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Dil Se Dil Tak 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

In the garden, Parth gets a cough. Indu insists on him to take a sip of water as Shorvari won’t come now. Dada ji also requests him.
There, Teni was walking across the corridor thinking about her promises to Shorvari. She thought about Parth’s love for Shorvari.
Indu was angry at Shorvari. Ramnik tries the number this time.
In the garden, the lights switch off at once. Parth turns to go the connection when they hear some footsteps and sound of anklets.

Everyone in the family was happy as they suspect Shorvari had come in veil. Under the veil, Teni was nervous. The family was relieved to watch her stop in front of Parth. Teni brings the thaal to Parth for him and break his fast, and sip from the glass. Parth smiles.

Shorvari apologizes Parth’s photo for this betrayal, she can’t watch him in trouble.
There, Parth raises the veil and was shocked to see Teni under it. Everyone else was also taken aback. Parth was furious, he throws the pot down and questions why she broke his trust.
There, Shorvari prays for Teni.

Teni asks Parth if she betrayed him, or is he betraying himself. Shorvari has left him, He only cares for Shorvari and has no worries about the child she is bearing. Shorvari left, and Parth is also not mentally present. None of them think about her baby. If Shorvari is a mother to this child, did she ever care for this child? Does he care what she is suffering? If he can die for Shorvari, can’t he live for his child? She questions the family if she is wrong. Dada ji asks what can be done in such a situation. Teni demands justice in such a situation and bets either Parth forgets Shorvari and marry her else she would leave this house with her child. Parth questions what this rubbish is all about, is she even in her senses? Teni says he has only two choices, either marry her or she will leave with his child.

Mohini and Sejal discuss Teni has taken advantage of the situation well. Teni asks Dadi and Indu if they don’t think her child must get the love of a mother. She says a mother can never turn her face away from her child, no matter what. Shorvari left, and even Parth is doomed in thoughts of Shorvari. She has bear this child for months now but she won’t stay silent anymore. She hiccups and was unable to speak anymore. Shorvari who watched this from behind the door wish she doesn’t fall weak.

Dadi and Indu come to relax her. Teni asks if she is wrong, had Shorvari cared for him she must have come today. He needs to understand she will never return to him.
Indu turns to Parth and says Teni isn’t wrong. They don’t say a word to him, though they all care a lot about him. But Parth can’t see anyone in front of Shorvari. He doesn’t understand what they all go through watching him in such misery. They opted Shorvari as a daughter but she came out to be a selfish lady. Parth says she is his wife, Indu asks if she is a wife she must realize he is fasting for him. She must at least have come here today. She goes to Teni and says Teni isn’t related to any of them, still she feels for him and his child to be. He is negating a huge truth today that Shorvari left him forever.

Parth holds Teni’s hand and drags her inside. Shorvari had hidden behind the door. Dadi tells them all to let Parth fight this war. Ramnik apologizes Rishab for all the happenings. Rishab assures he is also a family now.
Parth leaves Teni’s hand in the room. Teni watches Shorvari watching at the window. She tells Parth her decision won’t change by his stare. He must decide himself. Shorvari wish he says a yes.


Dil Se Dil Tak 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni tells Parth to marry her by Diwali, and forget Shorvari. Parth reminds her about the deal. Teni shows him the papers of deal, which states the child would be brought up by him and Shorvari. But when there is no relation between them, no deal-she tears the papers.

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