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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Parth Gives Teni Her Cheque To Leave Home


Dil Se Dil Tak 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak  1st December 2017 Indu says Parth must have taken the baby home by then. She says Parth was really excited and wanted to take the baby where Shorvari had dreamt of her. Teni was excited to take the baby in her arms. The nurses discuss that this surrogate is really lucky, they have never seen anyone take such care of a surrogate. Indu scolds them to leave and herself goes to inquire the doctor when they will discharge Teni.
Jalpa instructs Parth to follow her instructions and a nurse will stay here with the child. Jalpa says Teni is also excited to see the baby. Parth says he is also waiting for Teni. Jalpa was happy everything got better with the birth of the child, she was happy that Teni has taken good care of the baby for all these months and will also be a good mother in future.

The doctor observes Teni and was hopeful she might be discharge in not two, but one day. There, Parth sings a lullaby for his daughter. The next morning, he learns to wipe the baby from nurse. There in the hospital, Indu helps Teni walk a little. Teni was restless and wanted to meet Parth and her baby as soon as possible. Parth learns preparing baby’s milk from the nurse.

Jalpa and Indu comes to Teni’s room. She was lost deep in a thought and says she was only excited to take her baby in her arms. Jalpa teases that it will take her two more days. Teni was angry at the doctor. Jalpa informs her that it’s time for them to get discharge. Teni asks if Parth is coming to take her. Indu says Parth is with the baby. Indu packs the bag while Teni thinks she is hopeful Parth will meet her the way she has thought about.
The family had decorated the house and stands to welcome Teni back home. Dada ji blesses Teni as they will always be indebted for her.

He says he is ready to be a horse ride for his great grandchild. Ramnik says their office staff has sent a lot of sweet for her. Parth comes there. Mohini says they now have to see what Parth gifts Teni in return of her gift. Parth says it would be precious as well. Teni was excited to see her doll. Indu says she must be in Parth’s room. Parth takes her inside. Indu was relieved that Parth took Teni inside by himself.

Teni was excited that Parth forgot his hatred. She has waited to see her baby with much difficulty for the last two days. Parth first takes her to her room as he has to give her something. He hands her a cheque and thanks her for fulfilling his and Shorvari’s dream of a baby. Teni had dreamt of getting rich, and he is giving her this ten lac rupees to fulfil hers now. Teni’s eyes fill in tears. Parth says she has done the work really well. But she can leave now, away from him, his baby and his family; forever.


Dil Se Dil Tak 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohini informs the family that Teni is packing her bags. Teni speaks to them that the task she came here for has been accomplished. She had to leave one day anyway.

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