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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dil Se Dil Tak 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Parth says to family that Teni is the kidnapper, she has my baby, I wont spare her, I will find her. Teni comes there and says you dont need to find me, I am standing infront of you, all are relieved to see her back. Parth glares at her. Indu runs and hugs Teni, Teni consoles. Teni turns to Parth and says if I had kidnapped Ipshita then I wouldnt have runaway from police and come here, you really think that I will kidnap my daughter? if you want to send me to police then do it but dont forget I kept Ipshita in my belly for months, I am from lower background but I know about relations, how could I kidnap my doll? if I had to do it then I wouldnt have given her birth with so much difficulty, you are so blind in hatred that you are not trying to find real kidnappers, I gave her birth  with so much trouble but kept her safe to do this end? Baa says Teni is right, she cant do it. Parth says then who can kidnap my daughter?

Parth gets a call. He takes call, man says your daughter is with me, I have kidnapped her. Parth says what? who are you? all are shocked. Teni puts phone on speaker. Kidnapper says I didnt call to hear your rubbish, Parth says stay away from my daughter otherwise I wont spare you. Kidnapper’s face is shown and its Rishabh, he says if I can kidnap your daughter then I can do anything, you have to give me 10 crores otherwise your daughter will be finished, give money and take your daughter, all are shocked. Rishabh comes to Ipshita, he makes Parth hear Ipshita crying, Teni cries hearing her sobs. Parth says fine, you will get your money, where I have to come? Rishabh says near kali mountain, and I know you have informed police but if you love your daughter then come alone, he ends call.

Rishabh says that my plan is working, I will get money soon.
Dada says to Parth that we have to call police, Teni says no otherwise kidnapper will hurt our Ipshita. Parth says whoever this kidnapper is, knows that this much amount is difficult for us to arrange, he is not unknown otherwise he wouldnt be able to kidnap from house with so many people. Teni recalls how she bumped with some singer(Rishabh) and he ranaway in big car.

She tells it to family. Parth says that person must have kidnapped Ipshita. Bharat says we have shot the event, lets see the video and we will find that man in it.
Family starts watching video, Teni stands beside Parth and says man was around 24 years old and he had fake mole on his face, she asks Parth to check all frames, she puts hand on Parth’s shoulder. Dada gets call from Singh, Singh says I have arranged the money, Dada thanks him. Teni asks Parth to stop the video, she shows man in the video and says this is the one, when I bumped into him, his fake mustache came out but he ranaway. Parth says I know how his real face will come out.

Parth brings laptop and starts editing picture of Rishabh, disguised as dancer. He erases his beard, mustache. All are shocked to see that its Rishabh. Parth says I wont spare him, I will bring my daughter. Teni says what if Rishbh hurt Ipshita? we have to trap Rishabh before doing anything, Baa says she is right. Teni says Rishabh has greed right now, we have to be careful, if you are the father then I have given her birth too, I want my daughter back too but we have to be careful, I know what to do, I am begging you to trust me and follow me for one last time, Indu says please listen to her, Parth says fine tell me.

Rishabh says to his mother that we will get money soon and leave from here, they cant even guess that its me who kidnapped her, they hear door bell, he gives Ipshita to his mom, she hides in room. She asks Rishabh to open door confidently, he sees Teni outside from peephole. He opens door, Teni tensely comes inside and says please help me, police is behind me, someone kidnapped Parth’s daughter and he thinks that I have kidnapped her and sent police behind me, please help me, he trapped you people too so he is your enemy too, only you can help me, I didnt steal his daughter, please save me. Rishabh’s mother says its good you are here, we know how mean Bhanushali family can be, you can stay here, Teni thanks her, mom says dont worry and sit here. She asks Rishabh to come to kitchen, they leave from there. Teni starts looking around house and trying to find Ipshita.

Parth is in car with Bharat outside Rishabh’s house, he says we should go inside too, Bharat says Teni must have made good plan, if she needs us then she will call us, we should wait here.
Rishabh comes to Teni and says you are safe here, he gives her tea. Teni says you people are helping me so much, she drinks tea and thinks where they have hidden my daughter? Rishabh smirks and thinks Teni is drinking tea and will soon faint and if she has any ulterior motive of being here then I will finish her and Parth will always doubt her for kidnapping his daughter. Rishabh turns and is shocked to see Parth and Bharat outside his house and sitting in car.

Teni sees them looking at Parth, Teni tries to run and says my baby, I will take her, Rishabh grabs her and says you wont get your daughter so easily now that you are here. He asks his mom to go and keep an eye on Ipshita and he will handle Teni, mom leaves. Rishabh throws Teni on floor. Teni tries to grab his mom but Rishabh hits her head with pot, Teni fights with him and says you are fighting with a mom. Mom brings Ipshita there, Trni tries to stop her but Rishabh hits her, he takes Ipshita and says lets run, he runs from window with his mom. Teni screams for Parth. Parth comes in house and sees Teni injured. Teni says they ranaway with my baby. Bharat picks up Teni. Parth calls commissioner and asks him to do something. Teni says they took away my doll infront of my eyes. Bharat says you trued, have faith in God, you will find your daughter soon. Parth is tensed too. Bharat says have faith, baby will be found soon, Teni cries.


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth and Teni runs behind Rishabh on road who is taking away Ipshita. Rishabh runs from there and drops Ipshita somewhere. Parth runs to Rishabh and grabs him, Teni and Parth beats him, Parth asks where is Ipshita. Police comes there too. rishabh says I am telling, she is in Jamna house with madam ji, Teni and Parth are shocked.

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