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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Rehaan Confronts Shikha


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 8th December 2017 Episode start with Rehaan talking to the gym lady. He says I don’t have change to pay. Gupta comes to him and helps by paying the change. He asks what happened between you and Anant. Rehaan says nothing, its all good. Gupta says I respect Anant. Rehaan says I have left his house, you can talk to him. Gupta says don’t think I m taking advantage of you, I have seen a spark in you, I want to give you a chance to work with me, your talent and my experience, we can get anything together, what do you say, will you join me.

Rehaan says I can’t accept your offer. Gupta says you surprised me again, I didn’t expect a no. Rehaan says I didn’t expect you to help me instead family, maybe Tarun would have not needed to work with Anant if you gave this offer to him. He pays the cafe bill and leaves. Rehaan calls Karan. He says you have to do an imp task, just check the newspaper, tell me the name of the journalist. Karan checks and says Shikha. Rehaan asks him to take care of Roshni. He thinks to meet Shikha, someone leaked such a big news to Shikha, someone would be knowing Laila and her daughter’s dark secrets. Laila and Shelly have a talk at the fashion event.

Laila sees Rekha. Shelly says that model is Rehaan’s girlfriend Roma. Laila says maybe, I will greet Rekha and come. Laila says I had to come here as I m Anant’s Saas, I m Tarun’s Saas too but I didn’t knew my daughters’ fate will have much difference, you would be feeling lonely since your son left the house. Rekha says yes, even then I m happy that my state is not like you, I m surprised seeing you here, how do you manage to afford this. Laila says my daughters are my wealth, your son has left you, what’s the need of this richness, Anant gave a job to your son, you manage your bank balance, I will manage your son. Rekha says I m fortunate to get good relatives, the day I depend on my son law, I will curse my fate, we will meet again. She leaves.

Tarun says I m excited to work with you. Anant says me too, come office tomorrow, I will introduce you to staff. Saloni asks Ahana to come with her, she wants to inform Rekha. Saloni and Tarun leave. Anant asks Ahana to come soon, he has to show something. She says fine, I will come soon. Laila says she was taunting me, I can get Tarun fired today itself if I want. Ahana and Saloni come. Saloni says mom, Tarun is joining Anant. Laila says I m happy, Gupta needs a lesson. Ahana taunts Laila and asks from which account will she pay for the dresses. Laila says I have to maintain standards, I m Anant’s mum in law now. They go to meet Rekha.

Saloni hugs Rekha and says Tarun got a job, he joined Anant. Rekha says I heard it. She sees Laila. Rehaan comes there and sees Saloni and Ahana. He gets angry and recalls Roshni’s words. He thinks Ahana was right, person has to pay for the deeds, you took revenge for Saloni, now its my turn. Rekha goes. Shikha comes to Saloni to talk about Ahana and Anant’s wedding. Rehaan hears them. Shikha asks did your father in law insult your mum. Saloni says you have leaked that news, you should have shame, Anant will not leave you, I m saying the truth, a person who doesn’t forgive family, what will he spare you. She goes.

Rehaan goes to Shikha and says Anant is my uncle, this is court notice against you. She asks did you come to threaten me. He says no, I came to inform about the case, you know Anant’s reach. She asks what did I do, I just did my work. Rehaan says your company is big, I m concerned for you, will you have courage to fight Anant. She says I published the truth. He asks who gave you this news. She says I can’t disclose it. Rehaan scares her. He says if you need my help, you can call me. She stops him. He says Anant can take the case back if you say how you got this info. She says Shelly. He asks Laila’s friend. She says yes. He asks how shall I believe you. She says I will send the screenshots of messages, help me. He thinks I will learn entire truth soon Ahana.

Rehaan goes to the exhibition and meets Shelly. She asks are you interested in art. He says a lot. She asks did you like anything. He says yes, just one. She says how tacky. He says sorry, it was a cheap line, don’t go on my words, understand my feelings, we should have coffee together. She says I like black coffee. She says I like white with extra sugar. He calls Anant from PCO. Anant answers. Rehaan doesn’t speak. He thinks I m very close to know Ahana’s truth, I know her motive behind marrying you, once I get strong evidence, I will make her away from you.


Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anant asks Roshni can she live without him for 15 days. She asks did you forget my birthday, you won’t be here on my birthday.

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