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Dil Se Dil Tak 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Indu tells Shorvari that lie always breaks trusts. She always mocked of being pregnant, they took care of her. Shorvari says she was guilty every moment, she only prayed to God that once their child is in the world everything would be fine. Dada ji calls Aman and asks if he knew about the matter. Aman nods. Dada ji asks if he was still ready to marry Teni. Aman says he loves Teni a lot. Dada ji says he worked all his life to gain a respect for his family, but this generation is ready to ruin all their respect. Today, his children are also in the list of his enemies; if he has to fight he will still do but will never let anyone play with his name. He had just promised not to disgrace him again, and there he was leaving for America with Teni. Aman joins his hands and apologizes for lying to him.

Dada ji brought him from roads, he kneels in front of him. Dada ji says Aman must break his ties with this girl and prove they were not wrong in holding his hand; that they could bring him up well. Is he ready? Aman was speechless, then agrees. He promises not to keep any ties with Teni anymore. Teni smiles thinking his true love has revealed today. Dada ji asks Parth to prove he holds nothing dearer than his family.

Ramnik says they were really proud to be blessed with a son like him. Indu cried for two years when Parth was away. Ramnik says Parth opted a wrong way. He selected a wrong girl for surrogacy. Indu may cry as much as she has to, but the child borne through Teni’s womb will never get their blessings. Jalpa says this is wrong, they shouldn’t reach any decision so soon. She insists on Dada ji to consider the advancement in medical science, biologically this child belongs to Parth and Shorvari. This child belongs to Bhanushali’s, Teni has nothing to do with it. Dada ji wasn’t ready to accept it, he tells Parth he would now break all the relations with this girl. He tells Teni she would get her promised amount, some more money as well but they have no relation with this child anymore. She might abort this child if she wish for, and leave this place as soon as possible. Teni was taken aback, Parth cries.

Teni turns to leave. Parth stops Dada ji from going but he withdraws his hand. Parth and Shorvari run to stop Teni. He looks towards Shorvari, both hands held. He comes inside, requests Dada ji not to punish Teni for his mistake. He asks to think about her condition for once, where would she go. He went to Teni, how can he leave her as she bears his child. She trusted him, he can’t break her trust. Either Dada ji agrees or not, he can’t leave Teni. He kneels in front of Dada ji and requests him to let Teni live here. Dada ji announces he would leave the house with whole family if this girl stays. Parth said he wanted his family and its love, now Parth must decide if he wants to live with this ill character girl or with his family. Parth corrects this girl is not ill character. She never ruined her character, only worked in bar to earn. They don’t need to leave the house, he would leave the house. Dada ji says if he cross the door this time, his recognition would only be Parth, not Parth Bhanushali.

Dada ji tells Ramnik to get it published in tomorrow’s newspapers that Parth is no more a Bhanushali. They have nothing to do with him anymore. He deters to leave the house, if Parth hasn’t vacated this place within next 24 hours.


Dil Se Dil Tak 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni tells Shorvari to live in dreams is she wish for, but she has decided not to stay in the house another second.

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