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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni sees Sejal giving necklace to guy. Sejal asks guy to delete her pictures, he jerks her away and leaves. Teni comes to Sejal, Sejal is stunned to see her. Teni asks Sejal why did you my necklace to that boy? Sejal says he is my boyfriend Vikas, I loved him truly, he took some compromising pictures of mine and was blackmailing me for money, Teni says this happens in love? Sejal says it was not true love, this was deceit, if he sent my pictures on internet then my family would be dishonored, it was easy to take your necklace, Teni says everyone took my advantage so you took too, did he delete your pictures? Sejal says he promised that he would, Teni says he can use those pictures again, you should have asked him to delete pictures first, what if he leaks them on internet? Sejal says what to do now? Teni asks where he lives? Sejal says across street. Teni looks on.
Parth comes outside Teni’s room, Bharat comes and asks what he is doing here? Parth says I came to check on Teni, she was worried about necklace, Bharat thinks that I cant tell him about Aman and Teni’s date, he says Teni must be dreaming about Aman, you go and worry about your baby’s mother, Parth thinks I came to do that, thank God Teni is sleeping peacefully, he leaves. Bharat says I saved Teni, good.

Sejal and Teni comes outside Vikas’s house. They see Vikas leaving house. Sejal is scared, Teni says you were not afraid when you were stealing my necklace, I am going inside, you guard outside and inform me if you see anything, Sejal nods.

Aman is in his room and says soon wait will be over and my lizard Teni will be married to me, she will be sitting with me and eating chocolates with me but she is little off about romance but I will make her learn how to romance. Aman looks at sky and says to God that there should be no problem in our union.

Teni takes off her bracelet and unlocks Vikas’s house. Teni comes in house and opens his laptop. Sejal calls her and asks if she is fine? Teni says I am fine, I have his laptop, how to use it? Sejal says it must be password protected, Teni says should I burn it? Sejal says yes data will be destroyed, Teni says okay, Teni breaks laptop, she pours wine on it and burns it, Teni says work is done but I should search my necklace. Outside house, Sejal sees Vikas coming back, she panics and calls Teni, she says to Teni that he is returning, come soon, Teni says okay I am coming. Teni says to Sejal that his phone is here too, Sejal says photos were in his phone too, Teni says okay I will break it, Teni breaks his phone. Teni starts leaving his house but finds Vikas coming there. Vikas asks who is she and what are you doing outside my house? Teni says I cant see, is this Ramesh’s house? Vikas says no, where were you going? I will drop you, Teni tells him some address, he starts taking her, Vikas strikes with some object, Teni says are you blind? didnt you see it, Vikas says it means you are not blind? what were you doing in my house? Teni runs away from him, Sejal comes there on bike, Teni sits behind her and they both runaway before Vikas could get them.

Sejala brings Teni to safe place and asks what happened in his house? Teni says I broke every evidence, I burned that laptop and broke his phone, dont worry. Sejal says nobody could do this except you, Teni says dont worry, Sejal says I wont ever forget this favor of you Teni, she hugs Teni but smirks, Teni says Vikas took my necklace, I would never forget it, Sejal says I promise when I get married, I will get jewelry and I will gift that necklace to you, Teni says promise? Sejal says 100% promise, she shakes her hand with Teni, Teni smiles.

In morning, Parth and Shorvori comes to teni’s room and sees her sleeping, Parth says let her sleep, she has got sleep after many days, Shorvori says but Dada called everyone in lounge, Parth says I will talk to him, lets leave.

Dada says to family that we are doing pooja and will give first invitation of Aman’s wedding to lord Ganesh, priest starts pooja, Aman sits in pooja, Dada asks Parth where is Teni? Parth says she is ill so she is resting, Dada says okay. Baa says its bad omen for girl to be part of this pooja so its good she is not here. Dada says we are family for Aman and Teni both, so all decide whose side they will be, I decided to get Teni married so I will be from her side, Baa says I am from Aman’s side now you all choose. Family decide their sides. Baa says Indu, Jalpa, Shorvori and Dada will be from Aman’s side, Sejal comes there and says I will be from Teni’s side, she thinks what Teni did for me last night, I can atleast do this for Teni. Baa says lets start rituals. All family members sit down. Dada says to Aman that I am honoring you as bride’s grandpa, Aman says you forgave Teni? Dada says I was not miffed with her, she is my daughter, we love them and sometime scold them too, I scolded her, Teni understood so matter is finished, pooja starts, Mohini looks at Sejal doubtfully. Dada hugs Aman.

Sejal comes to her room, Mohini asks why you went to Teni’s side? she blamed you for such big thing, Sejal says it was misunderstanding, Teni is not that bad, Mohini says you both had truce and you didnt even tell me? I was fighting against Teni and you were doing peace deal with Teni? you are my daughter or not?

Teni wakes up. Sejal comes there and says good morning, Teni asks if Vikas called her and blackmailed her? Sejal says no, seems like problem is finished, thank you, she hugs Teni. Teni says dont worry, he wont torture you even in dream now. Teni sees Shorvori standing near door and looking at them suspiciously. Sejal nods and Teni and leaves. Shorvori is confused. Teni thinks that I am in trouble. Shorvori says finally you are awake, Teni says I was so tired at night that I had to sleep till late, Shorvori thinks what Teni is hiding? Teni thinks why she eyeing? did she listen to me and Sejal talking? she gets worried.

In lounge, servant brings newspaper, he puts it on table. There is news of Vikas dying on front page.


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :

Teni reads newspaper and sees Vikas died, she is frozen, Aman asks what happened?
Teni shows news to Sejal, Sejal says Vikas got murdered? Teni says I met him last night and he died today.
Parth says to Shorvori that Teni and Sejal used to never like each other and in one night they are so close that they are going for shopping together? Teni was shocked seeing newspaper too, we are missing something.