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Dil Se Dil Tak 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the room, Mohini was sure Teni doesn’t bear Aman’s child.
There, Dada ji was angry that Aman could do such an act. He has always kept their respect. Mohini comes downstairs and says not Aman but Teni did all this, Dr. Pooja told her that Teni is five and a half months pregnant. Aman only returned from US three months ago, Teni wants Aman to accept someone else’s child. Dada ji slaps Mohini. Mohini realizes it was a day dream and decides to gather proofs before saying anything to them. Downstairs, Dadi ji says its their mistake to trust them both and let them live together. She convinces Dada ji to forgive Aman, he is as important as Parth. Dada ji says even Parth didn’t keep their respect. Ramnik suggests a way out and says they must get them married in court. Indu also seconds Ramnik. Dada ji wasn’t ready. He says they all know what such children are called in society, as the society would never change. Mohini thinks she would soon bring answers to all his questions.

At night, Mohini comes to the room where Sejal was talking on phone. Sejal says her friend was inquiring about Aman and Teni. She tells Mohini she never attempted such an act. Mohini strictly tells her to give her old sim. Sejal hands the sim and wonders what Mohini is going to do.

In the kitchen, Mohini watches Shorvari serving food for Teni. She pours yogurt as well, and says its really healthy for pregnant ladies. She also gives her a glass of milk. Shorvari comes to the room and says she met Mohini in the kitchen. Aman suggests everyone is already over reacting, they must not tell the truth yet. Shorvari agrees as Jalpa also said so. Mohini had come outside, and thinks there must be something huge which they are all hiding. She comes inside to call Aman downstairs. Parth was ready to come, Mohini says they only called Aman alone.

Aman apologizes Dada ji for whatever happened. Ramnik also scolds Aman. Indu asks Aman how he could get the courage to hide such a big matter without any shame. Dadi says their family has been disgraced because of him, they didn’t expect this at all. She couldn’t ever think Aman is so irresponsible. Dada ji says they hoped Aman would live as her the ethics they taught him, but he only lives as per his own wish. He decides this child must get Bhanushali name. Mohini wonders how to tell Dada ji that the kid isn’t Bhanushali by blood. Dada ji says the innocent won’t pay for Aman’s sins. He tells Aman to take Teni to US as their stay would bring a disgrace for family. They should apply for marriage certificate there. Aman kneels in front of him and promises not to let his head down ever again. He promises to leave for America as soon as possible.

In the room, Parth was upset that Aman has to listen a lot because of them. he fears what if Aman tells the truth to Dada ji. Shorvari was sure Aman would never tell the truth, he is sensible enough. Aman comes from behind and says Dada ji wish they leave for America now and give birth to the kid there. Shorvari and Parth were relieved. Parth then says they will have to lie again then? He says their family would then ask about Aman-Teni’s child later. Shorvari convinces Parth not to overthink, it’s all for their child. It’s good for Teni that she leaves to US with Parth. Aman speaks to Teni that America is waiting for her. He hugs Teni. Teni was upset about going away from Parth even after her wedding has been broken.


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohini asks Teni which month is hers, Teni reply fifth. Shorvari comes to correct at once that its third month.

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