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Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Teni is working in parlour, one customer says to her that you plucked my one eyebrow only in one and half hours and that too not right? i wotn comeback here, she leaves. Parul comes there with reports and says i asked my boyfriend’s friend for these reports, he works in that hospital, i got Shorvori’s reports, it says that she was pregnant but had miscarriage, now think what you can do with them? Teni says PArth Bhanushali keep money ready otherwise these reports will go to his dada, they cheer.
Parth comes home and asks what happened? Ramink says he had attack because of blockage, his check up is going on, Parth asks what happened? Mohini says we all saw that Shorvori was with Dada, Dada was angry with her and then he got attack. Parth looks at Indu who is tensed.
Shorvori is sitting mandir, Parth comes there. Shorvori cries and says i am sorry, it happened because of me, please forgive me, Parth says relax, i love you. Tell me what you said to dada? Shorvori says i went to meet Indu Maa in garden but there was dada in garden, flashback shows Shorvori saying to dada that i wanted to talk to Maa, Dada says i want to talk to you, he takes her in gazebo and says when Parth was born, he was crying but when i lifted him, he stopped crying then i realized there was some connection between me and him, he used to wear clothes of my liking, he used to take my suggestions in everything but when it was about his biggest decision of life, he didnt ask my suggestion, in last two years, i didnt feel anything no happiness no sorrow nothing, then when i got to know that you are pregnant, for first time i felt happy, what i did with you was wrong, he folds his hands and says forgive me(in Bengali), Shorvori folds her hands and says dont do it dada, Dada gives her one flower and says this is my blessing for your baby to be born, Shorvori bows to him and touches his feet, Dada says i bless you for making me so happy and making my heart beat again, always remain happy and married. Shorvori thinks that dada is trusting me even after so much, if i tell him truth then he might not able to bear it, Shorvori turns to leave but slips on stairs of gazebo, Dada runs to her side and asks if she fine? he says promise me to take care of my great grandson, he panic and starts heaving, he falls on floor and holds his right side of chest, he murmurs to take care of her baby, all run to him, flashback ends. Shorvori says to Parth that i cant break his hopes, i cant tell him truth, she says to Lord that i dont know what you will do but you have to find some solution for us. Parth gets call from Teni, Teni says i have reports, your wife had miscarriage right? Parth asks who are you? Shorvori nods him to put phone on speaker, Parth does. Teni says my information is correct, your wife lost her baby and you people didnt your family, i have your dada’s number, i can call him and tell him, Parth asks what you want? She says i want to 2lacs cash then i will give you reports back. Shorvori nods in yes, Parth says okay fine, Teni says great meet me at address, if you try to act smart then i have that atom bomb report, she ends call. Shorvori says we have to take reports back, dada is ill and wont be able to bear it, Parth says i will call police, Shorvori says you wont do it, you cant risk dada’s life for some money, give her what she wants and take reports back, if something happens to dada and she get to tell dada truth then we wont be able to live, please do it, Parth thinks and nods.
Dr. Bharat checks dada and says he is normal, his heart beat is normal, he had minor attack, Dada says such small attack cant shake me. Parth and Shorvori comes there, Bharat asks Shorvori what did she say what he had attack? Dada says its between father in law and daughter in law, nobody has right to say anything. Ambika says he didnt have any attack, he was jealous that we are keeping attention at Shorvori’s baby and was not giving him attention, dada says she is right, now all leave, give time to Ambika to care for me, all leave. Parth and Shorvori stays there, dada says to them that dont worry i am fine.

Scene 2
Teni is near mandir dressed as priest and waiting for Parth to come. Parth and Shorvori comes there, Teni screams to praise lord in happiness. She calls Parth, Teni says to Parth that its good you came here, now turn around and sees there in trash bin, put money bag in it and leaves from here, now do it fast, Parth says what about my reports? Teni says you will get it in your car, she ends call. Parth and Shorvori comes near bin, Parth looks around but doesnt find Teni, he puts bag in bin and starts leaving with Shorvori. Teni sees them going to car, she smirks. Shorvori finds reports on car bonnet, she says they are same reports, they sit in car. Teni comes near trash bin and says this Parth is clever but i am double clever. Parth says to Shorvori that i had put tracker in money back, when she will move it, we will know, i dont care about money but no one take advantage of me like that. Shorvori says she has given reports back, we dont need to do it, what if dada gets to know? Parth says she can have copies of reports, she can demand more, we have to stop encouraging her. He sees that Teni has taken bag from bin as tracker moves on his phone.
Teni is running with bag, Parth puts foot in her way and she falls, she is stunned to see him and says you? who you? Parth says the one whose bag it is, he tries to snatch bag from her but she pulls back, Parth falls down with her on hay, flower bucket falls on them from above of shade, Parth struggles to get back bag, he sees Teni’s beard sticking out, Teni pulls away from him and whistles, Parul comes out, TEni tosses bag to her, PArul catches bag and runs away from there. Parth snatches her beard and recognises Teni, he says you? first liar, then cheater then blackmailer, teni says be in limits, i have no connection with you but you are liar too, you are lying to your family, you and your wife are liar, lying for money only. Parth says shut up, you are woman and cant understand woman’s pain? Teni says this is drama of you rich people, we poo people care about food for day, we dont have time for pains and all, Parth holds her hand and says i will take you police, TEni says i dont care about going to jail, i have no one to get tensed about me and cry for me but when your rich dada will know that his poor grandson cheated him for money then what? Parth says shut up, Teni says you cant bear truth? you hide mistakes under money, what did i do wrong? i just asked money to hide your truth, PArth says you snatched and lied, Teni says i just want to go to America, i wanted some money, first i danced in your function but you didnt give me money then i wanted to model in your agency but you didnt hire me so i had to take this way, take me to police and i will accept my crime but do you have guts to accept your crime? Parth glares her intensely and leaves from there. Teni have sigh of relief.
In home, Mohini stops Forum and says why you are taking Shorvori’s ironed clothes to her room? are you her servant? Forum says its good to be united and care for each other, Mohini says you are fool, when she started have control over everyone then you will realise but train would left till now, Ambika asks what train? who is leaving? Mohini says no one, i just asked Forum to take Shorvori’s clothes to her room, Ambika says its good that you are changing, she asks Forum to go, she leaves, Ambika leaves too. Mohini says i have to do something against this Bengali Shorvori in Gujrati style.
Parth is finding Shorvori in festival. He finds listening her some story teller. Parth says lets go Shorvori, Shorvori says we didnt come here, we were brought here. Shorvori hears story teller saying how Rohini and Vasudev were married and Deviki gave her baby to Rohini. Parth looks at Shorvori, Shorvori says did you understand something? they both understand meaning and say together that baby will theirs but someone else will carry it in her womb. They smile.

PRECAP- Parth says to Shorvori that you will be going to be mother, i have found surrogate mother and tomorrow i will sign contract. Parth meets Teni and says Teni.. she says why your tape is stuck, say what you want. Parth takes deep breath and says will you become mother of my child? Teni looks at him stunned.

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