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Dil Se Dil Tak 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni set the bed in the room again, she tries Shorvari’s number and thinks this isn’t any minor matter which Shorvari is hiding. She comes outside and thinks everyone is happy here. She thinks about finding the matter first and prays to God for help. A paper note flies with air into her feet. She finds the paper which comes out to be a hospital receipt. She wonders if Shorvari went there and goes to the hospital.

In the kitchen, Indu and Jagruti prepares for the refreshment. Dadi ji comes there and compliments Jagruti who is helping a lot in everything. She asks Indu why she gets upset at the talk of Jagruti and Rishab’s proposal. Indu says she only gets sad thinking Jagruti would leave. She then advices Jagruti that her in laws house would be her house, she must stand by Rishab in every tough time as well.

Teni reaches the hospital and wonders why no one is here inside. She asks a nurse then and shows Shorvari’s photo. The nurse tells her to follow her.

Sejal was tensed in the room when Mohini comes there. Mohini says she understands her problem but is helpless. Sejal tells Mohini she has already prepared for breaking their proposal. Sejal says their time has gone, now Rishab would suffer. She won’t accept defeat, Rishab would leave Jagruti and come to her by himself.
Teni comes to patient’s room with the nurse who leaves outside. She hears the doctor tell Shorvari she must now begin Radiation Therapy.

Teni comes inside and asks what for? Shorvari was shocked to see her. Teni asks what happened to her, what treatment is she getting? Shorvari takes Teni outside and angrily asks why she came here? Teni questions what is Shorvari hiding? Shorvari says this is normal checkup. Teni says she isn’t literate, but she understands it wasn’t a normal checkup. She asks for the reply about what was going inside. She turns to go to doctor. Shorvari finally says she is about to die. Teni turns around in shock and looks towards Shorvari, broken. She walks closer, holds her hands and confirms. Shorvari cries that her life is about to end, she will die soon and hugs Teni.

There at home, Parth sat in the hall. He thinks it seems everyone is asleep and goes to check Shorvari. She already felt unwell. He comes to open the door then thinks she would wake up at the click of the door and instead looks through the door.

Shorvari tells Teni she has no time now, she couldn’t believe she is going to lose it soon. She couldn’t tell this to family and Parth about her illness so she created differences with Parth and family and blamed her and Parth. She says she trusts Parth more than herself, her love is Parth’s strength and his biggest weakness as well. She was afraid of it, what if he can’t handle himself after she is gone. She apologizes Teni to wrong her. Teni stood motionless and asks what happened to her? Shorvari says brain tumor. There are no chances for operation as well. Teni insists that today even the biggest ailment can be treated. She comes to speak to doctor, she insults the doctor and tells him to convince Shorvari there is no ailment that can’t be treatment. The doctor says medical science is still limited, even there isn’t possibility of success with surgery. Teni says the doctor doesn’t know how to treat, they will consult someone else.

Shorvari says this is the biggest doctor in the city and apologizes the doctor. The doctor doesn’t mind, instead advices Shorvari to quit her job. After the doctor has left, Teni asks Shorvari if she lied so that she comes to hospitals at night time when everyone has fallen asleep. Shorvari makes Teni relax and insists this is the truth, they can’t run from it. She was tired of hiding about the truth, she used to think if she shares it with Parth she would lose his smile. She can’t snatch her family’s happiness so easily and cries placing her head into Teni’s lap. Teni tells Shorvari that without her the family would be incomplete, and what about her baby. He is in such a hurry to play in his mother’s lap.

Shorvari says her fate has betrayed her, and she was unable to help it. She never expected her life would be half cut when she planned this surrogacy. It’s the first time she feels complaining about this injustice. Teni tells her to shut up, she would not let anything happen to Shorvari at all. Shorvari was sure Teni would take care of everything and asks for a promise from Teni. Teni was ready to do anything for her. Shorvari asks for a promise to take care of her child and Parth, after she has died.


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni tells Shorvari that Parth lives because of Shorvari, he will get her the best treatment. Shorvari continue to stop Teni but she hurries back home and tells Parth about the whole truth.

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