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Dil Se Dil Tak 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth thinks today Teni got what she always wanted. It’s because of her that everyone was excited. He doesn’t want to take away her happiness but Shorvari is also hurt, he wonders what to do. Bharat Kumar comes to him and says he was out for a while, but he keeps himself up to dated. They have always been friends with each other and asks why he is worried. Parth says nothing. Bharat Kumar says he has seen the bangles and the worries on his face. Parth explains the situation to Bharat Kumar. Bharat looks towards the bangles and says if these bangles are exactly like the original. Bharat Kumar suggests him to give the bangles to Shorvari saying he replaced them, when she is in the right mood he may share the truth with her.

Shorvari comes out of bath and finds Parth standing with the bangles. She says she knew it never happens he doesn’t fulfil her wish. Parth says he got the bangles. Shorvari tells him to make her wear these but his hands trembled. Shorvari smiles towards him. Parth hugs her tightly and cries apologizing, as these aren’t the same bangles. He tells her about the truth of Teni’s excitement. Shorvari says she knows, those aren’t only gold bangles but a connection of a mother and daughter. Indu broke that relation. Parth says he understands the value of those bangles but she must have been hurt a lot, Shorvari must accept what Teni suffered for them. Shorvari breaks into a laughter, hiding her tears and says it is only a petty matter. She hugs Parth saying if you have given something, you must never ask it bad; no matter its love or a gift. Parth apologizes Shorvari, and accepts he was rid of a huge burden through her words. Shorvari thinks about pinching event.

The next morning, Teni brings everyone to the hall. She says they will all eat on these mats, then laughs saying its for yoga and they will do it. Baa remembers Jalpa sent an instructor for her as well. The instructor arrives. Teni asks them all to join her and stops Mohini from leaving. The ladies weren’t able to stand still. Indu was shocked to see Baa having full balance over herself. Parth joins them, Teni comes to help him stand properly. Shorvari watches them close to each other. Teni watches Shorvari there and asks her to join them. Shorvari was upset and says she has important work to do. Parth says he got the most important work but he also gave up. Baa also calls Shorvari to join them.

Indu says they aren’t forcing anyone, it was needed when Shorvari was pregnant but since her lie has been disclosed they won’t force her anymore. Baa stops Indu and says this incident has been closed, why repeat this. Shorvari looks towards Parth angrily then leaves. Teni goes to take care of her. In the room, Shorvari thinks about intimacy between Parth and Teni, then Indu’s attitude. Teni finds her crying in the room and speaks to her baby that Shorvari must have begun crying. She comes to Shorvari saying she even started crying. She tells Shorvari sometimes it’s not necessary you hear something and it’s true. She asks Shorvari to smile and says this smile suits her face. Shorvari forces a smile, but was still upset when Teni plays with her bangles.

Parth comes to kitchen where Indu was working. He says he understands her anger but atleast Shorvari isn’t wholly to be blamed, it was their mutual decision. Indu says it is her mistake, she considered Shorvari a daughter but she didn’t share her infertility with her, instead she stopped her son from sharing the truth. She questions Parth why he lied with her and complains he thought Shorvari is more trustable. She questions if he still came to be Shorvari’s side and is concerned about her sentiments. She tells Parth she doesn’t want to discuss about her anymore, she is not related to her anymore.


Dil Se Dil Tak 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth tries to be intimate with Shorvari. Shorvari smells Teni’s perfume from Parth, she goes to confirm it in Teni’s room.

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