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Dil Se Dil Tak 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Shorvori and Parth comes home. Family showers rose petals on them and says happy marriage anniversary, Forum says they must have gone to hot and happening date and PArth must have have given great gift to Parth. Parth recalls how Shorvori asked him to agree with having relation with Teni. Parth awkwardly smiles, family brings cake there, Baa says dada is not here, when he comes back then we will celebrate this day in bigger manner. Soyug makes him Parth eat cake. Baa says we have heard from Soyug and Forum that Parth made Shorvori to marry him after much hard work and did great proposal but we want to know how Parth made her agree to marry him? Shorvori says let me tell you, Soyug says Shorvori is going to tell how Parth proposed her. Shorvori sits on her knees and hold Parth’s hand, she says will you become father of my child? Indu gets tensed hearing her. Baa says wow. Parth makes Shorvori stand up. Soyug says we wanted to party but we have marriage to attend of some relative but Parth and Shorvori can stay home. Forum says they will get alone time to celebrate their 3rd marriage anniversary. Forum says i will make Shorvori get ready as bride and Parth will be so stunned, Soyug says even Parth can make girls go crazy but Parth doesnt look at any other girl, Forum says there is no space between them for third one to come between them. Parth and Shorvori looks at each other sadly. Soyug says dont get serious, you both love each other. Forum takes Shorvori with her and Soyug takes Parth with him.
Forum is making Shorvori get ready, she puts gajra in her hair and says its fragrance is going to make Parth lose his senses today.
Otherside Teni is in her room and getting ready, she looks at gajra. Shorvori and Teni both are getting for Parth. They both wear bangles. Forum says to Shorvori that their noise is going to mesmerize Parth. Otherside Teni tries to wear bangles but it doesnt fit her hand and she throws them away angrily.
Shorvori gets ready as bride. Parth comes there. Soyug says family has gone from house so you both will get private time, Forum says next year, there will be baby with them to celebrate anniversary, all the best. Soyug and Forum leaves. Parth looks at Shorvori. Teni calls shorvori. Teni says i have come in house from back door. Shorvori says okay. She ends call. Parth is looking at floor and is nervous. Shorvori smiles at him and starts moving but Parth doesnt move an inch, Shorvori looks at him, both are in pain, yeh lal ishq plays. Shorvori slips her hand in Parth’s hand and starts taking him to room. Shorvori slips and falls in Parth’s arms, they get close, Parth caresses her arm, both look at each other in pain, Shorvori pulls away from him but Parth holds her hand tightly and shakes his hand, Shorvori puts their joined hands on her heart and then his heart. They start going towards room again. Shorvori brings Parth in room which is lit with candles and balloons, bed is decorated with rose petals. Shorvori looks at Parth in tears. Teni comes there in room wearing light pink sleeveless dress. Shorvori comes out of room and closes door. She starts leaving. Otherside inside room, Parth turns to Teni but is unable to look at her. Teni tries to say something but cant. Parth sits away from Teni.
Soyug is listening to songs on headphone. Forum takes them off and says we shouldnt have put loud speaker in Parth and Shorvori’s room, its not good. Soyug says this entertainment happens in boys, let ms listen what they are doing.
Parth is silently sitting on his bed. Teni tries to drink water but glass mistakenly falls from her hand and breaks. Parth and Teni beds down to put glass pieces away. Shorvori knocks on door and comes inside, she looks at Parth, he slightly nods at her. Shorvori comes in room, puts her hand under bed pillow and finds microphone there. Shorvori says Soyug and Forum had put bluetooth speaker here to listen to my and Parth’s talk. Shorvori turns to leave room with speakers. Parth tries to go to her but Shorvori goes out of room and closes door. she breakdowns and starts leaving.
Soyug is trying to hear what they are talking. Forum says i dont know about Parth but Shorvori is very smart, i am sure, she must have caught you, Soyug pulls her closer to him and says why not we start then?

Scene 2
Shorvori is going away from their room. She recalls family’s dreams about baby, how they planned baby’s day. She looks at room’s door and panics.
Teni steps on balloon and is about to fall but Parth holds her, they both fall on bed with Parth on top of Teni, Parth looks at her, very close to her.
Shorvori comes to baby’s room, she looks at toys in tears, she recalls how Parth had put her picture in this room so that their baby would look like her. Shorvori looks at cot and recalls how she gave Parth’s hand in Teni’s hand. She kisses doll. Shorvori gets call from Jalpa. Jalpa says you should start believing in miracles, you and Parth are going to be parents, shorvori says what? Jalpa says first insemination report was wrong,

i got another report and it says that insemination was successful and Teni is pregnant, Shorvori breakdowns in tears and says thank you, i should tell this news to Parth that we are going to parents.
Teni and Parth get up from bed. Teni fixes her earring indicting that they created physical relation.
Shorvori runs to Parth and Teni’s room, she knocks on door with flowers in her hand. Parth opens door, Shorvori smiles but sees Teni covering and adjusting her dupatta, Teni is unable to look at her. Shorvori sees her fixing her hair, Shorvori has tears, Parth looks at her hurt and looks away with tears in his eyes, Shorvori is unable to believe that they spent night. Teni runs away from there unable to bear it. flowers fall from Shorvori’s hands. Parth turns away, Shorvori says listen to me. Parth goes in washroom and opens shower. He closes door and doesnt listen to her. Shorvori recalls how she brought Parth in room to make him spend night with Teni. Both are crying and in pain. Otherside Teni recalls how Parth and She fell on bed and how her earring got stuck in Parth’s kurta, how Parth touched her face to pull earring out. Teni cries and drinks wine sitting on footpath. Shorvori looks at her and Parth’s picture and says i did mistake, i took such big sacrifice from Parth, i took your self respect away, i have got happy news of our dreaming becoming but i never thought we will get this happiness in this condition.
Teni says what have i done? she cries and says what was the need to do it? why did i do it?
Shorvori says i dont even deserve to ask forgiveness from Part but i will apologize because i wont get happy without you forgiving me
Teni says i wont be able to meet my own eyes now. Teni calls Shorvori. Teni says you have more respect because you are rich and i am not? i have respect too, Shorvori says you are drinking wine? Teni cuts call, Shorvori says i have to stop her from drinking wine, it can affect our baby. Shorvori runs from room to stop Teni.
Shorvori comes to Teni and sees her drinking wine on road. Shorvori says you cant drink wine. Teni says everything is finished. Shorvori says you cant drink wine while being pregnant, there is our baby in your belly now. Teni says how can i be pregnant when nothing happened between your husband and me. Shorvori is shocked and says what? nothing happened between you and Parth? Teni says you sent your husband to room but neither he could do anything nor i could. You know when i saw our prayer thread tied together, i thought we truly have connection but for that connection, i have to spend night with your husband? i cant do it, i cant put my respect at stake for anything in this world. Shoorvori holds her hand says are you saying truth? Parth didnt touch you? Teni says did your husband not tell you anything?
Parth is sitting in their baby room and is crying silently. He recalls flashback how he and Teni fell on bed, Teni’s earring gets stuck in Parth’s Kurta, Parth pulls her earring away slightly touching her face, Teni gets uncomfortable. Parth gets up. Teni tries to leave but her Dupatta is pulled away, Teni covers her chest with her hands and says i cant do it, i am not a girl who sleep around with people. Parth sees Teni’s dupatta under his shoes and have fallen from her. Parth picks it up, Teni cries and says i am sorry but i cant do it. She turns and sees Parth coming closer to her, she says no, i cant do it. Parth puts her dupatta and covers her body, flashback ends. Parth cries and says i couldnt do it, i couldnt Shorvori, there is nothing bigger than my love for you.
Teni says to Shorvori that cancel this deal, dont give me money, i will take my thread away from your thread, just let me i am begging you, forgive me, she cries and turns to leave but Shorvori holds her hand and says you cant break bond which God have tied, we dont have to lose anything, you know first insemination got successful, it didnt fail, you are pregnant and your womb has mine and Parth’s baby, Teni is stunned and so happy hearing it, Shorvori and Teni both are smiling broad, wine bottle falls from Teni’s hand, Teni says you are saying truth? i have got your baby in my belly? Shorvori says yes, you are going to give us baby, Teni dances and says you will give me 10lacs, Shorvori says you have take care of yourself. Teni says i will take care of myself as its about 10lacs, my 10lacs are at stake to go to America, Shorvori emotionally looks at her.

Scene 3
Shorvori comes home and goes to Parth, she smiles and sees him tensed, she says our baby’s nose will be like me but eyes like you, Parth looks at her in shock. Shorvori says do you agree with that? Parth says you are dreaming for happiness which i couldnt give you, Shorvori shows him doll and says daddy’s daughter, Parth says nothing happened between me and Teni, Shorvori says i know, i met her and coming from there only. Parth says then our baby? Shorvori says Jalpa called me, she checked reports of insemination again and it didnt fail, Teni is pregnant, Parth says what? Shorvori says yes, our baby is in this world, i am going to become mother of your baby, we are going to become parents. They hug each other. indu is going from there and hears it, she prays to lord and cries.
Indu comes to Mohini and baa and gives them parsad, Mohini asks why you are so happy? Indu says i am happy for becoming grand mother, Mohini says that news is old, Indu says holi is making my happiness increase, Mohini says i am not able to digest it, baa says i understand what Indu is feeling, i used to be crazy when Parth was in her womb. Indu smiles and hugs Baa. Mohini thinks Indu these blush off happiness will go away when you know the reality. Soon all this happiness will be gone.

Scene 3
Next morning, Teni says to Shorvori you brought me here to feed me pani puri. You are so rich you eat at 5 star restaurants. Do you eat at places like these? Shorvori says yes I like their pani puri a lot. What will you eat? She says pani puri. Shorvori orders pani puri. They eat pani puri together. Bharat taps on Shorvori shoulder. Teni turns her back towards him. Bharat says what are you doing here. You shouldn’t be eating all of this stuff. Lets go home. She leaves. Teni says they are weird people. they come everywhere. Now I will have to give bill of all of this.

Jalpa says to Shorvori I am sorry bharat created this drama. She says no no I am glad he cares about us. Teni says but I had to pay for pani puri. Shorvori says I and Parth have decided that we will keep Teni with us and take care of her. We can’t live with her here. What if someone gets to know about it. Its a small town and surrogacy is a big news for people here. I want to stay with Teni. Jalpa says I think she is right. We have to find a way out. Parth says there is a way. When were being sent to America we had a project there. We can go there. Teni says you will take me to America? I promise you I will give you a very nice child. Jalpa says calm down. Jalpa says it is a good idea. You can take care of her better. teni says when will we go? Today or tomorrow? Parth says it takes time. We have to get visa but before that dada ji’s permission.

On dinner table, Parth says dada ji the project we have in USA, I think I will have to go there to handle it. Its about our company’s name. I need to be there. ramnik says that client called me and said the project is over. Why are you lying then? Paarth is silent.
Mohini says here are their tickets. They have booked three tickets. Dada ji reads. He says who is this teni? parth says teni.. Jalpa says she is nanny. Mohini says who nani? Jalpa says nanny. Mohini says why they need a nanny already. They are hiding something. Jalpa says youa are right. They both are hiding something.

Jalpa says there is another reason why they are both going to America. She giggles and says what happened Mohini. Shorvori has chances of complications during delivery. So I suggested her to take her to America for therapy and take her there as soon as possible. Mohini says why did they lie? They could tell everyone. Jalpa exactly that is what I said. Why did they lie. Parth said if he told you all, you would get worried so he had to lie. Ba says if that is the reason then I think they should go. Baba says is there any risk? Jalpa says this is the safest way. He says then they should go. Shorvori smiles.

Scene 4
Parth is teaching english to Teni. He pretends that he is takiung her interview for visa. He says tell me where will you live in America? She says lost angle. He says Los Angeles. They will never give you visa like this. She says teach me. I will learn. He says then practice. Los Angeles.

Ba says to Indu no nanny can take of her like us.
Teni leaves.
Ramnik says ba I think you should go with her instead of this nanny. Ba says yeah don’t tell them. We will surprise them. Ba says agent shouldn’t tell them. Indu says I will silent their phone even if the agent calls.

Teni is in interview. She sees America’s flag and says America I am coming. The interviewer says your visa has been rejected. She says why are you doing this conspiracy against me. He says please madam there is a reason behind that. Please go. She says I won’t go until you give me visa. He calls security and they drag her out. Teni says please no. Give me my visa. Teni calls Shorvori and Parth but their phones are silent. Teni says they both are not picking up my phone. Have they fooled me?

Ba does arti. She says this holi I will not put colors on the idol but the couple that are parents to be will. Parth and Shorvori apply colors. They heart fire crackers. Mohini says who is celebrating dewali on holi. Parth says let me check. He goes out and says who is there? There are so many firecrackers. Teni comes there. Everyone is dazed. Teni says how you thought I will let you two go alone to America without you. You can’t go anywhere without Teni. Got it?


Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Teni comes in holi function of Parth’s family, she dances and throws colors on family, she says this is called real holi. She makes all family members dance on balam pichkari. Teni throws Parth’s family members in water tub.

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