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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 15th November 2017 Episode Start With man tells Parth he doesn’t care what happened there, he only filmed a video and his video got thousands of likes as well. Parth says it was his wife who died in the accident, does he understand how it hurts the families. The man apologizes Parth and agrees to remove the video, as any scandal will destroy his career. Dada ji tells Parth that nothing proves Teni’s attempt to kill Shorvari. Parth leaves, while Teni follows him.

In the room, Teni comes behind Parth and asks why he is creating a hype of a petty matter. She didn’t kill his Shorvari. Parth says she knows well what’s true, she created a sympathy for herself in his family’s heart but only hatred. Teni again clarifies she doesn’t want to marry him, but only doesn’t want to leave the child. She is hurt by his accusations, but can’t leave her friend alone. She will bear all her hatred and test how much he can hate her. Parth says he will hate her as much as he loves Shorvari, and will hate her for life. Teni gets dizzy and fell on the bed, Parth pours her a glass of water. She doesn’t take it, Parth says he only cares about her rental womb carrying his child; as its Shorvari’s dream.

He calls Indu to bring sometime sweet, Teni’s sugar level is low. Indu hurries upstairs out of worry. Parth says she must not have eaten anything since morning, and leaves the room.
Indu sits beside Teni. She says Parth cares for her, and will soon get over his hatred. This child will bring them closer soon. She requests her not to leave Parth ever. Teni nods and leaves for her room.
In the room, Teni watches her own shadow. It taunts her of making another promise. How will she accomplish her promises in the midst of Parth’s hatred? Teni was about to reply but the shadow leaves. She was left determined to fight the situation and not leave Parth in any way.

Jagruti comes to Sejal in the room. She says Sejal always wanted everything Jagruti liked since childhood, and today she snatched Rishab as well. Jagruti was confused that Rishab loved her, but now he is ready to marry her instantly. Sejal boasts that she wanted to marry Rishab so he got her. There, Rishab and his mother discuss they can’t lose Bhanushali’s; else their indebtors wil never stay silent. Jagruti gets Rishab’s call, she puts the mobile on loud speaker.

Teni comes to Parth and asks him some money as she wants to go shopping.
Teni takes the money then asks him to be responsible for the baby at least and take her to market. Parth tells her to go with a driver, he will ask him to take care of her. Teni doesn’t take him seriously and says she can’t give him a list, he must come with her. Parth finally agrees and gets downstairs. Teni asks him to walk slowly. Parth says he is waiting for her in the car. Indu winks at Teni as she was leaving.

After the shopping, Teni speaks to herself about buying the blue and not the red color. Parth was irritated. She spots a Pani Puri stall and insists on him to eat from here. She orders a spicy plate. Two girls were staring and discussing Parth. Teni watches them and asks if they have never seen men? The girls call Teni lucky to get such loving and handsome husband who is calmly waiting for her. Teni says sometimes what appears isn’t always true, this man isn’t her husband but a father to her child. Parth tells her to shut up, Teni says she is a surrogate to his child. Parth tells her to get back in car when done.


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni calls Parth to hold the bags for her. In the room, she asks him to get some warm water for her feet. Parth goes to send someone else but none was home. Parth finally brings the water for her.

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