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Dil Se Dil Tak 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Teni To Attend Naamkaran Of Baby


Dil Se Dil Tak 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 12th December 2017 Episode start with  Mohini tells Dada ji that Sejal and Jagruti are both upset that they are away for a test. She insists Sejal will suggest the name. Ramnik disagrees as Jagruti would suggest the name. Mohini insists Sejal would surely suggest a modern name. Dada ji stops them from fighting. Indu comes there and says only Teni will name this girl. Mohini says Indu has collected complete money for the baby. Everyone from the family says Parth and Teni have part ways; it might not be possible to connect them now. Mohini says that Chutkan told her Teni is working from home on lunch boxes, and Parth is a huge businessman. Indu says Teni brought Parth’s dream come true, only she has the right to name the girl. Mohini was worried how she will make Sejal understand the matter.

Later, the baby begins to cry. Indu was worried and so was Parth. Chutkan brings the milk bottle and asks Indu to get the Jalebi and Papar as well. Chutkan makes a video of Parth and baby from a distance. Parth feels it and asks what it is? Chutkan gives him the bill Teni sent for one day of lunch box. He heard Parth enjoyed the lunch? Indu asks if he has eaten Teni’s food. Parth says it was undeliberate. He takes Chutkan’s phone and watches the recordings in it. He asks if he couldn’t understand what Chutkan was up to, and knows well what this video is for. Chutkan says he comes here only because Teni told him to. Parth clutches Chutkan’s collar and tells Indu Teni was inquiring from Chutkan about the baby. He leaves Chutkan’s collar with a jerk and leaves to change. Indu says Chutkan speaks a little too much and sends him.

Indu comes to the temple, hopeful that Parth and Teni have met once. She is sure they will meet twice more. She is sure they have same destination, her Parth’s family would be complete for sure and his daughter will get the love of the family. Indu says she will consider the flower as blessing and positive sign from the God.
Teni was counting money when Chutkan comes there angry over Parth and complains about him. He says Parth attempted to delete a video of her daughter from his phone, but it was saved. Teni cries watching the video and says Parth has taken care of her daughter as both parents. She now comes to concentrate on the business. Chutkan tells Teni about having collected all the money except for a single client. Teni gives him an idea to get the money, then asks Chutkan for the video of her daughter and gets emotional while watching her.

Bharat dislikes Jalpa make Spursh call her as mummy. Jalpa says Spursh lives in their house, he must feel comfortable here. Bharat tells Jalpa about a friend of him who want to do adoption. He asks Jalpa why they shouldn’t adopt Spursh. Jalpa was shocked to hear this? Bharat says their love is distributed between Jayu and Spursh. If Spursh goes there, he will get complete love of parents there. Jalpa leaves without saying anything. Bharat

Teni was crying while cooking and turns around hearing the click of a door. She scolds Chutkan for being so late and turns around to see Indu there. Teni hurries to hug her tightly and was emotional watching Indu. She instantly prepares tea for Indu and asks her to have biscuit as well. She appreciates the tea. Teni shows Indu the business card of her new cooking work. Indu blesses her. Teni asks Indu what she must buy for her, it’s her first income today. Indu asks her to promise that Teni will come at her daughter’s Naamkaran and give her daughter a name. Teni denies to come as Parth’s mood might be upset. Indu was annoyed and says if Teni won’t come, she will bring her daughter here for the name. Its only Teni’s right. Teni agrees to come. Indu tells her to select a good name.


Dil Se Dil Tak 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth forbid Teni from forgetting she has no relation with the child now. Teni says the family loves her and she will surely come. Teni hear Parth question Indu why she called her here.

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