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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari comes to the room and finds Parth crying. She hugs him and asks to play a carom.
In the corridor Teni watches Parth and Shorvari playing downstairs and cheers as she is a champion in it. She hurries to go there but stops recalling Parth’s words. Shorvari boasts about winning as always, after all she is Parth Bhanushali’s wife. Teni was upset that Parth broke her heart. Baa comes there and asks Teni why she has red eyes, Teni qualifies she couldn’t sleep well. Baa tells her to go and have a good sleep. She takes Teni to her room. Parth and Shorvari go hand in hand towards their room.

Rishab wakes up at night to find Sejal asleep besides him. He was worried to find her lip marks over his body and wakes Sejal up. Sejal thanks him for expressing his love for her, he loves her and they have been connected to each other now. Rishab denies anything between them, but Sejal insists it was all beautiful and she loves him. Rishab was worried.

At night, Teni goes to get water for herself. She hears a knock at the door and goes to look inside. She notices Parth sitting on the chair in front of her. The door was slap shut from outside while Parth had disappeared from the chair. The room was filled with steam that made Teni suffocate. Teni wakes up at once and was worried about the baby. She goes to share the dream with Parth and Shorvari. Shorvari goes to open the door. Teni comes inside but was worried. Parth asks what it was. Shorvari asks if she had a nightmare.

If she wants to sleep between them again? Teni apologizes saying she was worried and came to their room at once. Shorvari says it’s ok, good night. Teni turns to leave. Parth lay on the bed awake. Teni come to her bed worried. She smiles touching Parth’s photo. There, Parth wakes Shorvari up worried for Teni. Shorvari says Teni just made up and wants to sleep between them, she did this once before as well. Parth requests Shorvari to go and sleep with Teni. He thinks Teni might hate him for what he is doing to her, but he has kept his promise to be with her always.

In the room, Shorvari comes to sleep with Teni. Teni tells her not to shut the bulb, she is afraid of dark. Shorvari watches Teni touch Parth’s photo and asks what she is doing so. Teni says when a person is in trouble he remembers God, Parth is no different than God for her. Shorvari was irritated by her statement and lay down to sleep. Teni thinks she hasn’t been able not to think about Parth even he has broken her heart badly today.

The next morning, Baa had prepared Teni’s favorite breakfast. Mohini was upset. Shorvari comes to tell Baa Teni was having nightmares. Mohini was worried and suggests to take Teni to an Ashram. Baa takes Teni’s breakfast to her room. When Indu and Shorvari had left, Mohini holds a knife saying Indu would now understand how it feels when your children are put in trouble.

In the room, Teni was worried about the nightmare. Baa comes to the room and as she places hand on Teni’s shoulder Teni was afraid. Baa asks what Teni had as nightmare. Shorvari hears them from outside. Baa tells Teni they will go to ashram and pray for her, she will get rid of nightmares. She asks Teni to get ready after breakfast. Teni says she doesn’t want to hurt them but right now she is weak for being sleepless all night. Baa insists this Pooja would be healthy for her and the baby.


Dil Se Dil Tak 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : In the Pooja, Baa asks Shorvari about Teni. Teni was stuck in smoke in her room. Parth brings her outside, saved. Shorvari comes there and calls her a call girl who showed her reality. Parth tries to explain to Shorvari but she forbids him even touch her, he lost this right.

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