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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Indu and Baa are doing pooja. Aman does it too, Baa gives him parsad. Aman says your voice is super, when I heard you, my feet carried me here, you sing so well like same in past, Baa says you are saying infront of God about my singing? Aman says God would praise your voice too. He asks why this diya is always lit? Baa says I have lit it for safety of Shorvori and her baby, they say that if we keep this diya flame alive then God will fulfill our prayers, Aman says can i put oil in it to keep it burning? Baa says be careful that flame should not blow off, he nods, she leaves. Aman brings out oil, he is about to put oil in diya container but oil container falls from his hand, Aman saves diya flame, Aman says I kept flame saved God, i will clean this oil. Teni comes there, Aman sees her coming and asks Teni to stop, there is oil spilled on floor, Teni doesnt listen as she has headphones on ears, Teni slips but Aman saves her holding her in his arms, Tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam plays, they share eyelock, Aman stands her up and asks where was your attention? are you mad? you would have fallen down, he scolds her but Teni keep looking at him tensed and clutching her stomach, she thinks that he saved me along with Shorvori and Parth’s baby, Aman starts cleaning oil, she looks on.

Teni is sitting in lounge, she looks at ring Aman gave her. She thinks that aman scolded me so much today but i didnt feel bad because he loves me. Sejal comes there and says where did you find this diamond ring? she takes it from her, Mohini comes and says diamond ring? Sejal says Teni had it, Mohini asks where did you get it Teni? or did you take it from someone? you know it must be worth of 1 crore, Teni is shocked, she laughs and says this is fake diamond, I am fooling everyone with it, give it to me, she takes it. Sejal says even if its fake, it would cost around 1lac, Aman must have given it because you dont have standard to buy it, Aman made your life by proposing you otherwise you are nothing. Mohini says neither Shorvori nor this Teni have any value, its good that Parth held her hand and Aman is ready to marry this Teni, their fates are so nice that Parth and Aman are falling int their feet, Aman would give her real diamond ring too soon. Teni thinks that how to tell them this is real diamond but she is right, my value will be nothing as soon as i lose this ring, she looks at ring and thinks.

Scene 2
Parth comes home. He comes on bed, Shorvori is there, Parth says did you talk to Jalpa to bring fake baby bump? Shorvori says I will talk to her but I am worried about Teni, she didnt like our gift for first time, she went to walk alone too and when she cameback, she didnt talk, just went to her room and slept, is Aman reason behind all that? Parth looks on.
Teni looks at Aman’s ring, she recalls Aman giving it to her and Mohini telling her that it must 1crore, Teni says i shouldnt hide it from Parth, i would tell him.
Shorvori says to Parth if Teni is hiding something? Parth says we have trusted her with our baby, have faith, and unique thing about Teni is that if you are able to trust her then its for life, Shorvori nods, he asks her to sleep.
Teni says if I cheat Parth then he will be hurt as i was hurt when Parul cheated me, I have promised me, I am getting my 10 lacs so I shouldnt greed about 1 crore, I dont even know how many zeros it have, I have to fulfill promise I gave, I have Parth and Shorvori’s baby in my belly and if I accept this ring then that Aman will create mess so I will give this ring to him tomorrow. They hear door bell at night.
Whole family members come in lounge at night, Baa says who would have knocked at night? Dada opens door and finds Bharat standing there with beaten face and his baby in hand, all are stunned to see his face bleeding. Baa asks what happened to you? all rush to him, Parth asks what happened? Aman asks who did it? Ramnik brings him inside, Aman gives him water. Dada looks on, Parth asks Bharat what happened? Aman says just tell us name of that person, Bharat is silent for a while, Parth says we will find out if you don tell, lets go Aman, Dada says no one will go anywhere, they sit down, Parth asks if he knows what happened with Bharat? Bharat says tell them, they will know when my medical license will be cancelled, I have destroyed my friends too, they wont spare me, I think big always, I wanted to do something big but doomed everything, Dada and Jalpa tried to stop me but I didnt listen, i did mistake, I am thankful to have family like this otherwise I would have to spend night with my son on road, Baa says dont say like that, did you tell Jalpa? Bharat says no she has gone for medical conference, i dont want her to comeback and see me like this. Parth says we are your family, tell us. Bharat says I have a friend, he made me meet some businessman, businessman gave me scheme to build biggest hospital here, I got trapped and invested everything I had, my property, my wealth, my savings everything infact Jalpa’s jewelry too, all are stunned. Bharat says that businessman was missing for few days, i went to his office but it was locked, i was leaving when goons caught me and beat me like this, all are shocked. Bharat says but i learned one thing, money can come and go but person’s biggest strength is his family, if your family is with you then you can win the world, you should always choose family over money, Dada I have lived enough for money but now I will live for my family, for my baby, all are emotional seeing his state, Bharat says to Dada that I involved some other people in this scheme, they wont spare me, I might have to face court case, Dada says we cant change what happened, have patience. Mohini says Dada is right, you didnt lose much, you have your family with you, this house is yours, we are with you so dont be worried. Teni looks on hearing all about family.


Dil Se Dil Tak 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aman and Teni are having pillow fight, Shorvori comes there and sees them lost in each other fighting. Shorvori says to Aman that you have to leave from here, I know you love her but Teni doesnt love you so you should leave as soon as possible.

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