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Dil Se Dil Tak 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth watches weepily as Shorvari passes by him. He watches some roses in the vase in their room and recalls when once he got intimate with Shorvari while tucking the rose between his teeth. Shorvari was annoyed even then and he successfully made her mood up. He smiles watching the rose when Shorvari comes to the room, ignores Parth and indulge herself with the work. Parth goes towards the vase, picks a rose stick, tucks it again in his mouth and turns to Shorvari.

He comes to Shorvari who smiles at him, but gets rid of his grip saying she must agree what she considered as love was his talent. He keeps her and Teni both happy. Parth drops the flower. Shorvari says there is a huge difference between today and that day. First these fights were his and hers, but now there is a third person as well. She assumes each of his attempt as an illusion. If he really wants to do something he must prove there is nothing between him and Teni. Parth asks how he must clarify his position. Shorvari says he must find the way, as he created the doubts.

He goes towards the bed and turns to leave the room with her pillow. Parth asks where she is going. Shorvari says she stayed only because of Dada ji, she won’t live with him in a single room. Parth stops her and takes the pillow from her. Shorvari watches him go and cry while remembering their intimacies.

Mohini smirks finding Dada ji restless late at night. She comes to Dada ji and says she was also sleepless like him. Shorvari blamed Parth for huge, and didn’t even respect Dada ji. Dadi comes there and scolds Mohini for thinking wrong, she says it’s better if they remove the misunderstanding of Shorvari and help her. Dada ji also insists there must be unity in a family. Dadi ji takes Dada ji inside. Mohini was curt that only she is scolded always.

In the room, Teni was worried about how to win Shorvari’s love again. She notices there was no water in the jug. She thinks Shorvari’s love for her and water both ended together. She goes to kitchen to fill her jug and finds Parth asleep on the sofa in the hall. She feels guilty for the problems in his life and thinks if someone watches him here, they would even lose their night sleeps. She comes to correct the pillow. Parth wakes up at once, Teni says she came to fill the jug of water. Parth says she must go upstairs, he would bring the water. Teni asks Parth why he was angry with her, she says she realizes there were tension between them and that’s why he ignored her.

Parth explains it began a few days ago, he doesn’t consider Shorvari as wrong. Teni began to get family’s attention and his as well. Teni smiles saying that’s why he recalled her worth to her. He says right now Shorvari is really upset, she lost her trust over him. Right now if he speaks to Shorvari the things would worsen. Teni says if Shorvari’s anger cools down she would surely lose her chance. Parth was angry but Teni says it was only a joke and an attempt to cheer him up, she assures Parth she will solve his problem.


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari and Parth participate in the Pooja together. Later, Teni feels pain in stomach and turns to take the medicine. Shorvari locks the drawer forbidding her to force her right into her room. Later, Shorvari hurries outside informing Dadi Parth called her outside. Teni thinks Parth just said he has to meet Shrovari in the evening, then what’s going on in their mind?

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