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Dil Se Dil Tak 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari tells Parth she had warned him that Teni wants to snatch him from her. Parth tries to explain, Shorvari insists he can’t negate this now. She got eyes and mind both, when the family accepted Teni they have got license to be together. It’s not a misunderstanding, nor her false thinking. Parth was lost. Teni tries to convince Shorvari there is nothing between them, there was fire and she was suffocating.

Shorvari wasn’t ready to listen and understand. Parth stops Shorvari but Shorvari says today she won’t be proven wrong anymore. She came to this house over his trust, why he did this to her, why left her half way. Parth tries to keep his hands over Shorvari’s shoulders but she forbids him touch her, he has lost the right. She says Parth had no right to betray her anyway, it’s vious now and there is no point for her to stay. She looks towards Teni and says she is leaving the house. Parth was shattered and follows Shorvari to the room. Shorvari shouts at him to stay away, she can’t stay with them anymore. Teni also tries to stop Shorvari. Shorvari pushes her away forbidding her to touch her. Dadi calls from downstairs that they are back.

Shorvari walks down with her suitcase and shouts at Parth to get away. Dada ji and family watch them. Dada ji asks Shorvari where she is going. Shorvari turns to face them and says she is leaving the house, forever. His grandfather shared her right, relation and love half with Teni. Parth denies crying. Shorvari says there is an illegitimate relation between Parth and Teni. Mohini was interested while others shocked. Dada ji asks if she know what it means. Shorvari says she has seen this through her own eyes.

They have already given her place to Teni as well, why is she needed here then? Dadi stops Shorvari and says she must have a misunderstanding, this isn’t possible. Parth says he is also trying to convince. Dada ji asks why Shorvari got such thoughts. Parth narrates all about his return from temple and Teni’s room on fire. Shorvari shouts at him to stop lying. He must feel a little shame, they were caught red handed. Parth says no. Mohini smirks. Shorvari comes to Teni and asks if she wanted to take her place, she is leaving now. Her path is clearing now, this house, Parth and family are all hers. Shorvari requests them not to convince her stay here anymore. Indu stops Shorvari this time and says she is angry at her, because she didn’t forgive Shorvari. Mohini thinks she changed sides so suddenly. Indu insists Parth left his family for her love, he can’t betray her. Dada ji says he has learnt through experience, what one witness isn’t always true. She must think calmly and stay here for his say. Shorvari turns around and says she won’t be able to reject his request, but Parth must prove there is nothing between him and Teni. Parth qualifies there is nothing like that, he was continuously crying.

Shorvari runs upstairs.
Mohini says it is only because Shorvari couldn’t be a mother. Dadi scolds her to stay silent, else think before she speaks. Mohini says Shorvari is annoyed because of their mistake. They were wandering around when she pretended to be pregnant but now the truth was revealed, no one asked her even a glass of water. She must feel bad at heart. Parth was crying. Dada ji places a hand over his shoulder. Dadi says Shorvari is really tensed and angry, he must let her temple cool, then speak to her. Teni wonders how she must clear her position to Shorvari.

At night, Dadi brings milk for Dada ji outside. Dada ji says Shorvari brought Teni to the house, now Shorvari is blaming Teni. It is clear Teni does belong to a small place but her thinking isn’t so low. She can never break the relation between Parth and Shorvari. Dadi assures him that it’s a petty matter between spouses. Dadi thinks about talking to Indu about it.
In the kitchen, Indu stood lost. Dadi ji comes to question why she didn’t share her bitterness. Indu says she really did wrong with Shorvari, but she was badly hurt. She vows to remove this misunderstanding now. Dadi ji tells Indu that Shorvari isn’t wrong, it’s just her point of view that changed. It’s exactly the way Indu was shattered that Shorvari is broken today, she always preferred the family’s happiness over her owns. Today if Shorvari feels lonely, they are all to be blamed. None of us thought they were neglecting Shorvari in excitement of a grandchild. She says she understands Shorvari and Parth hold a strong relation, everything would be ok. If Parth is her daughter, Shorvari is also her responsibility. She must make sure her daughter in law doesn’t miss her mother in the house. Indu nods.

Parth comes to the room where Shorvari was unpacking her bag. He looks towards her with hopeful eyes. Shorvari turns to pass him, a cloth piece fell down. Both bend to pick it up together. They share an eye lock. Shorvari thinks about Teni’s words that Parth was a God to her, them together in bathroom and about their hug. She snatches the cloth and leave.PRECAP: 

Dil Se Dil Tak 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari and Parth participate in the Pooja together. Later, Teni feels pain in stomach and turns to take the medicine. Shorvari locks the drawer forbidding her to force her right into her room. Later, Shorvari hurries outside informing Dadi Parth called her outside. Teni thinks Parth just said he has to meet Shrovari in the evening, then what’s going on in their mind?

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