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Dil Se Dil Tak 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Bharat says to family that I am sorry to bother you all, where would I go at this time with my son Jayu, Ramnik says this is your house, Shorvori says I will take care of Jayu. Parth says we cant leave that person who cheated you, we will file police complaint. Teni says you all should go and put gun on his head and take Bharat’s money from him, Dada says nobody will go anywhere, we cant do another mistake to rectify one. Baa says what is happening? Bharat says this is happening because of me, you are all worried, i have destroyed my family, because of my mistakes, my wife and son doesnt have roof on their heads, I should get punished for this mistakes. Dada comes to him and says no, dont be sad, i know its your mistakes but you didnt do it deliberately, this is your house and dont worry, we will find some solution, everything will be fine, I am saying that, have trust in me, Bharat says bapuji? Dada hugs him, Bharat cries.

Shorvori is in her room and makes Jayu sleep on bed. She sees Parth in thought, she comes to him, he sees Jayu sleeping, she says he slept after crying, kids get worried without their mother, she says are you worried? Parth says I want to help Bharat but I cant do anything, Shorvori says its not weakness to have patience, we are all with Bharat and will find some solution, patience is identity of a strong man, your any step shouldnt hurt Bharat, you have be mature and be patient, Parth says how can you say all that? how can you think right under pressure? I am lucky that you are in my life, if you werent there, i dont know what would happen to me, I love you, he hugs her, Shorvori hugs him and says I love you too, she says I slept one baby, now I am making another smile, I have to give milk to third one, I am going, she goes to Teni.

Aman says to Teni that are you even girl? I am asking her to calm down but you are angry, Teni says you need to understand, Teni tears pocket of his tank top, he shouts are you mad? what did you do? She says you started shouting for your tank top? think about Bharat losing his all money, i know you dont understand what it is like to be cheated, I would have beaten that guy who cheated on Bharat. Aman says we cant handle everything with beating, we have to be patient, if we beat that guy then he can file case on Bharat, Bharat have whole family, Family support you in everything, i lost my family at young and I had nobody to tell me what is right or wrong but Dada took me and brought me here and I understood what life is, you know what family is? if someone has nothing but have family then he has everything, today Bharat is very sad that he lost all his earning but believe me this family will take his pain and will give him strength to get everything back, Teni thinks. Aman says you dont worry because you have golden opportunity, you will get family and I will have my home too, if I leave then you will regret whole life, Teni says I would die before marrying you, Aman says you will regret in old age for rejecting my proposal. Aman throws pillow at her, they start pillow fight, Aman holds Teni’s hand to stop her, Shorvori comes there and sees them lost playfully fighting each other, she looks on.

Shorvori comes to Aman’s room and says I wanted to talk to you, you know they say brother in law and sister in law relations is like son-mother relation, he nods, Shorvori says you have to leave from here without Teni, i know you love Teni, i can see it in your eyes but Teni doesnt love you back, you cane love someone but you cant make someone else love you so you should leave, the more time you spend here, the more attachment you will have with her and it will be more painful to hear her no, she sadly leaves. Aman is in shock.

Scene 2
Teni is lying on her bed but recalls Aman’s words that family is essential, say yes to him got get family, she sits up and says I shouldnt have listened to him, i cant sleep now, i should eat something, Teni goes to eat.
Teni comes in kitchen and sees bharat there, he wipes his tears, Teni says dont worry, everything is here to take care of you, everything will be fine, I will make tea for you to make you fresh, she starts making tea for him, Bharat sadly stands there. Teni looks at him and puts tea on stove. Teni says to Bharat that whatever is going on, you can share with me, I am your own too. Bharat says yes you are my own, I wanted to become doctor and became that, i earned respect and money but I wanted to earn more and more money, money is always less, it always ends but family’s love never ends, it always stand by you, my wealth ended but my family is with me, i lost everything to learn this truth but I am telling you if you ever have to choose between money and family, then always choose family, i will drink your tea in morning but remember what i said, he leaves. Teni says he is right but I never had family, i always thought money is enough for me but seeing you, i realize that money can be lost anytime but how family supports you in bad times, I have no family, when this baby comes in world, my work in this house would end and nobody will be with me.

In morning, Shorvori brings breakfast for Teni. Indu says to Shorvori that today is your sonography, when will you leave? Shorvori says I have to look after Jayu, i will go later, Indu says I am here to take care of Jayu, Bharat will go to lawyer with Dada too, your baby is most important so you go, i will handle everything, she leaves. Shorvori looks at Teni.

Aman comes to Parth and says you are my brother? Parth says what is it? Aman says tell me should i leave or stay? advise me as brother. Parth says I dont want you to leave but its good for you to leave, I cant say anything more, Aman sadly smiles, he gets in tears and says I got many girls in life but i never felt anything for them, but today for this girl, leaving her, i feel pain even thinking about it, Parth asks him to control himself, Aman says I wont be able to live, he hugs him and cries, Parth feels bad.
Shorvori comes to Teni and says me and Parth are going to doctor, you come after one hour, its your sonography today, take taxi and come, she leaves. Aman comes to Teni’s room, she gets tensed seeing him. Aman says can I speak for two minuses? she nods, he says I am going to US in evening to leave forever but I just wanted to say that I will never be able to forget you, I will miss you for all moments, I am sorry but I wont be able to stop loving you ever, i should leave, Teni says are you really going or joking with me? Aman says no joke this time and nobody will irritate you from now on, be happy, bye, he sadly looks at her and leaves, Teni feels bad.


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni comes to Aman’s car, he comes out. Teni says I rewinded every moment I had with you and realized how much you love me, I am ready to marry you, will you marry me? Aman is stunned and hugs her. Parth and Shorvori sees them hugging, Parth says she cant do this, she cant, she tries to go and stop them but Shorvori holds his hand stopping him.

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