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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Parth says to family that Teni is new here so we dont want to leave her alone here so i was thinking to cancel US trip, dada says no Shorvori’s treatment is important, Jalpa says yes Shorvori has to go, Parth can stay here, i have to go to US for conference so i will take care of her. Jalpa whispers to Shorvori that you dont have to go with baa alone, when i will be with you then your secret will be safe. Bharat asks Parth why you are thinking so much? let her go, dada says if Jalpa is going then its no problem, baa says Parth can stay here for work and Teni will have company too. Teni says thats great. Parth says if Baa, and Jalpa are going with her then its fine, baa says you love her so much that you dont want to stop her? i cant stop her but you have today so shower your love today on holi then you can have memories for later, Bharat says lets start holi function.

Bhanushali family is playing holi decently, apply colors delicately to each other. Parth applies color on Shorvori’s face. Teni comes there and says what kind of holi is this? it wont be fun like this, i will show them real holi. Parth sees Teni going and asks Shorvori where she is going? Teni comes in holi function with dhol and starts playing it, all look on shocked. Bharat says this girl is like me, she doesnt think less, this time holi will be blast.Parth asks what are you doing Teni? Teni says there is no holi without singing and dancing, today there will Teni’s touch in bhanushali’s dry holi, she asks servant to play dhol and jumps from stage, Shorvori gets worried for her, Teni ties Suyog,Forum, Bharat, Jagruti in rope, she says now you people know about real holi, she throws them in water pool and says this is called real holi, now you enjoy? they are slipping in pool, dada is angry seeing all this, Parth hides his face. Bharat is angry too, Teni sees all angry faces and gets tensed. Mohini says she threw our son in law in slippery water, teni’s exit is soon too. Bharat comes out of pool and sees himself covered in color, all are tensed but Bharat says great mindblowing, why all are tensed? we usually have dry holi,this is first time that we have color and blast in holi,he starts playing holi, all get happy and starts playing holi. Mohini says i dont understand, there is something fishy but what? Teni sees Mohini looking around and thinking. Mohini is looking for Teni, Teni smirks, Teni eats banana and throws banana peal in Mohini’s path, Mohini starts coming towards her but slips on banana peal, Teni stifles her laugh, all family members run to her, Teni is laughing, shorvori and Parth sees her eating banana. Mohini says what is this? This Teni first threw us in water and now made me slip, teni says i am celebrating holi only, Mohini asks dada to scold her, dada says to Teni that we have different pattern of playing holi for years now, Teni says but dada, i suggest to play holi this time with my style, if you dont like it then you can play dry holi next time, baa asks what you want to do? Teni brings and throws water on bhanushali family. She makes all family members dance on balam pichkari. Teni throws Parth’s family members in water tub. Bharat dances with Teni on balam pichkari, all bhanushali is dancing.Parth and Shorvori are dancing too.
Mohini comes in Parth’s room and finds Teni’s luggage there, she says lets see whats in her bag,she opens her bag.
Suyog is dancing with Teni in holi function, all are enjoying it.

Mohini finds papers in Teni’s bag and reads Teni Bhanushali? she says Teni said her mother bengali,father gujrati.. and now she is Bhanushali? so this was the lie?
Bharat dances with Teni,all family members are dancing and enjoying,Parth is trying to control Teni, he pulls her down from stage. Parrth starts dancing with family too but keeps eye on Teni. Mohini enters there with Teni’s papers,which shows her name as Teni Bhanushali. Teni sees her with file and gets shocked, she thinks that i have to stop her otherwise she will mess everything. Teni sees Bhaang, she puts bhaang in laddo. Mohini stops dada from dancing, Mohini says i want to say something, dada says say it. Mohini says after hearing it, all will be shocked, Parth gets tensed. Teni comes there and stuffs Mohini’s mouth with bhaang laddo and says happy holi, she snatches her papers from her, Mohini starts getting intoxicated with bhaang and her vision gets blurred, Teni thinks that she will become conscious but she will forget everything. Mohini starts dancing and laughing, she is dizzy, Mohini laughs and says i have to say something to dada, Teni thinks that she didnt forget even after bhaang. Parth sees papers in Teni’s hand and asks what is this? Teni says Mohini wanted to show these papers to your family so i gave her bhaang, Shorvori says you shouldnt have done it, you should have told us, Teni says what would you have done? Mohini says i have to say something, say something, she dances. Baa asks Mohini if she has no shame? you are dancing infront of dada, Mohini says those who cheat should have shame.Sejal asks say it clearly what you want. Mohini says Parth’s sister in law Teni has some tricks up her sleeves, how Teni can be Teni Bhanushali? Jalpa hints at Parth to remain silent, Mohini says i read visa application. Parth thinks that we have to pay for Teni’s lies.Mohini says papers showed Teni’s name as Teni Bhanushali, all are stunned, baa says Teni Bhanushali? Mohini says yes, she asks shorvori how Teni is Bhanushali? Mohini falls down and faints, all run to her.
Bharat says to Jalpa that if Teni is Shorvori’s sister then how her name is bhanushali? Jalpa says surnames are complicated in india, we dont know her surname in bengali, forget it,baa made dry nuts dish for you,Bharat gets happy and is about to leave but stops,he says i dont understand Bhanushali surname in bengali, Jalpa says leave it,Bharat says Teni can cheat us so we have to find out, i have an idea,i took number of shorvori’s relative in their wedding,i should call them. Bharat calls Shorvori’s relative but Jalpa strikes with him and Bharat’s phone falls in water pool,Jalpa says i am sorry, i didnt see, Bharat takes out his phone from water and says its not working,i will go and eat dry nuts dish.

Scene 2
Bharat comes in kitchen and asks servant where is dry nuts dish? servant doesnt know it, Suyog asks servant to leave, i will serve Bharat. Bharat says to Suyog that Teni calls herself as Shorvori’s sister, whats the guarantee that she is her sister only? Suyog says they said she is her sister, Bharat says Teni is totally Gujrati and where she was for so many years? this means that Teni can be fraud, we have to investigate about her, i have thought of some idea. He finds Shorvori’s phone in kitchen and says there must be her relative’s or Teni’s relative’s contact in her phone so find it, Suyog says how can i open her contacts? Bharat says i am ordering you. Suyog checks her phone and says there is no contact of relative but there is one number of Teni’s landlord. They call Teni’s landlord, Bharat says Teni who is on rent in your house has asked loan from our bank so i want to know about her, landlord says we know Teni, everyone knows about her, i cant tell you about her, Bharat asks if she is loyal to return payment? Its Teni who has actually taken call of landlord, Teni says she is such good girl,she is so pious, Bharat says you know her? where did she come from? Teni says her parents died and she came here to find her long lost sister, Bharat asks whats her surname? Teni curses him and says which bank is open on holi? i will give your number to police, Bharat gets tensed and ends call. Teni says its good i heard Suyog and Bharat’s talk and my mind worked, i changed my landlord’s number in shorvori’s phone to my number so i got the call.
Mohini is lying on bed, She wakes up, all family members are around her, Mohini asks where am i? indu says at home,Sejal says do you remember what you said? you called Teni as Teni Bhanushali. Mohini recalls how she found papers which showed Teni’s name as Teni bhanushali. Mohini says yes i remember everything, that Teni is Teni Bhanushali, where she is? she asks Shorvori how Teni is Teni Bhanushali? Dada says i will show you her truth. He shows her papers and says you are calling it cheating? he shows her papers, Mohini reads her name as Teni Bhattacharya, Dada says her visa papers shows her name as Teni Bhazttacharya not Teni Bhanushali and this is her reality, Mohini says i read her name as Teni Bhanushali, my eyes cant deceive me. Teni comes there and says Mohini kaki i think your english is weak, B for Ball, B for Bhanushali and B for Bhattacharya, Bharat says i did investigation too, nothing is wrong with Teni. Flashback shows Teni coming home and says to Parth and Teni that i went to change my name on visa application from Teni bhanushali to Teni Bhattacharya, my uncle is expert in making fake papers, i showed papers to dada too, Shorvori says again a lie? Teni says you want baby right? so we have to clear this mess for your baby and my money, flashback ends. Mohini says there is something fishy in this too, sejal says Mohini you must have been mistake, dada says what runs in your mind,you start seeing it too,if you do this drama again then you will face my wrath, Mohini says i am sorry, forgive me as your naive daughter in law, Teni says she is saying she is fool so forgive her. baa says to Shorvori that we have less time to leave so spend time with Parth, you both will have stay without each other for sometime, go and pack now. Shorvori and Parth leaves. Teni leaves too.

Scene 3
Parth hugs her Shorvori and says we never lived alone after marriage, shorvori says you are going to be father and talking like baby, Parth says how will i bear this space between us? Shorvori makes smiley

shorvori says to Teni that no jumping and now junk food. Parth hints at Teni to turn around,Teni says i understood, i am giving you both two minutes, do anything, she turns. Parth and Shorvori hugs and leaves. Teni says they left already? they love each other so much, wish they had gone to America together and i went to America too.

Its morning, Teni is getting ready, she gets call and says i am coming.
shorvori is leaving for America. Indu does her aarti,Indu blesses her and her baby and gives her blessing flower. Shorvori comes to Teni and gives her flower, she says this is for you and our baby, she hugs Teni. shorvori says to Suyog that take care of Parth, Suyog says i know my duty. Dada, baa and Jalpa sits in car to leave. Shorvori sits in car and waves at Parth, she is sad, she leaves house. There is red color spilling from bowl at entrance of house. Parth asks Teni where is her slippers? Teni says i forgot it in hurry in my room,i would have missed Shorvori if i went to find slippers. Teni steps on red colored water without knowing it on floor and enters house which leaves her feet trail at entrance indicating her entry like bride in house. Suyog sees it and says to Parth that after your sister in law’s entry,you and Shorvori have to live separately and now your half woman has done ritual of Garah parvesh so she is not leaving this house or your life soon.Mohini sees foot trails too.


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Sejal comes huffing in house and says i cant believe this, Indu asks her what happened? Sejal brings them to porch where Teni is washing clothes at fountain. Sejal asks what are you doing? Teni says cant you see i am washing clothes? Teni is jerking clothes on walls.

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