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Dil Se Dil Tak 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni was in the room and thinks she now understood the value of Parth and Shorvari. She must do something to make their family realize how wrong they have done. Aman comes to her room and apologizes her for being helpless. He was really burdenize by the lie, stayed silent only to get Parth his happiness. He loved her and wanted to marry her, but it’s true that she didn’t like him. There was an emptiness in his love and couldn’t love Teni like Parth did. Parth didn’t let Shorvari’s happiness go. This family gave him a name, he couldn’t break their hearts. Teni says Aman loved her as much as no one ever did, but she couldn’t return it. She realizes how painful it is when your love isn’t returned. Aman prays Teni never fell in one sided love, she may get someone like Parth. He says he is leaving for America tonight, he had been suffocating due to lie; but now he would leave in comfort. Teni assures she will take care of Parth and Shorvari, he shouldn’t worry about them.

At night, Teni felt hungry and wonders what she must eat in such a time. She comes to the table and notices no one touched any food. She sits to pour it for herself, then says if someone watches her eat they will curse her even more. She comes to Parth’s room. Shorvari was asleep but Parth was tensed. She thinks about not speaking to them. She comes to kitchen and finds break and butter in the fridge, sits on the floor and eats it. Parth comes to the kitchen and makes her sit over the table. She was about to speak, Parth forbids her to speak during eating.

He apologizes for not taking care about her hunger. She is his responsibility. He pours sauce over Teni’s bread and feeds her with his own hands. He gets a napkin and cleans her mouth. Teni now gives the bite to Parth. She says Parth loves his family and is sad at leaving them. Parth agrees saying they will leave tomorrow morning so that they can live happily. He then promises not to let her hungry ever again, they will live happily together. Tears fill his face. Teni asks Parth if he trusts Teni. Parth asks if any doubt. Teni asks a straight answer, Parth says he selected her against his family. Teni says they must leave the house now. She shuts his mouth with her hand and cheers when he agrees.

In the room, Parth packs his bag. Teni brings her luggage. Parth tells Teni to let Shorvari sleep until he is finished with the packing. Teni wakes Shorvari up, she was shocked. Teni tells her to get ready, they have to leave the house right now. Shorvari argues they would not even get a rickshaw at this time. Teni says they don’t have to go any farther. Parth says Teni thought about a place, even he doesn’t know what it is.

Sejal was going across the corridor and hears Jagruti talking happily on phone. She wonders who she is talking to at this time, dials Rishab’s number and was curt that if she delays it might be really late.

Teni discusses the plan with Shorvari. Shorvari asks Parth what if everyone gets even angrier. They will move to another house and when their child is born, everyone might accept them. Parth says when all doors are shut, one has to climb a wall. She must trust Teni and tells her to go for packing. Shorvari still warns Parth to think again.

Teni asks if they are really simple, why they agreed to leave the house when their family demanded. Parth asks what their family would have done after such a huge lie. He says it’s good they have decided to leave at night. Shorvari and Teni notices he was sad, Shorvari holds his hand while he attempts to leave. Teni watch them hold hands and come to place hers as well, she says Shorvari must have understood by now that her plans work. She promises they will bring their child into the same house, and be brought up here as well.


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni speaks to Parth that he held her hands against his family and cares for her a lot, then says this isn’t love. If he really doesn’t love her? Parth was speechless.

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