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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni And Parth Continue To Be In Connection


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Parth comes to Chutkan with the bottle and letter. Teni continue to collect the letters in a jar each day. Teni and Chutkan set their new business while Indu and Mohini take care of the baby and teach Parth to wrap her. Teni and Chutkan prepare and pack orders of their business. Chutkan distribute pamphlets of their business around the neighborhood. Indu finds Parth lonely and wish Teni was with him. Teni again gets a letter from Parth with thanks for milk, but hate for her.

As Teni was cooking in her kitchen, Chutkan comes to complement the fragrance. Teni says it was Shorvari’s special recipe. He hands her the bag of letter. Teni counts all the letters saying Parth has broken records of hatred in a month. Teni comes to help Chutkan with huge delivery bags. She decides to come with him and distribute. Teni says she would wait outside Bhanushali house so that he hands them the milk bottle inside. Teni stands outside while Parth brings the bottle and letter to Chutkan. As Parth comes out he was shocked to see Teni stand there with her back towards the house.

Teni was crying and speaks to herself that the doll wasn’t hers; Parth bought her like the lunch boxes she sells. Chutkan comes out. Teni asks him about her daughter and asks if her baby is grown up? Parth wonders why Teni is so interested in his daughter. Chutkan asks Teni why she always ask the same question. She should go to meet and feed her. Teni says she wish to see the daughter, but it’s not in her luck. Parth comes from behind and questions what is she doing here? Teni says sorry, it was a mistake and turns to leave. Parth says if done deliberately it’s never a mistake. Teni lets go of his thinking and leaves with Chutkan.

Indu thinks at least there is a thread between Teni and Parth through his letters. Mohini tells Indu that Baa wanted Teni to be a part of Naamkaran ceremony of their daughter. Indu says she wish Teni also suggests a name as well. Mohini dislikes the idea.
Later, Indu sits in the temple praying for Parth and Teni.

Parth arrives late for a meeting. The man welcomes him for lunch. Parth miss the day when Shorvari fed him with her own hands. He recognizes the taste of this daal.

At night, Teni was busy with the work. She gets a call from Parth and recognizes his voice. She changes her voice to be an old lady’s and asks for the address to deliver the food. He narrates his address, but Teni knew it already. After the call, Teni says she is going to get trapped in the circle she couldn’t yet come out of.
The next morning, Parth was waiting for the lunch tiffin. The peon brings the tiffin for him and serves the food. Parth wonders how someone can cook exactly like Shorvari did. Teni gets a call from Parth and changes her voice again. Parth asks about her kitchen. Teni asks if he liked the food.

Parth says he miss someone through the taste of her food, can he meet her? Teni angrily asks if he would marry her by the taste of her food. She learnt to prepare the daal through Shorvari. Parth throws the bowl away and says he hates her even more as he has been unable to get away from her. Teni was determined to face his hatred, she won’t back up now.


Dil Se Dil Tak 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Indu comes to invite Teni. Parth tells Teni she has no relation with the child. Teni says the family loves her and she would surely come to that house.

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