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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Teni starts leaving, Parth says we didnt intend to hurt you, you cant break contract like this, this is wrong, Teni shouts enough, you are shaken with contract breaking, what about your wife breaking my heart? this deal is cancelled, nobody can change my decision now, she leaves. Shorvori sits on floor and says i did mistake, i shouldnt have done it, she cries. Parth comes to her, Shorvori says i did big mistake, Parth says you didnt do any mistake, Shorvori says no, i left decision on you and i should have trusted you, you said that this girl can be anything but wont cheat us but i didnt believe and even lied to you, Parth says what lie? Shorvori says i didnt leave hospital to go to garden but went somewhere else. Flashback shows Shorvori coming to Teni’s colony and meeting Mansok, Mansok says Teni can do anything to go to America, Shorvori gives him dancing magazine and says make Teni believe that they are sending people to America but Teni should not know that this is lie, fb ends.
Mansok is packing his stuff in colony. Teni comes there, Mansok gets scared and says she is angry. Teni comes to him and sees truck parked and Mansok’s house items there, Teni takes hockey stick and start breaking his things, Mansok says dont, i will be doomed. Teni glares at him and goes to her room.
Teni comes in her house and looks at thank you card which Parth brought for her, she tears card away and is angry.
At dance academy, Parth holds Shorvori’s hand and starts taking her with him. Otherside Teni recalls her deal with Teni, how she accepted his offer. Parth and Shorvori sits in car, Parth holds Shorvori’s hand. otherside Teni looks at her hand’s line, trying to read her fate.
Shorvori comes home. Teni gets call from Shorvori but Teni throws her phone away. Shorvori says to Parth that i should go to Teni, i will beg to her, i will request her, i will do everything. Parth says tomorrow is insemination’s result, what if Teni doesnt come to hospital? Shorvori says she wont do it, Parth says she can do anything, she is stubborn. Shorvori says people write their fate with their deeds, we destroyed our fate with our deeds, we will get pain and hurt now. She says lets go and tell truth to family. Indu comes there and says what truth? Parth and Shorvori gets tensed seeing here there, Indu asks what truth you both are talking about? what you are hiding? you both went somewhere? Shorvori says actually.. Indu says i know everything, i talked to Jalpa, Jalpa was calling to tell about appointment, you both didnt pickup so she called me, she told me how you both are trying so hard to make things work, to fulfill promise given to me, why did you hide it from me? dont worry, i will pray for you both, soon everything will be fine, Shorvori says but.. Indu says we dont have time for buts, look at date, we have only 8days to make this lie into truth, if you become pregnant then fine otherwise we wont be able to bear pain we will have to give to family, if we didnt get happy news in 8days then not only hearts but relations will break too, Shorvori nervously looks at Parth, Indu leaves from there. Shorvori says Parth this is not about us only but our family, TEni has to come tomorrow, we cant become hopeless.
Teni comes to shop and buys egg, she says to shopkeeper that egss are of different sizes but you take same amount, shopkeeper says hen gives egg, not me. Teni buys egg. Someone throws note at her, Teni reads note which says forgive me, Teni says who is throwing notes at me? she finds another note on tree, she says who is playing with me? come face to face with me and i will break your face. Teni comes to her house’s door and finds another note, she says who is doing it? Shorvori comes out of her room and says its me, i am sorry, Teni says how did you come in my room? Shorvori says i had duplicate keys of your house, leave it, we will talk inside, i cooked food for you. She brings Teni in house. She shows her dishes she brought for Teni. Teni says you made these food? she throws them away angrily, Shorvori says i know are miffed, you can take out your anger on me but not on food. Teni says is this joke to you? i am not your toy that you can make me dance anytime you want, first you blamed me for stealing then you slapped me, Shorvori says i did mistake, Shorvori folds her hands and says forgive me. Teni says i am not fool, you didnt come to asdk forgiveness but for your work, you are afraid that i will cancel your baby deal, Shorvori says i am not selfish but helpless about situation, i was wrong about you, there must be someway to calm you down, i will do anything, you can even beat me. Shorvori cries, she says to Teni that dont cancel this baby deal, i will do anything, you dont know my family’s happiness is lying on your decision, they will breakdown, i am begging you to not cancel deal,

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