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Dil Se Dil Tak 19th June 2017 Written [ Maha Sangam ] Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 19th June 2017 Written [ Maha Sangam ] Episode Update on

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Scene 1
Shorvori searches for Parth. Teni hides her face. Parth recalls buying whistle from an old man and thinks to whistle to make himself heard. He plays the whistle. Teni hears his voice and asks where are you, give me a hint if you are here? Parth tells Naina that his wife Shorvori came and they will be saved now. He says he is inside. Parth shouts for Shorvori, Teni hears him, she runs towards him, she takes off tree stems and sees Parth in ditch, she shouts for help, she says nothing will happen to you Parth.
Shorvori and Karan search Parth inside. Someone throws the rope. Naina asks Parth to go first. Parth comes up. He asks the people to search Naina. Teni asks are you fine and hugs him, she says you scared the life out of me.. Parth asks how did you come here? Teni says I will tell you later, asks him not to tell anything to Shorvori and says now she has to leave. Shorvori comes and hugs Parth. Karan comes there too. Karan jumps inside the well to save Naina without knowing she is inside. Naina takes his name as she gets unconscious. He holds her and tries to climb up the rope. Music plays….He don’t see her face as people surround her. He lies her on ground after bringing her up and oxygen mask is applied on her, Karan looks on.

Kunal says to Meghna that car broke down, I will bring mechanic, he leaves. Meghna calls Shorvori and says pick up call.
Shorvori says to Parth that you are pale, I will come, she leaves. Teni comes to Parth and says thanks for telling me that I am here, Parth asks why she is here? Teni says when Shorvori told me that you are not picking up, your baby didnt let me stay around, I had to come here to see you and relax thats why came here, I didnt even tell Aman. Teni comes to Naina and asks if she is fine? she nods and says sorry, you came here to meet friend and didnt get to meet because of me.. Teni says dont sorry, just understand that I got to meet your friend because of you and saved his life, she gives her phone, Naina gives her phone, Teni says thank you, we will meet later, she leaves. Teni comes to Parth and says I will meet you later, see baby, I told you that I wont let anything happen to your papa. She turns to leave, she thinks that Shorvori will handle everything now, I have to leave, she leaves. Shorvori and Bharat comes there, Parth asks if they told anyone at home? Bharat says no, Parth thinks that I cant tell Shorvori that Teni was here, she will get worried. Naina thanks Parth, Parth says you should thank one who jumped inside and saved you, Bharat says I will drop you to rickshaw, she hires it for her, Naina thanks him and leaves passing by Kunal and Meghna’s car. Kunal says sorry, our car brokedown, Parth says its okay, Kunal says we should take him to hospital, Parth says no I just want to rest, Kunal says okay we will drop at hotel, Parth says dont know how Teni is returning, how did she get to know that I am here?

Bharat comes home. Baa asks him to say something, where is Parth and Shorvori? Bharat says look back, they are coming. Parth and Shorvori comes there, Dada asks why he was not taking call? Baa says we were worried about you, Parth says my phone broke. Teni comes there, she recalls saving Parth, Parth recalls her saving him and hugging him, she smiles at her and nods. Dada says you could have informed us someway, Parth says I was busy in work, I am really sorry, you people got worried because of me. Baa says you are fine then its alright, Bharat says we have to agree how nicely Shorvori found Parth, Baa says what you mean? Parth got lost? Bharat says I meant to say how we met Parth, dada says seems like you people are hiding something. Parth says actually, the restaurant where I had meeting, it caught on fire because of short circuit, he tells them everything, how he got stuck in hotel on fire, how he fell in well with Naina, how he blew whistles and got saved. Baa says means Shorvori was not wrong, Parth was in trouble. Teni recalls her dream about being in trouble, she thinks that I saw same dream as what happened with Parth in real, Bharat says no one told Shorvori anything but she knew Parth was in trouble, she did everything and found her Parth, Parth smiles at Shorvori. Baa says where hearts have connection then there is no need to tell anything, when you love someone then you get to feel everything related to them, this is love’s biggest true sign, all smile, Teni is in shock hearing it, she looks at Parth and recalls not knowing anything about love, Dil se dil tak plays, she recalls putting her life in danger for Parth, she recalls her moments with Parth. Teni thinks that means I have started falling in love with Parth?


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th June 2017 Written [ Maha Sangam ] Episode Update Precap : Parth gifts bangles to Shorvori and says I bought them before accident, Shorvori says dont remind me about that incident, for once I thought I lost you, I love you Parth, she hugs him. Teni comes to her room and says I love Parth? truly love him? no I have gone mad, he is married and shorvori’s, he is only of Shorvori. Parth hugs Shorvori and thinks I want to tell you that if we are together today then its only because of Teni but I am worried that if you get to know truth then you will lose faith in Teni regarding our baby.Karan sees Naina on road giving books to kids, he comes to her and says Naina, you here? She says today is my job’s first day so where else should I be? karan says but this is Jaipur, you were going with Sharda Maa.. she says I didnt go with her, he is stunned.

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