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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mohini comes to Shorvori’s room. Teni and Aman hides in cupboard. Mohini says to Shorvori that Baa is calling you, come with me. Shorvori looks at cupboard, she closes door and leaves. Aman blows at Teni but she ignores him. They come out of cupboard, Aman takes off fake baby bump. Teni says you are taking so much time, how will you become father? Aman says you and my baby will be proud of this father, will you be this cute when you become mother of my baby, will you be this cute? aman pulls her closer and says lets have romance, Teni says you keep clinging to me, Aman says lets go out, Teni sys fine but we will not go far, I have to do homework, Aman says what? what homework do you have other than me? Teni gets tensed and says you want to go or not? he says get ready.

Bharat makes Jayu sleep. He says I have done one work of my wife, now I should get her love back. Jalpa comes there and says how this magic happened? Bharat says you do so much work so I thought to do your work, I have made him eat and sleep. Jalpa thanks him and says you are best husband of world, he pulls her closer, Jalpa says you were talking about first meeting, Bharat thinks Mehta’a formula worked.

Aman and Teni comes back home. Teni says why did you take me so far away? Aman says you should thank me, you remembered SRK when you were out? Teni makes face, he says it means you were thinking about him? Teni says leave it, now go, I have to do homework, he leaves. Teni strikes with Bharat, he says you keep running fast, I am so happy, Teni asks why? have you made Jalpa pregnant again? he says no, you know Mehta’s solution worked for me and my problem is solved, tell me your problem. Teni recalls imagining Parth everywhere, Teni says you did commitment so dont ask me, Bharat says fine, did you you apply Mehta’s formula? Teni says I didnt get time, let me go and try, she leaves.

Teni comes to her room. Teni says if Bharat has been benefitted with Mehta’s solution then it will work for me too, I should do what he suggested. Teni starts chanting “Parth leave my mind”, “Parth leave my mind”. Teni lies on bed and falls asleep. She dreams her moments with Parth. She starts murmuring “Parth come to my mind” “Parth come to my mind”.. Dil se dil tak plays. Mohini comes to her room and says wow, we are tired of working and this princess is sleeping. Mohini sees her murmuring in sleep that Parth come to my mind.. Parth come to my mind. Mohini tries to hear what Teni is murmuring, Teni wakes up and sees Mohini there, she acts like sleeping and murmurs Sejal should get boy like Parth.. Sejal should get boy like Parth. Mohini says wow she is praying for Sejal. Teni holds her ear, Mohini winces in pain and moves back, she says this girl’s mouth and hands move in sleep too, she leaves. Teni says she doesnt leave me alone even in sleep. Teni starts chanting again.

Scene 2
In morning, Mohini makes tea, Bharat comes there and says wow tea for me. Mohini says this is for Sejal, I forgot to make it for you.

Teni is doing yoga. She recalls how Parth advised her to take sunbath daily. Teni says he asked me to do it so I am doing it, he doesnt leave my mind. Teni imagines Parth again. Aman comes there and asks what are you doing? Teni says I am sun tanning, cant you see? Aman says I brought tea for you, I finally know how to make it, Teni drinks it, Aman smiles. Teni looks at Aman but imagines Parth calling out to her. Teni’s hands shiver, Teni thinks that Doctor Mehta fooled me, I am still seeing Parth.

Shorvori is in her room, she stands on chair to take out photo album. Baa comes there and sees her standing on chair, Shorvori loses balance, Baa runs to her and says are you mad? you are pregnant, seems like you forget sometimes that you are pregnant. Shorvori thinks that I dont want to remember it because then I will remember that I cant become pregnant ever in life, after getting baby from Teni, I will feel less bad about it, Shorvori wipes her tears. Baa says sorry I scolded you, you were searching for your and Parth’s photos? lets see it together. They start seeing photos.

Teni is in Doctor Mehta’s room. He plays recorder, there is recording in which Teni has said “Parth comes to my mind, come to my mind”. Teni slaps herself and says I have given permission to Parth to live in my mind, Mehta says give me 500/- more, you said wrong mantra and proved me right, Teni says give me discount, I have come second time, Teni says I will lose all money on my brain treatment only, she gives him fees and leaves.

Teni comes home. Shorvori comes to her and says I feel scared to sleep alone, can you sleep with me in my and Parth’s room? Teni murmurs how to tell you I am a mess too, she says you go, I will come.

Teni comes to Shorvori’s room. Teni sees Parth’s photos on walls of Shorvori and Parth’s room, she panics and murmurs that why he is behind me? she asks Shorvori why did you put Parth’s pictures everywhere? Shorvori says because I want you to see Parth everywhere and think about him, Teni asks why? Shorvori says when Parth comes back, I want you to spend most of the time with him because then our baby will look like his dad, Shorvori goes to bring milk. Teni dances around and says I have got my answer, I am imagining Parth everywhere because I have his baby inside me thats why he is in my mind everytime, there is no other reason, I am sorry Parth I didnt say bye to you, when you comeback, I will spend all time with you.

Shorvori is sleeping, she dreams about Parth and her romantic moments, dil se dil tak plays. Teni is sleeping beside her, she dreams about her moments with Parth.


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni dreams about Parth stuck in fire and big stone falling him. Teni wakes up. Teni asks Shorvori if she talked to Parth? Shorvori says no, she calls Parth but its unavailable. Shorvori says I am worried, wha if he is in trouble?Teni says on call that I understood, I have to go to travel agent and ask for Jaipur’s airplane ticket and then fly there.Teni arrives at Jaipur airport, she hires cab, there is one girl already inside, girl asks if she came to Jaipur for some work? Teni says I saw dangerous dream about someone who is very close to me and he is in Jaipur. Teni puts her phone on seat. Girl mistakenly takes her phone and leaves. Teni calls girl from girl’s phone, she says to girl that our phones got swapped, what we will do now? Girl looks on.