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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni was getting ready in the room. She thinks about the letter and Parth. She speaks to herself that nothing is on her side even this dupatta. Shorvari comes to drape it perfectly. She places her Bindi over Teni’s forehead. Teni asks what she has done. Shorvari says their relation started because of her child but it has moved on in life, it prevails from Dil se Dil tak. She can give Teni even her life. Teni thinks she realizes Shorvari can share everything but Parth with her. Shorvari recalls they med exactly 4 months before. Teni thinks about meeting Parth and tries to rub her face, Shorvari stops her as her Kajal would spread.

Jagruti shows some designs to Rishab. Rishab likes the ideas of cartoons and calls her talented. Jagruti thinks about asking Rishab what’s in his mind for her. Sejal comes there then to show her shopping. Rishab shows her some designs and calls Jagruti as talented. He goes to call Ramnik. Sejal deletes the designs, Rishab scolds Sejal for not being able to use the computer well. Sejal leaves asking why he scolded her, Jagruti says she could have made the designs again.

Bharat had brought sweets for Jalpa and says his father’s friend Ramesh Uncle took his guarantee in the bank. Jalpa thinks Ramesh must never let Bharat know she has kept her jewelry mortgaged for him to guarantee. Baa calls Jalpa. Bharat looks for keys in the closet and calls Jalpa, she replies they are in the drawer. Bharat takes a file, some receipts fell down. These were IVF receipts named after Jalpa. Jalpa recalls Shorvari’s IVF bills named after her were also in the cupboard. There, Bharat wonders why are the IVF bills named after Jalpa, does this mean Jalpa got pregnant fakely and the child isn’t his. Jalpa comes to the room, Bharat poses to be normal. Jalpa confirms the receipts were there.
Sejal comes to the room furious over Rishab. She finds gifts for herself scattered around the room. Rishab comes to the room holding ears and was happy finding her smile. She asks how he came to know what her favorite brand is. Rishab says he knows how to make a girl up. Sejal asks him to take her on date, she has to tell him something special and asks to take a selfie. She thinks tomorrow she will tell Rishab clearly how serious she is for him.

During the Pooja, Rishab comes to sit between Sejal and Jagruti. He looks at both of them and compliments her. Everyone was waiting for Teni, Parth watches Shorvari bring Teni. Teni smiles looking towards Aman but gives a hurt look to Parth. She turns to the other side. Shorvari stops her, Teni says she was going to washroom. She calls Teni crazy and calls Parth. Teni tells Parth she is going to marry and her mind isn’t working, Shorvari asks how Aman would wander around her if she doesn’t marry. She tells Teni when she was marrying Parth she was also afraid, but they are here for her. She tells Parth to hold one hand of Teni while she will hold the other. Parth signals Teni to come forward and bring her near Aman. Teni thinks she wants to thank Parth for what he is doing for Teni. Aman whispers why Teni was late, if she wanted to run away. Teni thinks even Aman has come to realize what’s in her heart.

Teni looks towards Parth and thinks why is Parth ignoring even after he knows what’s in her heart. Pandit asks for a Paan thaali, Parth passes the thaali to Aman. The pandit instructs them to pray with their hands joint. Parth looks towards Teni in a mirror, Teni also looks into the mirror where only her shadow appeared with Parth. Parth recalls how Teni saved him from bullet shot and the well, her words as Mastani and Shorvari’s fears. He thinks Teni took his friendship and his care in a wrong meaning. He watches Teni’s dress had caught fire.


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Baa tells Aman and Teni to take blessings from the elders. After elders, Teni moves towards Parth and bends to touch his feet. They stop her.