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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Swabhiman-Dil se Dil Tak MahaSangam (9.30-10.00pm)
Meghna tells Naina if it’s done by Sandhya, they won’t spare her this time. She insists on Naina to go inside and take rest. Nirmala comes there with Karan and Kunal, Karan tells Nirmala to scold her as she doesn’t take rest so easily and didn’t take her juice as well. Kunal taunts Karan for being such loveable husband. Meghna discusses with the family about Dada ji’s mood upon inviting Bhanushali family. Nirmala goes to speak to him. Meghna thinks she must find the contractor’s number in the house directory.

At Bhanushali house, Teni rejects the Bajirao theme. Shorvari insists on her to look for once but Parth stops her, he asks for some more themes and selects one for Teni. Dada ji comes to call Parth inside, Teni notices the magazine in his hand with letter half tucked into it. She comes behind. Dada ji tells Parth to book the car for Aman that he likes. Baa comes there and speaks to Dada ji about going to Jaipur. She says it’s time to give relations sometime, it is Haryali Pooja and today he must forget everything from the past for her sake. Dada ji promises to come to Jaipur with her, but only on a condition that he won’t be compelled to speak to that person. Mohini and Shorvari had joined Teni outside the room. Mohini wonders what the secret has hidden since so long. Parth says he has a lot of work in office and might not be able to come to Jaipur. Baa asks him to complete his work first. He gives a thumbs up to everyone as Shorvari joins them towards room.

Meghna calls the contractor and questions where did the glass on outside bedding come from. The contractor says it’s someone else’s mistake, he can’t tell on phone and was ready to witness as well. Meghna calls him home at night and promises a gift as well.

In the room, Parth wish he could come with Shorvari to Jaipur and goes to take a bath. Shorvari reminds him of sindoor. Teni had come at the door. Parth tells Shorvari he is lucky to have her, both hug. Shorvari remembers about a surprise for him, she brings a perfume and sprinkles it over him. She comes in. Shorvari shows her the perfume but she makes up that she has no idea about it. Teni asks to take the magazine, Parth insists he has to take it to office and doesn’t let Teni take it.

On the call, Shorvari tells Meghna she hasn’t seen Dada ji as angry as he is now. Meghna says they don’t know the reason behind their anger, but suggest to bring them face to face. She asks Shorvari to come here, the rest they will handle. In the hall, Meghna asks Kunal and Karan not to tell Dada ji that Shorvari is coming with their family. Kunal was sure they will take care of everything. He takes Meghna aside, complimenting her to look beautiful and offers to go on a date. Shorvari and family had reached Jaipur. They go to welcome them. The families welcome each other. Mr. Bhanushali was reluctant at first but then steps inside. Nand Kishore offers them seats. Dada ji comes downstairs to welcome the guests but was shocked to confront Bhanushali there.


Dil Se Dil Tak 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhanushali calls security and instructs them to take this man outside. Shorvari announces on microphone about playing musical chair. Both Dada’s get their chance together. Dada ji blames Mr. Bhanushali being responsible for what happened fifty years earlier.