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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The next morning, Teni sat on the couch upset. Aman watches her and asks what she is thinking about. Teni says they should have got married. Aman agrees their family was disgraced, everyone is hurt. He says one thing went good, her dream to go to America was fulfilled. She asks how to celebrate when everyone is upset. Parth and Shorvari stand on the door with an apology and says everyone called them characterless, they only stood helpless though it was their mistake. He apologizes Aman and Teni, their friend couldn’t help them in times of trouble. Teni laughs and says he can’t get his forgiveness so easily, he must first get a chocolate milkshake for her. Shorvari hands her reports and medicines. Shorvari was upset wondering how she would live without her baby. Teni assures Shorvari she would take even more care of herself. Aman goes to get the tickets. Teni looks towards Parth with her eyes red but forces a smile over her face.

Downstairs Mohini stops Aman and blames him to take advantage of the dark. She says its their ages to wander off the right path and asks if he is sure he strayed the path? Aman takes a leave from her. Mohini says he broken Dada ji’s heart, both he and Parth went against his wish. Aman tells Mohini he needs to leave right now to collect America’s ticket, they got tonight’s flight. Mohini thinks how she would unveil Teni’s truth in such a short time.

Teni was in her room when Mohini comes there with a bottle of pickles for her. She says one really wish to each such sour things during pregnancy. She didn’t know about it earlier and now they are leaving so soon. She says if Teni hadn’t hidden the news they must all have enjoyed. She asks what month is it, Teni says fifth. Shorvari comes and says at once it’s third. She clarifies Teni must have been confused, it’s her fifth and Teni’s third. Mohini asks if Shorvari knew Teni was pregnant. She accuses Shorvari for not letting anyone know about her sister, didn’t she really know about it. Mohini disgraces Teni and says girls like her aren’t respected. Teni was about to argue but Shorvari stops her saying she is elder. Teni tells Shorvari she is frustrated, she tells Shorvari to get a tongue for herself else Mohini would never spare Shorvari as well.

Rishab calls Jagruti for situation, Jagruti tells him about Dada ji’s decision and asks who was wrong. Rishab says it’s about point of view, Aman has always lived in US and there pre-marital relations aren’t considered a sin. Jagruti was happy to get a new point of view. Sejal overheard the conversation. Mohini comes to Sejal and asks her about prank-caller app.

Teni gets a call from Mohini, she wasn’t afraid of the caller at all. Mohini calls again and says she got Teni’s worst secret from past life. Teni says everyone in the chawl got against her as she left, she is coming there right away.

Parth thinks about Teni and Aman’s marriage and whatever happened there. He was upset. Teni comes to his room and knocks at the door. Parth wipes the tear from corner of his eye and allows Teni inside. He says she is posing to be happy and asks her to cry as much as she wish to. Teni breaks into a cry and hugs Parth. She gives a pendant to him saying she got two, each for him and for herself. Parth opens up the pendant and was shocked, it contained his photo with Teni and an ‘I love you’. He says it was his mistake, to select her for surrogacy.

He considers himself responsible for all her troubles, he wonders how to explain to her that they can never be together. She never understand and this pinches him. She must understand she has to throw this love out of her heart, she must come out of her selfishness to begin a new life with Aman without Parth and Shorvari. He throws the pendant over the floor.


Dil Se Dil Tak 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni asks Parth if Shorvari wasn’t between them… Parth only stares at him angrily. A man comes to meet Teni and says he used to come and see her dance in the bar.

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