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Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In todays episode of Dil Se Dil Tak 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update you will Watch : Mohini brings Teni in mandir and shows her idol of lord, she says this is our Shrinath ji, our God, whom we follow and doo pooja, we serve him food then we eat, Teni thinks that i thought Shrinath ji was their old relative or something, i didnt know he is God

Scene 1
Sejal says to Teni that you must have seen Shrinath jee then? what was he wearing? Teni says he was wearing red shirt and blue jeans, he was looking so handsome, i served him food. Mohini says enough, you should have thought who this Shrinath jee is before saying such big lie, Parth is irritated. Teni asks who is Shrinath jee? Mohini says you want to know who he is then let me make you meet him. Mohini grabs her hand and brings Teni in mandir and shows her idol of lord, she says this is our Shrinath ji, our God, whom we follow and doo pooja, we serve him food then we eat, Teni thinks that i thought Shrinath ji was their old relative or something, i didnt know he is God. Teni says i made mistake, forgive me, i will apologize to Shrinath jee too. Mohini says dont you dare enter in mandir, you dont even know who Shrinath jee so stay away from him. Mohini says she is Shorvori’s sister, they are filthy as they are bengali and eat meat so stay away from mandir, Teni thinks that i should leave before she eats my ear, Teni nods and leaves. Parth says sorry on Teni’s behalf. Indu says we dont like to scold her too but its about Shrinath jee, we told her to not eat before serving to God even then she didnt listen to us. Mohini says people beggar like her dont know traditions and rituals, she broke our rule on first day in house, dont know what else she will be breaking.
Parth comes to Teni’s room, Teni says you showed me pictures of all family members but why you didnt show me picture of Shrinaht jee? it was your mistake and i had to get insulted because of you, Parth cant believe her putting blame on him, you tell me that everyone serves food to Shrinath jee so he must not be hungry so it was not justified to keep me hungry because of him. Servant brings food there and says Parth you called for food, Parth takes food from him and thanks him, servant leaves. Parth shows food to Teni and says eat it, Teni says you brought food for me? you are not miffed with me? i broke such big rule of your house for first time, Parth says this is not the first time it was broken, it was broken before too. Flashback shows Mohini apologizing to Shrinath jee for Teni’s mistake. Mohini says this is first time Shrinath wasnt given food first, first time he was kept hungry. Indu says this is not first time, this is not first time he was kept hungry, i kept him hungry before when i was pregnant, i was so hungry that i couldnt stop eating before serving to God and then i felt so guilty but Baa made me understand that i am pregnant with God’s blessing only, i shouldnt feel bad because what i ate was God’s blessing only, Parth hears it. Flashback ends. Parth tells that to Teni that baby is God’s blessing only, Teni says thats i am hungry again because kheer was eaten by baby? she starts eating food. Mohini spies on them. Teni asks Parth to eat, she says not only baby’s mother but baby’s father should keep eating too, she makes Parth eat with her hands. Mohini is stunned to see it, Teni sees her hiding behind door and says why you are hiding? come inside, Mohini glares at her and leaves.
Its morning, Parth brings Teni’s breakfast in her room but doesnt find her there. Sejal shouts what is this? Parth comes in hall and asks what happened? she says see that. Parth sees Teni sleeping on top dining table. Sejal pours water on her face. Teni wakes up and says your mother’s.. Parth says is this way of waking someone up? Mohini says we kept shouting but she was sleeping so deep. Sejal sys this is no place to sleep, Teni says how could i sleep alone in such big room? there was no noise of fan, there were no mosquito, there was no dog barking then how could i sleep? Parth says i am sorry that you couldnt sleep peacefully, i will put table fan in your room which could make noise and also put dog barking music there, he says sorry to Mohini and leaves with Teni. Sejal says she is so illmannered. Mohini says now i know that Shorvori married Parth so she could grab everything from this house and runaway and this Teni is her sister so we cant hope anything from here.
Shorvori calls Parth from America and says make Teni video call me later, take care, she ends call. Shorvori starts opening her luggage but its locked, she says its baa’s bag, my bag is with baa and i have her bag?
Baa opens her luggage bag and says oh no, this is Shorvori’s bag, it got exchanged. She opens bag and finds file in there.

Scene 2
Shorvori says that there were reports and medicine in my bag, she would know that i am not pregnant.
Baa opens Shorvori’s reports and reads them, she is shocked. Shorvori comes there and sees reports in Baa’s hand, she gets tensed. Baa glares at her and says what you did Shorvori? i didnt expect this from you, if i said this infront of your dada then dont know what he would have done, Shorvori says i am sorry.. Baa says what are you saying? call Parth fast, and tell him to send your reports here fast, you are so careless, you came here for treatment and didnt bring your reports, this file folder doesnt contain your reports. Baa shows file folder and says its empty, call PArth to send your reports, Shorvori thinks that seems like Jalpa bua took my reports outs beforehand only, thank you Jalpa.
Sejal is taking selfie with Mohini but Jagruti mistakenly comes in her selfie, Sejal shouts that Jagruti you came in my picture, cant you move fast? i will crop you from picture, Teni sees all this. Mohini says my Sejal is so pretty and intelligent. Teni comes there and says good morning to Jagruti, Jagruti says same. Teni says to Mohini that i wont eat before you Shrinath jee today, i understood your rule. Indu says thats good thing but wont you take shower first? Teni says i am hungry and can eat before shower and also i cant shower with Parth so let him come. Sejal is shocked to hear that she wants to shower with Parth. Teni says i didnt mean it, i meant that i have asked Parth to bring something, without it i cant shower. Mohini whispers to Sejal that what she might have asked Parth to bring for her shower? Parth is passingby there with bucket. Indu calls him, Parth tries to hide bucket, Indu says no need to laugh, nobody can shower without bucket. Sejal says Parth you are looking nice with bucket, she takes his picture. Indu teases if he brought mug too? Jagruti takes his picture and says i will send it to Shorvori. Teni sees price tag on bucket, she sees bucket of 400rs, she says shopkeeper robbed you, he took so much money from you, give bucket back to him. Mohini says you think about your gain Teni, you got expansive bucket and palace like house to live in, Teni says you are right that this is palace but when i leave this house, i will be only giving this house something and would not take anything. Mohini laughs and says you have standard to give us anything. Indu says Mohini dont say like that, she is our guest. Teni says should i tell my standard to you? what standard i have to give this house? Parth asks Teni to calm down, Mohini says no no let her tell what standard she has to give us anything. Parth hints at Teni ti remain silent, Teni huffs, glares at Parth and leaves. Mohini says this roadside girl have to value to give us anything. Indu sadly looks at Parth.
Shorvori is video calling PArth. Shorvori laughs at Parth holding water bucket, Parth says i dont feel bad because i did everything for my baby so you can laugh at me. Shorvori says give me a big kiss and say I love you. Parth is about to give her kiss but Teni comes there, Parth blushes, Shorvori says why you are showing attitude? give me a kiss? Teni says dont eb shy, give kiss your wife. Parth blows kiss to Shorvori and says i love you, Shorvori says i love you too. Parth asks if she is comfortable there? she says yes. Teni makes some noise in room. Shorvori asks who is in room? Parth says who else? Shorvori says Teni? Teni comes infront of laptop and sees Shorvori on screen, she says hi and puts hand on Parth’s shoulder, Teni says to Shorvori that open window and make me see how is America, Shorvori says its night, i will show you in morning. Sejal comes in Parth’s room and sees Teni and Parth close, laughing, Teni shoving Parth and putting hand on his shoulder, Sejal is shocked to see their closeness.


Dil Se Dil Tak 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvori is sitting tensed. Baa comes there and says you went to doctor for checkup then how did you comeback so fast? Dada says why you look so tensed? it takes two hours for therapy then how did you comeback so fast? answer me, Shorvori looks at him worriedly.

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