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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni asks Aman how he can know what is going on in my mind? Aman says because I love you, Teni says like love is glasses that can show you anything, do you feel what is in my mind? Aman says you are not with me even when you are with me because someone else’s thoughts are with you all the time, Teni is stunned. Aman shows her papers which has wrinkles on it, he asks if she can remove it those wrinkles? Teni says I am not a magician, Aman says sameway you cant remove marriage from your life so if you have someone else in your life then you can tell me and I will move back from wedding, Teni thinks if he got to know what is happening with me? I just have to think about America and life.

Teni laughs and plays guitar, she whistles like SRK, Aman says you are insulting me by joking in this condition. Teni says stay here, she shows SRK’s photo, Teni says yes he is in my mind, Aman says Shahrukh Khan is in your mind and heart? Teni says yes, I just sawa DDJG sometime back, I just see SRK everywhere, even in sleep. Aman laughs and says I thought so many bad thoughts, he hugs her and says I really love you. Teni says can you help me to throw him out of my mind? Aman says you dont have to do anything, I will adjust with SRK as he is already married and you cant do anything, Teni recalls how Parth loves Shorvori, he says you wont get SRK in this life, he hugs her, Teni gets sad recalling shorvori and Parth’s romantic moments.

Shorvori brings washed clothes, she sees Parth’s shirt and says he didnt even call me, she wears his shirt and smells it, she takes selfie with it and messages Parth that she misses him. She opens drawer and finds keychain which she gifted to Parth before wedding, she says Parth still have it.

Jalpa is massaging Baa’s feet, Baa says I am fine. Jalpa says you took care of us from childhood and now I have become burden on you in this age too, Baa says kids are never a burden on parents, Jalpa gives her jewelry box, Baa opens it and says this it your necklace, Jalpa says this is gift for Teni and Aman’s wedding, please keep it, I will like if you take it, Baa nods and takes it. Bharat sees all that and is distort.

Teni comes in her room and says I have put doubt in Aman’s mind, I have to throw Parth out of my mind, I have to distract myself but how? I love one thing most that is money. She breaks her safe box and says if I play with coins then I will forget everything, she starts counting them but imagines Parth smiling at her, Teni says please leave, I am trying to forget you, you are a ghost, she says you would that I forgot you and that you can read me like open book, I dont want to think about you because I know this is wrong, just leave me. Teni says what is happening with me? I need a doctor.

Bharat comes to Jalpa with hot chocolate and says I made it, she is surprised, she drinks it and says I really needed it, thank you. Bharat says I saw how you gave your only and favorite gold necklace to

Shorvori says I cant keep Parth from my mind and you cant keep America from mind. Teni thinks how to tell her that samething is going in my mind as her.

Parth is in my mind too, Teni says I am sleepy, you leave. Shorvori leaves.

Scene 2
Teni wakes up and says if Parth ate breakfast? she says stupid, I started thinking about him too. I have to meet Doctor Mehta, She opens her room door and sees Aman playing guitar like SRK. Aman holds Teni’s hand and start dancing with her, Teni pushes him away and says what is this new drama? Aman says you like SRK so I thought why not become person who is in your mind all the time, Teni spits water and thinks he says wrong words at wrong time. Aman asks where are you going? Teni says I got ready to go to washroom, he laughs and says you are not that mad, I can drop you where you want. Teni says no, because I am going to mandir where I vowed for you, I vowed God to give me America’s Visa soon, Aman says how this vow is for me? Teni says I will get Visa when I marry you so this is indirectly for you, she leaves. Aman says I dont understand her.

Teni comes to Doctor Mehta’s clinic. Its tarot card reader house too. Teni says this have weird vibe here, receptionist asks if she came to meet Doctor Mehta? Teni says I should meet if I have come so far. Receptionist says he is seeing another patient, you wait for sometime. Teni sits down and sees Bharat coming there, she thinks if he sees me here then my secret will come out.


Dil Se Dil Tak 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aman sees Teni’s big baby bump and says you were normal till yesterday,what happened now? Teni says I am not fat, this is fake baby bump which Shorvori is going to wear for next five months, Shorvori says just more five months and then our relation with Teni regarding baby will be finished, Teni gets tensed hearing it. Teni turns and sees Mohini standing on door, they all get tensed seeing her.