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Dil Se Dil Tak 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Dil Se Dil Tak you will watch Shorvori is sitting tensed. Baa comes there and says you went to doctor for checkup then how did you comeback so fast? Dada says why you look so tensed? it takes two hours for therapy then how did you comeback so fast? answer me, Shorvori looks at him worriedly. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

Scene 1
Sejal comes to Mohini and says i have a news, she tells Mohini how Teni and Parth were too close. Mohini says that cant be happening, i think there is something missing, Sejal says no, she was sticking to Parth so much, Mohini says what a news, i feel like.. slapping you, this cant happen, Parth is crazy for Shorvori, he was ready to leave his wealth and family to marry her, he cant cheat that bengali girl, Sejal says i am saying truth, i saw it with my eyes, Mohini says bring proof first then talk to me. Mohini tries to take flour container from kitchen but it falls on her, Mohini says this happens when i take Shorvori’s name.
Jagruti gets letter from college,. Sejal snatches it from her and says you dont have beautiful face and you dont have good brain too, this is from my college, Jagruti says why your marksheet came from courier? Sejal says it doesnt matter you, you must be happy that i failed in two subjects, thats why your face is glowing, she pusher her away and leaves from there. Teni has seen all this standing on balcony, she says this Sejal will pay, Parth asked me to not do anything but blast is going to happen now.
Teni calls Sejal and says congrats, you are winner of our company, you can win europe trip and become face of our company but for that you have to wash your face rightnow with your facewash and send us your selfie, Sejal says i am going to send it now, she ends call.
Teni rushes to her room and mixes some chemical in her facewash bottle. She comes to servant and says i took Sejal’s facewash, put it in her washroom, servant takes facewash from her and goes to put in Sejal’s room, Teni smirks. Parth comes there and asks what is going on? Teni says nothing, Parth says i am going for meeting so dont create any problem. Teni says not at all, bring something sour for me when you comeback, he nods and leaves.

Baa is working in kitchen, dada comes there and says i am hungry by smelling you cooking, Baa says i am cooking this for my Shorvori, pregnant woman keep wanting to eat something, first she will eat then you will eat, dada says she has gone for checkup and it will take her so much time, till then you will keep me hungry? she says yes and laughs.
Shorvori calls Parth and says i am sitting in a cafe of our hotel because dada and baa thinks i have gone for my therapy. Alarm rings, waiter says to Shorvori that there is fire breaking around here in hotel room, Shorvori gets tensed and runs to see if dada and baa is safe.
Indu comes to Jagruti and asks why you look sad? she says nothing. Teni says what you put in your hair? Mohini says she would put oil only as she is not that modern. Teni says her hair is shiny, i should make haristyle for you, Mohini says maybe then her face would look some good, Indu feels bad and glares at her, Mohini says i am joking, Jagruti is simple and she looks good. Teni says you keep interrupting, she starts making her hairstyle. Sejal comes there with her face covered by cloth, Teni smirks. Mohini asks what happened? Sejal says i applied facewash and this.. Mohini takes cloth off from her facfe and gasps, Sejal has patches and scars on her whole face. Teni laughs and says Mohini your daughter is looking like witch, Mohini says i will bring rose water, Indy goes with her. Teni holds Sejal’s face and says see Jagruti, her face is shining now, Jagruti laughs. Sejal calls Parth but Teni has Parth’s phone and she cuts her call, Sejal says i will not spare you and leaves.
Shorvori comes to her hotel room,. she screams for baa and asks if she is fine? baa comes there and asks what happened? Shorvori says someone told me that one room of hotel caught fire. Baa asks her to calm down. dada says why you look so tensed? it takes two hours for therapy then how did you comeback so fast? answer me, Shorvori looks at him worriedly. Jalpa comes there and says Shorvori didnt go for therapy, i called her and told her that appointment got cancelled. Baa says she came here running thinking that we are stuck in fire, she is so worried for us that she couldnt answer our questions, she asks Shorvori to rest. Baa says to dada that we should go to room members who got stuck in fire, she asks Jalpa to give lunch to Shorvori, i cooked it, she leaves with dada. Shorvori hugs Jalpa, Jalpa says thank God i handled situation, why did you comeback so fast? Shorvori says i was sitting in lobby of hotel only and someone told me about fire in rooms so i ran to check on dada and baa. Shorvori says i was so tensed for them, Jalpa says you are so nice, Shorvori hugs her tightly.

Teni comes to her room and watches TV, wine is shown on Tv, she says wine? how are you my sister? Parth will kill me, she turns off Tv and says i have to drink this fruit juice only, she drinks juice and opens magazine, she finds wine bottle in there too, she says sister i have to be away from you for 9months, we will meet after that, she puts magazine down. Servant comes there with her washed clothes and is singing song related to wine. Teni says i am trying to be away from wine but it is behind me, i wont drink wine. Teni kicks drawer in frustration, she finds vodka bottle in drawer, she says you are my sister but you have to understand my helplessness, i cant drink you,

but i can take one sip to keep your heart. She pours vodka in glass and is about to drink it, she says Parth is not at home so i should drink it with nuts. She hides glass in her vest coat and goes to find nuts.
Mohini is making facepack for Sejal and says that Jagruti must have casted evil eye on you. She applies facepack on her, she says dont worry, Sejal says Teni did it, she was making fun of me, i cant bear that illmannered girl in this house, before she traps Parth, we should throw her out, Mohini says she is Shorvori’s sister not some servant that i can throw out and Parth, Shorvori’s relation is like..

Mohini says to Sejal that it will be fun when Shorvori will get to know what her sister is doing with her husband. They see Teni and Parth hugging from behind. Mohini comes out of kitchen and video calls Shorvori and asks how are you? i am missing you so i thought to call you. Dont know what Parth and Teni are doing in kitchen, you remain on phone. Mohini comes in kitchen with Shorvori on call. They see Parth tending to Teni’s wound, Parth scolds Teni and says what is your problem? what if you got more hurt? Shorvori sees Teni hurt and calls out Parth, Parth takes call, Shorvori asks how Teni got hurt? Parth says it was small wound, i have done dressing, dont worry, Teni thinks that before Mohini finds vodka glass in my hand, i have to hide it, Teni moves back and pours vodka in a pot. Mohini thinks that romance scene was going on then how did it convert into hospital scene?


Dil Se Dil Tak 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada says i dont understand this surrogacy process? how can you call baby yours when it was nurtured in someone else’s womb, Shorvori is shocked to hear it, Baa says why you are getting angry? its not happening in our house, dada says thank God its not happening in our family and i pray that this never happen in our family because i wont be able to bear it. Shorvori and Jalpa are shocked and scared hearing his opinion about surrogacy.

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