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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The couples sing and dance for each other during the Sangeet. Shorvari signals Aman she is going upstairs and looks around in Teni’s room. She searches her cupboard. Parth goes behind Shorvari. Teni notices this and wonders where they have gone. Shorvari finds the red envelope and opens it.
Downstairs, after Baa and Dada ji Aman takes his turn to sing ‘mehndi laga ke rakhna’. They take everyone to the hall. Shorvari walks down the stairs with the envelope, fuming with rage.

She congratulates Aman for having found the red envelope. Teni was worried if Shorvari has seen what’s inside it. Shorvari hands the envelope to Aman, he says he knows about her third wish as well. Teni eyes Aman as he opens the envelope, Shorvari laughs as the envelope was empty. Teni also looks inside but there was nothing. She watches Parth walk down the stairs and crushes the envelope. Aman asks Teni if her third wish was air only. Teni looks towards Parth. Parth tells Aman he must use his heart and mind both to get to her third dream. He takes the envelope, he explains Teni’s heart is also empty like this empty envelope. She wants him to fill her empty heart with his love.

Aman tears the envelope and promises Teni not to let her heart remain empty, ever. Parth remembers he reached Shorvari right in time and didn’t let her see what’s inside, he was shocked to see his photo in it and stuffed the photo into his pocket. He gave the envelope to Shorvari. Teni watches Parth burning the photo near the dining table burner. Parth came aside but watches Teni holding the glass with the ashes from his photo. She mixes the ashes with a cold drink and gulps them in. Sejal had come to ask Teni for dance, Teni replied she feels too hot. Parth watches her drink the ashes. She walks into her room, fuming in anger.
In the room, Teni throws her jewelry away.

She asks if Parth thinks this would end the matter, she won’t marry until Parth doesn’t speak to her face to face. She tries to unzip her dress when Aman comes there. Teni was frustrated as the zip didn’t open, Aman takes a chance to kiss her back. Teni shouts at him not to get into any romance with her. It’s her mistake she gets mood swings, why would Aman understand about it. Aman was left speechless and goes outside. Shorvari stops Aman and asks why Teni is furious, she scolds Teni about being so loud. Aman complains Teni doesn’t share anything with him, though they are marrying each other.

Aman complains with Parth Teni behaves so odd with him, she screamed over him. He doesn’t understand this girl at all, she makes him realize he is only a stranger for her. Parth tells Aman this is only stress of wedding function, he will speak to her. Parth thinks about speaking to Teni before her childishness turns a problem for everyone.


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni tells Aman she didn’t want to fell in love with him, but he must once keep himself in her place. Parth hugs Teni. Shorvari watches this.