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Dil Se Dil Tak 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni was worried why Parth called Aman. She was worried what if Parth tells him the truth, she decides to speak face to face with Parth.
Jagruti was in her room, Shorvari brings a gift bag for her. It was a pink dress and tells her to get ready really well for Pooja. Jagruti wonders who would watch her, Shorvari says may be someone gets crazy after her. She teases Jagruti about reading her diary, and asks Jagruti if she likes him? Jagruti says it is not necessary that Rishab likes her too.
In the room Parth was busy with his work. Teni knocks at the door and asks to speak to him about something important. She says may be he dislikes what she would say but he must not interrupt, she says she also fall in love without willing to be. Parth stands up, holds her by arms and hugs her.

Teni wonders why he hugged her, he must have been angry at her after having read the letter. Teni hugs him back and smiles. Parth straightens up and says he always say love is never thoughtful, what they think doesn’t happen and what happens is against their will. He pours a water glass for him and says one can never avoid a few things and gives the glass of water to her. Teni asks if she must tell Shorvari about it. Parth says Shorvari would be angry in the beginning for not sharing with her, but later she would hug her. Teni was relieved that it got solved so easily. Parth says he is also happy that along with marriage commitment with Aman, she got her love commitment as well. Teni gets a couch and spits the sip in her mouth at once. Parth asks Teni if she wanted to tell him she has fallen in love with Aman.

Teni smiles saying who wouldn’t fall in love with Aman, she is gradually falling in love with him. She asks Parth what he wanted to speak to Aman about. Parth says it was between two brothers. Teni deters to blacken his face with a stamp. Parth asks where this all come into her mind from. He tells Teni some feelings are better hidden. He shares with her that they wanted to gift him a car but wanted his signatures over the papers. They wanted to keep a surprise for Teni. Teni was confused as her heart says Parth read the letter but the mind says he did.

Jagruti was dancing in the room, thinking about Rishab. Dadi comes in and teases her, then tells her to complete her dance practice. Later, after Teni’s wedding they will marry Jagruti soon as well. She plays the music and dances in front of Jagruti, Jagruti laughs.

Parth asks Teni to go and get ready for the Pooja. She looks towards him from the room door, Parth asks what happened? She denies anything and leaves.
Mohini comes to Sejal’s room who was lost with her makeup discount card. Mohini discuss with Sejal that she must get a heavy discuss for herself, they may use it when Sejal gets married. She teases Sejal whose dreams is she lost in. Sejal plays music in her ear piece and dances with Mohini.
Teni steps downstairs. There is a sudden blow of wind, the papers on Parth’s bed fly outside. Teni shuts her eyes. The letter fly by her then, she recognizes the fragrance of letter. She wonders how Parth can repeat the same words as in the letter.

In the room, Parth recalls reading Teni’s letter. On the stairs, Teni realizes Parth’s changing attitude after he had read the letter. She wipes her tears and gets normal but slips from the stairs. Parth holds her hand from behind saving her. He leaves her hand and says she is about to begin a new life, she must leave her childishness and try to take care of herself. Teni says she is learning maturity from him. She thinks he is so nice that he doesn’t want to hint her about having read the letter.


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvari places her Bindi over Teni’s forehead saying she can give her everything for the relation she shares with Teni. Parth was moved at Shorvari’s claim. Teni thinks Shorvari would never be able to share Parth with her.