leave, they had an affair. Uma takes Ahana’s side. Kavita asks Uma not to interfere if she doesn’t know anything. Kittu says Rehaan left house yesterday night, Anant didn’t stop him either. Laila smiles and says poor Rehaan.

Rehaan wakes up and finds a card on the bed. He reads Roma’s card and notes. He smiles and drinks tea. He gets Laila’s call. She greets him and says morning won’t be good for you. He asks what do you mean. She says I just got to know Anant made you leave the house, I felt bad, Gupta made Tarun leave and now its you. Rehaan says I left the house myself. She says I gave you a warning, you didn’t listen to me, you have no place to live, you can stay at my house, I gave place to Tarun too, you are also my relative. He asks her not to worry for him, I will call you in some time, after drinking some pegs, maybe I understand the hidden meaning of your words. Richa comes home. He says Roma is not at home. She says I know, I came to see you, are you fine, Roma said you came here to stay after leaving your house, is this true. He gets sad.

She says I hope you understood the meaning of my hypnosis. He says I know, I don’t love Ahana, I hate her, she will ruin Anant, I won’t let her succeed in her plans, I will get her out of his life. Anant says call Tarun, I will meet him. Ahana asks him if he is sure. He says yes. Roshni wakes up Aarav. He asks did Rehaan come back. She says no. Ahana talks to Saloni and says Anant wants to meet Tarun. Saloni thanks her. Ahana jokes and says I love you. She tells about the big drama happened last night. Aarav says Ahana is so good, we will talk to her, dad will listen to her. Roshni says no, I will go and talk to her, get ready and come for breakfast. Saloni says Anant should have slapped Rehaan. Ahana says he shouted a lot, Rehaan left the house, Anant is very angry, he doesn’t want to forgive him. Saloni says Rehaan’s ego would have got hurt. Ahana says person can run from people and problems, but deeds don’t leave him, Rehaan broke your heart, his heart got broken, he got homeless. Roshni hears this. Ahana says Rehaan got punished and my heart got satisfied. Roshni gets shocked. Saloni says Rehaan is also part of that family, he can do anything, I know him very well, he will put entire blame on you. She recalls pandit’s words and says I m worried about pandit’s words. Ahana says he doesn’t matter to me, its good for me, we won’t get friendly ever. Roshni angrily goes.

Ahana says I m worried for Roshni and Aarav, they love Rehaan a lot. Roshni cries and tells Aarav what Ahana said. She thinks dad should have heard this, Rehaan was right about Ahaan, I have to tell Rehaan. Rehaan gets her message and calls her. He asks will you ignore me. He says I will miss you a lot. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I have to meet you. He says I will meet soon, don’t worry I m fine. She says I have to tell something imp, please meet me, Tarun and Saloni are coming to meet dad, I don’t want to meet them, I want to meet you. He says Anant didn’t take time to fill my place, I will see you.

Tarun says I will work hard, I promise. Anant says you deserve this, come. Ahana and Saloni laugh. Saloni says I will always keep smiling because of you and Anant. Ahana says Anant knows Tarun is qualified. Saloni asks why did he not keep Rehaan on job. Ahana says no one will give Rehaan a job, Aarav is with Yamini, I don’t know about Roshni, she is very sweet, her innocence is intact, she will like me with time. Saloni wishes her best of luck. Roshni meets Rehaan. He says everything will get fine, don’t worry.
She asks him to stop calling her as a kid. He says relax, I was just comforting you, I miss you. She says you will never change. He says everyone is changing, let me be same, how is Anant. She says fine. He says I have hurt him, I don’t regret, I just feel bad that I have really hurt him, he didn’t stop me. She says Ahana made Anant oust you from the house. She tells everyone. He gets shocked. She says Ahana did this to take revenge for Saloni, else how would dad let you go.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rehaan sees Rekha and Saloni together. He thinks Ahana said right, one has to pay for deeds, you took revenge for Saloni, now its my turn.

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