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Dil Se Dil Tak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baa says to Parth that why you are leaving Shorvori in this state? Parth says Ramnik papa cant leave as he looks after business here and about Shorvori, I am sure you all will take care of her. Dada says if Shorvori says yes then you can leave, Parth says I have talked to her and she is okay with me leaving, Dada says okay then leave.

Teni comes out of shower and says I will not hear Parth’s voice now. Parth asks for Teni, Teni says I think my ears are bad. Parth comes outside Teni’s room and asks her to come out, Teni says this mess is happening because of him so I shouldnt see his face, Parth says I am leaving for Jaipur, I wanted to say bye, Teni doesnt open door and says alright leave, I am sleeping, Parth says then how are you talking? open door, Teni says I am wearing dirty clothes so you leave. Parth says atleast let me say bye to my baby, Teni says baby is saying bye, you can leave. Parth says fine and leaves. Teni recalls her moments with Parth, she thinks that Parth will go to Jaipur and I wont be able to see him. Teni sees empty jug and says I cant go out to see Parth’s face but I can go out to fill my jug and have food for baby. Teni comes out of her room, she runs downstairs to see Parth but as she reaches door, Parth has already sat inside and his car leaves, Teni is unable to see his face as he leaves. Shorvori is waving at car with tears. Teni leaves.

Teni says I told him to leave now what is happening with me? Sejal comes to Teni and asks about blackmailer, Teni says police shot him and he died, Sejal asks how? Teni says with Parth’s help, Sejal says he knows everything? Teni says he wants to know everything about me these days, Sejal asks why she is taking empty and full jug separately? Teni says non of your business. Teni says when boyfriend leaves, do people miss them? Sejal says yes, its call breakup phase, Teni says then what should one do? I am asking for my friend, Sejal says that person should busy their mind somewhere else and they wont miss. Teni says great idea and leaves. Sejal says was it really for her friend?

Baa is weaving sweater for Shorvori’s baby, Baa says to Mohini that once Teni’s wedding is done, then we will find nice boy for Sejal, we will have grand wedding for her. Mohini gets happy and says I say many bad things, Baa says I can forgive anything but not a lie. Mohini says if you get to know that Parth, Shorvori or Teni lied to you then will you forgive them? Baa says never, rules are same for everyone, they wont be forgiven, Mohini thinks that I feel they are lying about something and once I get to know about it then I will bring them to Baa.

At night, Teni comes to Aman and wakes him up by slapping him. Aman says why did you slap me? Teni says dont you want to romance? Aman says you throw me out when I want to romance and now you want it? Teni says do you want it or not? Aman says I like your unpredictable nature, Teni hugs him and thinks I am doing this to avoid Parth’s thoughts. Teni says play music, Aman plays song sarkiyylo kathiya, they both funnily dance. Aman changes song to Tujhme rab dikhta hai. Teni dances with him. Aman dances around Teni, Aman brings Teni in his arms but Teni imagines Parth opening his arms for her, she is shocked, she pushes Aman away and leaves.

Scene 2
In morning, Shorvori calls Parth and says I miss you. Aman comes there. Shorvori says I love you and ends call. She asks Aman to come inside. Aman says to Shorvori that the love that is between you and Parth, why Teni and I dont have it? Teni is confusing,she didnt dance with me in party then She came in my room last night and wanted to do romantic dance, I was so passionately dancing with her, I was not seeing anything but her but she pushed me away and left, what is going on in her mind? Shorvori gets tensed, Shorvori says your mind is working too much,Teni doesnt take tension, you should have that quality too, Teni came to your room and danced with you, see she tried, yo should give her time, she will start taking care of you, she is pregnant too, there are mood swings in pregnancy, everything will be fine, she will love you more than you want, have patience. Aman thinks that Teni has something in her heart which she is not telling anyone.

Teni comes to Jalpa. Jalpa shows her new electronic device for BP check. Teni says everything has machine to gauge these days. Jalpa checks her BP and says your BP is little high, take care. Teni says if mind has some problem then are there any machines to looks in brain? Jalpa says yes CT scan, Teni says do that with me, Jalpa says I will write medicine if you have headache, Teni says I have some weird thought in mind which I want to take out, Jalpa laughs and says there are no medicines to bring thought out of mind. Teni says then your medical science is useless. Jalpa leaves.
Aman comes to Teni and says I have got to know what is going on inside you, Teni gets tensed.


Dil Se Dil Tak  13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni says to herself that if I dont bring Parth out of my mind then my life will be destroyed. Teni counts coins to keep her mind distracted but keep imagining Parth. Teni starts chanting that Parth go out of my mind, go out Parth, go out..Teni lies on bed and falls asleep but keep murmuring Parth leave my mind.. Mohini comes there and sees her murmuring that in sleep.Mohini comes to Shorvori and tells her that.