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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 20th February 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Shorvori says to Indu that we should talk to dada and make him forgive Mohini, i dont like her serving me, Indu says i feel bad too but Baa wont take it bad. Mohini is taking juice for Shorvori and says i have to use brain. She is about to enter Shorvori’s room but Indu says to Shorvori that you have to be careful because of Baa’s punishment for Mohini, Mohini gets to know everything. Mohini eavesdrop on their conversation but Forum comes there and says Maa? Mohini takes her away from there and says go from here, Forum says i wont let you do mistakes which will get you more punishments, Mohini says Indu was never loyal to me even if she is my sister then how will shorvori be loyal to me, Forum says i dont know anything, you come with me, she takes Mohini with her. In room, Indu says to Shorvori that you have to be careful, nobody should know that you are not pregnant, Shorvori says Mohini might get to know it, Indu says i will handle her but you have to become pregnant before 22nd of next month, Shorvori thinks how to tell her that i cant become pregnant ever. Indu marks 22nd date on calendar, Shorvori looks on.
Mohini is massaging Shorvori’s shoulder. Mohini says its just not about Baa’s punishment, i like serving you. Shorvori thinks about Indu’s words, Mohini thinks she is lost, she must be thinking about something important Indu might have said, Mohini goes to washroom, Shorvori calls Parth but he doesnt take it. Shorvori says we have to start process of surrogacy before 22nd of month. Parth comes there and lifts her in arms, he says i found surrogate mother and tomorrow we will sign contract too, our lie is going to be true now. They turn and find Mohini coming out washroom. Mohini glares at him and says what is this? she is not doll, she is pregnant, you should take care of her, i am shy seeing you both flirt, dont lift her again like this, take care, she leaves. Parth asks what was she doing here? Shorvori says she was massaging my shoulders, thank God she didnt hear anything. Mohini is going to her room and recalls Parth’s last words that their lie is going to be true, she says which lie he was talking about? Indu talked weirdly too, this punishment is fun, i have to be with Shorvori for 24hours.
Parth gifts doll to Shorvori and says i signed contract with surrogate mother, Shorvori hugs him and says i am so happy, i should thank that lady, Parth says should i thank her my way? Shorvori grabs him and says i will kill you if you even think about other woman but she must be nice to give us our baby, to give her womb to our baby, she must be like goddess, Parth thinks Teni is not at all like which Shorvori is thinking but she agreed to be surrogate mother for us.
Teni is rolling bubble on her finger and eating is too disgustingly. She sees two pregnant women standing in water line, she asks one woman if there is baby inside tummy? she says what else would it be? dhokle? its my and my husband’s baby. Teni says how much did you get to become like this? Woman says this is dream for any woman to become mother, nobody takes money for it. Teni says you are mad to become fat like this for free, you look fat, woman says you wont understand, you just see money, we are not like you. Teni thinks that she is right, i am not like her, i will take 10lacs to become pregnant, this is my super chance and it should not slip from my hands.
Its morning, Mohini comes to shorvori’s room, Shorvori is taking bath. Mohini says she is in washroom, i should find out what she, Indu and Parth are hiding. She opens drawer and is about to see file but Shorvori comes out of washroom

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