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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Teni comes to Parth’s house and says how did you both think that you can go to America without me and i will let it happen? you both cant go anywhere without me, all family members are confused. Teni brings her luggage in house and looks at family. Teni greets them and asks if they are enjoying life? Suyog says i have seen her somewhere. Baa asks who is this girl? Indu says i have seen her somewhere too. Dada says who are you that Shorvori and Parth cant leave without you? Guard comes there and says this girl is smart, she distracted us with firecrackers and entered house discreetly, Teni says they wouldnt let me in house.

Guard starts dragging but Dada asks who are you? and with which are you stopping them? Teni says it would be better if Parth and Shorvori tell who i am and why i am stopping them. Parth says dada.. she.. is Teni.. Baa says oh she is nanny. Teni says you are call me naani(grandmother)? you think i am old? Mohini says nanny means Shorvori’s caretakeer and servant, Teni cries and says what is happening with me? they made me servant? God should bring me to him. Baa says dont cry, Jalpa told me that she is sending you with Shorvori to America to take care of her but i said no one can take care of her as i can so i cancelled your ticket and arranged my ticket, i wanted to surprise them.

Teni says you cancelled my America’s ticket? are you lying? Baa says i dont lie, she jerks Teni away. Teni murmurs that i have created problem.Ramnik says who are you? Teni thinks i have to answer now, Teni says let me tell you. She says you know Shorvori, she is my sister, i am her younger sister, all say what? Ramnik says Shorvori didnt tell about her, Shorvori says i..i.. Teni sys i am her far fetched sister, like her uncle’s uncle’s uncle’s daughter, do you understand? Mohini says Shorvori is bengali but you look like Gujrati then how are you relatives? this girl is lying, she is trying to fool us, Teni cries and says you think people cheat because you want to see it like that, i am Gujrati because my mom is Gujrati so my mother tongue is Gujrati and my father is bengali, see i have big eyes like bengalis. Indu says i met her at hospital, Suyog says she was waitress but where?

Mohini says i was sure that she is fooling us, Teni thinks that i have to tell some story to calm this fox. Teni cries and says dont put filthy blames on me, she says to dada that i have sad story, do you wanna hear? i had poor mom and my father was handicapped, we had no money for medicine and wine, we are so poor, one day my poor old mom was taking my father to hospital in train, my father slipped with my mother and they both died then me alone girl, remembered my Shorvori didi so i thought to come and meet her and stay with her so i came here to find her but i am so unlucky that i came to meet her at hospital then became waiter too for her. Mohini says how did you become nanny then? Teni thinks she has endless questions, Mohini says then how did you meet Parth and Shorvori? Teni says fate, i am poor and i was roaming on streets, i went to agency, Parth called for helper there and i agency made me met Shorvori,i cried so much. Baa says Shorvori why you didnt tell us before that she is your sister?

Shorvori says situation was not suitable, Baa says sometimes we have to hide things like that, i understand. Teni says i panicked that Shorvori was leaving me as i am poor and now that i am here, i am thinking to stay here with all for few days, all look on. Teni says i understood, Shorvori wants me to live with her but she cant let me stay in her inlaws,i should leave now, she takes her bag and cries fakely, she says i will miss you, stop me, she is about to leave but dada says stop. Teni looks at him, dada says Shorvori is our daughter, you have right at this home, you will live here with your sister, Teni says dada great, i heard dada is cruel..i mean you are angry man, dada laughs and says dont be scared, i like people who say truth not the one who lie, today is holi so become part of this house. Teni says holi is my favorite, we will have bhaang.. Shorvori says come with me, she drags her away. Mohini thinks that i am not digesting this gujrati-bengali sister relation.

Scene 2
Teni comes to Parth’s room.Parth says you lied so much? Teni says i got scared that you people left me here and went to America, Shorvori says we made this plan to take you to America so why will we leave alone? Teni says i got cheated a lot so i get scared easily, i handled everything, Parth says how you make so many stories? Mohini is going to Parth’s room. Teni says to Parth that i called you both but you didnt pick up so i came here, we cant change what happened so dont worry. Parth says you cant stay here, Teni says i will stay here, i am pregnant with your baby, what if i have emergency?i will live here, Shorvori said she will take care of my baby, door ofroom opens,they get tensed but sees Jalpa there. Jalpa says Mohini was coming to listen your talks but i stopped her, Parth says till when we will keep this hiding? Jalpa says what will happen to US program?

Parth says we have to cancel that trap, Teni says you both stay here, your baby is with me, people dont even rent house these days and i gave you both my womb without thinking so one of you has to stay with me here. Shorvori says to Parth that you can go to US and i will live with Teni. Jalpa says we told family that we are going to America for Shorvori. Teni says then Parth can stay here with me.Parth says i wont allow Shorvori to go alone, Teni says then both stay here and take care of baby. Bharat calls for them. Parth comes to downstairs and meets Bharat, Bharat says i got to know Shorvori’s relative has come for first time, Teni says i have come here and i will make this holi great. Bharat says how you have Gujrati accent? Teni says its long story,. Bharat says we are going to get along. Parth says i want to say something, Teni is new, she will be alone here so i was thinking to cancel US trip, all look on, dada says no, Shorvori’s treatment is important, you both have to go.


Dil Se Dil Tak 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni comes in Holi and throws water on bhanushali family, she says this is called real holi. She makes all family members dance on balam pichkari. Teni throws Parth’s family members in water tub.

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