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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th June 2017 Written [ Maha Sangam ] Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Parth opens his bag, Shorvori hugs him and says I wont let you go away from me again, Parth says i wouldnt want that to happen again, i was scared to lose you, he hugs her tightly, dil se dil take plays, Shorvori breaks hug, Parth says i brought a gift for you, she says I have surprise for you too, she shows him shopping bags and says i did shopping for you, she shows him shirt and says me and Teni thought it would suite you, Parth recalls Teni saving him, I want to tell you that if we are together today then its only because of Teni but I am worried that if you get to know truth then you will lose faith in Teni regarding our baby. Shorvori shows him his favorite perfume, she sees him lost in thought and asks if he didnt like it? he says I liked it, he makes her wear bangles. He says I bought them before accident, Shorvori says dont remind me about that incident, for once I thought I lost you, I love you Parth, she hugs him.

Teni comes to her room and says I love Parth? truly love him? she recalls her sacrifices for Parth, she says no I have gone mad, he is married and shorvori’s, he is only of Shorvori.
Teni comes in bathroom, she stands under shower and says when this happened with me? she recalls Parth taking care of her always, saying to her that he is always with her, telling her about love, treating her with food and gifts. Teni cries and says this cant happen, he is married.

Parth says i love you to Shorvori, Shorvori says i have got my life back, the one who saved you, saved me too, I pray to meet that person once in life and give her favor back. Parth looks on.

Teni says Aman is giving me dream life, this love was never in my list, I always wanted to go to America, I always faced troubles to fulfill my dream but now when I have it then why this love? why did i see dream of Parth being in trouble and why God didnt make Shorvori see that dream? I have faced so much in life and never brokedown, i wont breakdown this time too, people can bow down to love but Teni would fight love and throw Parth out of my mind, love is curable, I will make it go away, dont cry.

Shorvori says to Parth that bangles are nice, lets unpack, she finds another bangle box in his stuff, he says this is for Teni, remember when I didnt bring gift same as you then she got miffed, Shorvori nods and says lets go and give it to her, they start leaving but Baa calls Shorvori, Shorvori asks Parth to go and gift her.

Teni is sitting in her room, Parth comes there, she thinks why did he come here? I dont want to meet you, she acts like sleeping. Parth calls out her name, she acts like snoring, Parth turns to leave, she gets up but he stops so she acts like sleeping again, Parth sits beside her, he holds her hand, Teni’s breath hitches, Parth makes her wear bangles, he says I want to surprise you but i dont want to disturb your sleep. Teni is tensed, Parth says you saved my life, this is small gift for that, Teni recalls saving him. Parth tries to make her wear in another hand but she jerks it away, Parth says weird girl, cant stay put even in sleep, he holds her hand and makes her wear it, Teni recalls Shorvori saying that love can happen anytime, she closes her eyes forcefully, Parth smiles at her, he caresses her head and says goodnight, he leaves, dil se dil tak, Teni gets up and looks at bangles in her hands, she takes them off and throws them away and says i dont want them, I dont want anything from Parth, she recalls Parth lovingly making her wear it, she helplessly looks at them on floor, she gets down, collects them and says my heart hurts if I dont wear them but I wont be at peace if I wear them too, what kind of trouble is that? She brings out her jewelry box and says peace is important in life and if hearts come inbetween then we should close them in box

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