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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Teni steps on red color spilled on floor and enters house with foot trails leaving behind.

Sejal comes huffing in house and says i cant believe this, Indu asks her what happened? Sejal brings them to porch where Teni is washing clothes at fountain. Sejal asks what are you doing? Teni says cant you see i am washing clothes? Teni is jerking clothes on walls. Suyog sees it and says to Parth that after your sister in law’s entry,you and Shorvori have to live separately and now your half woman has done ritual of Garah parvesh so she is not leaving this house or your life soon. Mohini sees foot trails too. Parth says what is this joke? Suyog says i am sorry, i got excited. Mohini says no need to say sorry, all joke about sister in law, it doesnt matter.

Teni says to Mohini that dada asked you to take care of me so bring warm tea for me. Mohini glares her, Teni says go fast and bring tea. Mohini asks servant to bring tea for her, Teni starts singing loudly, Mohini says what is this? Servant brings saucer and kettle for Teni, Teni says these are empty cups, where is tea? Mohini snickers at her. Teni sees kettle and murmurs how it is used? Parth comes there and gets Shorvori’s call, he leaves. Teni is trying to bring tea out of kettle, she tries to look inside. Suyog comes there and opens lid of kettle, he pours tea in her cup, mixes sugar and gives it to her, Teni thanks her. Teni looks at Mohini and goes. She brings glass and says its to fun to drink tea in glass. Teni pours tea in glass instead of cup and drinks, Suyog looks at her weird. Parth comes there and sees Teni sitting, she says tea is good, Parth leaves. Indu comes there and says Teni i will show you your room, Teni says okay. Sejal strikes with Jagruti and shouts at her that cant you see ahead? Teni says what is this way of talking with sister? you have witch like face, Indu says they are sisters, it happens, they love each other, leave it Teni. Teni says to Jagruti that you should love Sejal too, she holds Jagruti’s hand and makes her slap Sejal, Sejal fumes in anger and leaves, Teni says Jagruti was showing love only. She says to Indu that lets go to see my room, She asks Jagruti to learn things.

Indu brings Teni to her room, Teni says its so great and big. Indu says if you need anything then inform us and thank your for helping Jagruti, Teni says revenge for revenge and compromising is not in my nature since childhood, i will ask anything i need, Indu nods and leaves. Teni opens her bag and says my clothes are dirty, i cant even borrow from anyone here, i should wash them. Teni comes in her washroom and says its so big, i can dance here and play dandaya, but where can i wash clothes? she tries to open taps but is unable to run complicated taps, she gets an idea.

Scene 2
Sejal comes huffing in house and says i cant believe this, Mohini says what happened? your friends were coming today right? Sejal says they came but made fun of me and left. Parth comes there and hears it too. Indu asks her what happened? Sejal brings them to porch where Teni is washing clothes at fountain. All family members are shocked to see surf running in fountain. Mohini says she destroyed fountain too. Indu says Parth what is this? Sejal asks what are you doing? Teni says cant you see i am washing clothes or your top floor is empty? Teni is jerking clothes on walls of fountain. Sejal says you are saying i am fool? Teni says you can actually understand? Sejal slips on soap and is about to fall in fountain but Teni holds her and says why you fall so much, Parth says Teni come with me, he drags her. Sejal says to Indu that throw this low class sister of Shorvori, Indu says she is our guest, she doesnt know how things work here. Mohini says yes she is Shorvori’s far fetched relative so we have to bear but she cant.

Parth says to Teni that why you did this? Teni says i was washing clothes only, Parth says you can wash in washroom not in fountain, Teni says i couldnt run taps there and fountain was so good to wash clothes. Parth says this is our house, you tell every work of yours to servant. Teni says you know that Sejal is witch, she is very clever. Parth says everyone has different nature, stay here, i will make you meet everyone. Parth brings photo album of his family and shows Teni pictures of his family,

he shows her Sejal’s picture, she says yes the fox, Parth says i hope you understood everything, Teni says i understood that i have to salute everyone here, Parth says i want to talk something important. Teni says you want to bargain about money? i wont take less than 10lacs. Parth says not everything is about money, Teni money doesnt matter to you, say it. Parth says you wont think or touch wine here, Teni says i know if anyone sees me with wine here then they will throw me out. Parth says its not about my family but about the baby which is in your womb, they heir of me and Shorvori, your thinking, eating and everything will affect baby, Teni says dont worry i know my acts are related with your baby, i will take care of your baby. Parth says i am leaving and dont do anything wrong, Teni says you think i have come from jungle? i know about good manners, you leave.

Teni blows bubble in dustbin, Parth looks at her and shakes his head at her good manners.
Mohini and Indu are working in kitchen. Mohini says dont you feel Teni is weird? this Teni used to live in this city but Shorvori never talked about her and suddenly she came here, its weird, Indu says we dont know much about Shorvori, we started talking to Shorvori recently so we never got to know about her. Mohini says dont you think that after seeing Teni, Shorvori’s family is very ill-mannered. Indu says seeing Shorvori’s upbringing and manners, i dont think so. Teni comes there and sees many dishes, Teni says is it someone’s birthday that you have cooked so much? Mohini says we cook this many dishes daily only, you beggar, Teni says dont call me beggar, Teni sees kheer(sweetdish) and her mouth waters, she holds spoon and is about to eat kheer but Mohini stops her and says till Shrinath jee doesnt eat till then nobody eats in our house, first we will serve him then you can eat, Teni says if someone is more hungry than Shrinath jee then? Indu says you can wait 10minutes for Shrinath jee, this is our house’s rule so you have to follow, Teni sadly looks at kheer.
Parth gets Shorvori’s reminder in hsi phone that its time to give fruits to Teni, Parth smiles and says alright ma’am, he starts cutting fruits for Teni.

In hall, Teni is waiting for kheer and says 10minutes have passed, they must have followed their rules. She sees kheer in kitchen and thinks that its pulling be towards it.
Mohini says to Indu that i am not able to see Teni anywhere, we should find her before she does any antic again, Indu says lets go to serve food to god(Shrinath jee), they come in hall and is shocked to see Teni eating kheer before serving to Shrinath jee, Sejal comes there and is shocked too. Parth is searching for Teni, he comes in hall and sees Mohini, Indu looking shocked at Teni. Teni is eating kheer, Mohini says it never happened in our house that someone ate before serving to Shrinath ji .

Parth says let me talk to Teni, Mohini says i will talk to her, she might be your sister in law but rules are rules. Mohini takes kheer bowl from Teni and says how dare you eat before serving bhog to Shrinath ji? Indu says we taught you of things here then why you did it? Teni looks at Parth for help and thinks that i am in trouble again. Teni says you all are mistaken, Shrinath ji came here and ate kheer first then i ate, Sejal says you are saying Shrinath ji came here himself? Teni says you were all busy so i served food to him and he thanked me too, Sejal says you must have seen Shrinath ji then what was he wearing? Teni says he was wearing red shirt and blue jeans, he was looking so handsome. Mohini says this girl is full of lie, its proven that she is not only beggar but liar too, Teni is shocked to hear it.


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Mohini brings Teni in mandir and shows her idol of lord, she says this is our Shrinath ji, our God, whom we follow and doo pooja, we serve him food then we eat, Teni thinks that i thought Shrinath ji was their old relative or something, i didnt know he is God

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