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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dada ji asks Teni if she knows this man. Teni looks towards them silently. Dada ji thanks Nandu and tells him to go now. He comes to Shorvari and asks if what Mohini said is right? Shorvari cries silently. Dada ji asks Teni if what Mohini said is right. He says their house is a temple, it can’t contain any filth. He tells Shorvari if he feels she is also involved in it, he would forget he accepted her, her sister belongs to the place she brought this sin. Parth finally comes forward and says Teni isn’t carrying any sin, she is bearing his child.

Everyone was shocked to hear this. Dada ji slaps Parth hard on face and asks if he is in senses. She is his brother’s fiancé and he attempted such an act with her. Parth says they have no relations, Teni and Shorvari aren’t sisters. Teni is Gujrati, Shorvari is Bengali. He says Teni is bearing his and Shorvari’s child. Dada ji turns his face away. Parth comes to him and says when he married Shorvari they all disconnected with him, they wished for being forgiven. When they heard about Shorvari’s pregnancy, their child made a place for himself in their hearts. But fate had something else, they lost their child in an accident. Indu got to know about it, she asked them to hide about the matter and conceive again, only so that they weren’t hurt. They realized Shorvari got a permanent injury during miscarriage, she can never become a mother again. They were very afraid, to lose them all.

Then they decided to go to surrogacy. So Teni bears a child who is theirs, Teni is their surrogate. They knew no one would accept the concept, thus they hid the matter with them. They had to lie one after the other. Jalpa now requests Dada ji to forgive them, they aren’t doing anything wrong. These days, it’s a common practice and is legal as well. Bharat Kumar also convinces that medical science has advanced, the child in Teni’s womb belongs to Parth and Shorvari. Dada ji says couples opt for this matter by their family’s will. He says to Baa if she has seen whom she fought with him for. Parth explains they didn’t want to lose them. Dada ji asks if the sow Bhanushali’s seed in a Bar dancer’s womb. If he thought such a child would succeed their inheritance. He says she take alcohol frequently, he feels disgusted to hear Parth was about to bring her child here.

He questions where his values went. He questions if his own daughter, Jalpa guided them through all this. If she became a doctor for such a day. Jalpa tries to explain Parth and Shorvari wanted a child, she advised them as a doctor to go to surrogacy. Dada ji asks Jalpa if he must decorate this filth into his family. Jalpa and Bharat were speechless. Baa says if Shorvari couldn’t bear a child they must have accepted the truth, but Parth turned out really weak. He brought a dancer into the house. She complains they didn’t bother to take their consent. Shorvari says Baa is a mother, she must realize their pain. She has seen Parth suffer for his family’s love, they only accepted them after she had conceived. She didn’t know they will even lose their child, she forced Parth to take such step. She wanted to become a mother. She says they couldn’t find a better womb for their child than Teni’s.


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada ji tells Teni they have no relation with this child or her. She must leave this house as soon as possible. Parth stops Teni, and requests Dada ji. Dada ji warns he would leave the house otherwise.

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