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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

It was night. Jagruti stood in the window crying about Rishab. She says she dreamt for the first time in life and Rishab broke all the dreams. Sejal comes there and asks why Jagruti is crying at the fix of her wedding. She asks Jagruti where was she for the whole day yesterday, was she on a date? Jagruti says she didn’t take a chance to meet Rishab, if she met Rishab? Jagruti thinks about his voice from behind, Sejal was confused. Jagruti says she might go and meet Rishab tomorrow, may be it gets clarified there.

Teni brings sun flower with breakfast for Shorvari and requests to forgive her. Shorvari says she isn’t hungry. Teni apologizes. Shorvari asks if she wants an apology for ruining her family. Teni explains this is a misunderstanding. She understands her family began to love her when they found out she bear the child, she had always been hungry for family love. But she is there only because of Shorvari and holds her hand. Shorvari jerks the hands away and shouts at Teni to leave. Baa comes there and interrupts Shorvari from shouting any further. Teni at once get pain in her stomach. Both Shorvari and Baa were worried at once. Baa questions if she would speak to Teni in such a way, a little jerk can be painful.

Teni says it’s not because of Shorvari, she has a medicine for such pain. Shorvari forbids her use the drawers of her room and locks them, she tells Teni to go somewhere else. Teni wonders what’s wrong with Shorvari. Baa asks what has happened to Shorvari, Teni needs medicine. Teni calms Dadi ji and says Shorvari is right, she had kept the medicine in her room. Baa tells her to go to her room and take rest, there is an event at home in the evening. Teni was observing Shorvari closely.

Downstairs, Jagruti asks Indu if there would be Navratri Garba again at home. Mohini inspects what Mohan Lal bought and insults him for bringing weak Dandia. She says no one in the house do any chore, no one would help her in the kitchen. Indu and Jagruti sat silent, Indu then turns to go and help Mohini. She prays to get rid of Shorvari, Parth, her and Mohini’s distances. Jagruti watches Sejal leaving and wonders if she is going to meet Rishab?

Dadi ji brings medicine to Teni in her room, she then forbids her to think much about Shorvari. She says she considers them all as responsible for her condition. Teni says she understands Shorvari is a little worried, else she is very nice and holds great respect for them. Dadi ji tells her to take rest, in the evening they will play Garba. Teni was excited about it. When Dadi ji has left, Teni promises her baby she would get her parents rid of their distances. She gets Parth’s call then. He asks if she spoke to Shorvari but Teni mentions about the pain. Parth was concerned, but Teni doesn’t share it with him. She instead tells him to meet Shorvari somewhere outside.

Parth calls Shorvari and says he cracked a deal and wants to celebrate it with her. Shorvari was reluctant but then she gets another call, she promises someone else to come out then gives Parth time of 5 pm. Teni was cheerful about hearing this, she tells Parth to show his love for Shorvari and show her how important she is for him. Teni comes inside where Mohini was making arrangements. Indu watches Shorvari going outside and asks when she is going. Shorvari says Parth called her outside. Indu was happy that Shorvari gave Parth a chance to prove himself. She tells Shorvari to return home in time, she wants them both to do Garba. Teni notices it was only 10 am, and Shorvari has to meet Parth at 5 pm. Then why is Shorvari leaving so early.

At home, Sejal asks Rishab what he thought about their relation. Rishab was confused and asks for some time to think. Sejal happily agrees to lend him time and hugs him. Jagruti watches this. She comes in when Sejal had left, and asks to speak to Rishab. She says she would make herself understand, if their friendship is so weak that he can’t share the truth with her? She requests to know the truth.

Baa appreciates the arrangements. Mohini comes there boastful about their arrangements each year. Indu says even this time the guests wanted some packets of Mohini’s food. Baa asks Indu if she sent an invitation to Rishab about Navratri. She tells Indu to call Jagruti and tells her and invite Rishab. Indu leaves. Baa was happy about Rishab and Jagruti’s couple and leaves the room. Mohini was curt that this house will always consider her as step.

Teni comes to Shorvari’s room to check what’s in the drawer that Shorvari has kept in lock. She looks around the room for the keys of drawer. She uses her hairpin to unlock the drawer. Mohini comes in the room then and asks Teni what she is doing in the room. Teni takes her hairpin and says she came to take the pin. Mohini tells Teni to think before coming to this room, she caused the differences between husband and wife. Teni taunts Mohini wasn’t unhappy as well about all this. Mohini tells Teni to leave if she has taken her pin, and locks the door of the room. Teni asks why she locked the room.

Rishab shares with Jagruti about everything with Sejal. Jagruti tells Rishab she has a recording of the call with him, she could hear Sejal on call then. Rishab explains he never got drunk. Jagruti holds his hand saying she trusts him completely. She gets a call from Indu and invites him for the event at home. Rishab nods.
Shorvari calls Parth and cancels their meeting. She says she doesn’t feel good, although she left home to meet him. Its not good they meet with so many questions and cuts the call. Parth calls Teni to inform Shorvari isn’t coming to meet him. Teni thinks Shorvari left home at 10 am, she suspects Shorvari is hiding something big.


Dil Se Dil Tak 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Shorvari and Teni perform together in the function. Teni gets dizzy, everyone gather concerned for her. A lady taunts everyone loves surrogate as daughter in law, and Shorvari has no objection about it?

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