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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Dil Se Dil Tak 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Dil Se Dil Tak you will watch Dada says i dont understand this surrogacy process? how can you call baby yours when it was nurtured in someone else’s womb, Shorvori is shocked to hear it, Baa says why you are getting angry? its not happening in our house, dada says thank God its not happening in our family and i pray that this never happen in our family because i wont be able to bear it. Shorvori and Jalpa are shocked and scared hearing his opinion about surrogacy.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

Scene 1
At night, Parth comes to Teni’s room with milk, Teni sees mood off, she tries to take glass from him but he puts on table, he gives her table fan but keep ignoring her, he puts fan near her bed and ready to leave but Teni stops him and says you can slap, curse me but dont be silent, i am sorry, i shouldnt have touched wine, its written in my deal, you can even cut 1000 or two from 10lacs for it. Parth says this is just deal for you but Shorvori’s, mine, my family’s whole lives are joined with this baby and this baby is joined with you, whatever you eat or drink will affect this baby, your one wrong step can end everything, try and understand that we will lose everything if we lose this baby but you want to drink wine right? drink it, drink as much as you want, nobody is going to stop you, he tries to control his tears, Teni feels bad seeing his state and says trust me for last time, i am swearing on America that till i dont give you your baby, till then i wont even think about wine bottle, you dont trust me? one minute. Teni takes out wine bottles from different part of rooms and gives to Parth, she says i have given all wine bottles to you, you know i am very firm about my words, once i have done commitment, i dont go back on it, you can trust me, Parth takes wine bottles from her. Teni says what about dogs barking so that i can sleep? Parth says i have sent you barking sound on phone, Teni nods and says smile now, i have given everything to you, gave up wine too, Parth smiles at her, he shakes his head and leaves. Teni looks at milk glass Parth and says now i just have to work with this milk for 9months, she holds her nose and drinks milk.

Scene 2
In morning, Indu is in mandir of house, She says to Mohini that Baa called to remind about pooja, she is away from house but worries so much, Mohini says you are right. Forum comes there and says shall we start pooja? Indu says bring jal(sacred water) from kitchen. Forum comes in kitchen and sees pot there, she says sacred water must be in it only, she takes it from there. Teni sees Forum taking pot(Kalash) from kitchen in which she had hidden her wine to hide it from Mohini, she asks Forum where are you taking this pot? Forum says that today is pooja in mandir of house and we are going to use scared water in this pot in that pooja, she leaves with pot, Teni runs behind Forum to stop her but Mohini doesnt allow Teni to enter in mandir, Teni is shocked to see Forum putting pot in mandir. Mohini says to Teni that you dont remember that you cant enter here, Indu says let her come inside mandir, she might want to watch pooja, Teni says yes let me come in, Mohini says you can watch pooja from outside mandir, Indu says she is Shorvori’s sister so part of this house and anyone can attend pooja so let her enter mandir, Mohini says she didnt even know who Shrinath jee is, she eats meat and fish and she cant enter in mandir without cleansing so she cant come in, she takes Indu to mandir. Teni sees pot and says this pot? Indu says its called kalash, there is sacred water inside which will be used to bathe Shrinath jee soon, Teni thinks that i dont get this pot before pooja then they will end up doing pooja using wine and bathing Shrinat jee with it, i have to stop it, Teni looks Indu holding kalash, she closes her eyes and says i should call Shorvori. Teni video calls Shorvori and says i will tell you something but promise me to not scold me, Shorvori says i am promising to not scold you, what happened? Teni says a problem happened, i went to drink to wine, Shorvori says we told you to not drink wine.. Teni says i didnt drink it but to hide it, i put wine in pot and i didnt know that pot will be used to bath Shrinath jee, that pot is in mandir now in Indu’s hand and she is about to use wine for pooja, do something, Shorvori says how can i stop it from here? Teni says think some idea, Shorvori says i cant think anything. Teni says let me do something. Teni comes outside mandir and says dont know what is happening to me, Teni acts like fainting, she faints. She is about to fall but Parth comes there and holds her, he asks her to open eyes, Indu says she might have weakness, Mohini says she keep eating whole day then how would she be weak? Shorvori is watching everything on call. Teni opens her eyes and says i will feel better if you sprinkle water from that pot, Mohini that is sacred water to be used for God, we cant use it. forum brings simple water and sprinkles on Teni’s face, Teni says i am feeling good now, Teni sees Indu holding kalash(pot), Sejal says lets go i am getting late for party.. i mean for pooja and Parth has come to handle Teni. Teni takes Parth of out house and says we should go to doctor, Teni says i was not fainting, i was acting, you run and bring that pooja pot here, Parth says why you want that pot? Teni says there is wine in that pot not sacred water, Parth says what? she says yes, if you dont bring it then they will bathe Shrinath jee with it, Parth goes.
Parth comes in mandir and sits in pooja, Teni comes outside mandir. Parth sees pot with Indu, she sneezes near pot. Mohini says what is wrong with you Parth? Indu says to Parth that you destroyed purity of scared water how will we use for Shrinath jee now? Parth says i will bring another pot, he takes pot and leaves. Mohini says this is all happening because of Parth’s sister in law(Teni). Parth comes to Teni and gives her wine filled pot, she gives sacred water filled pot for him to take to mandir, Parth says hide this wine pot and nobody should get to know it, Teni nods, Parth leaves. Teni says i should throw this wine outside house so no one can smell it. Teni comes in garden and sees Bharat coming there, she hides wine pot and turns away from him. Bharat asks what are you hiding? Teni says i am not hiding anything, Bharat says there is something in your hand, Teni gets tensed and tries to hide pot in her hand, she says i am doing pooja in which i cant see your face, Bharat says what a great thought, you believe in pooja and all with being modern too, Teni says there is pooja going on in house, you go there, Bharat says you go first, Teni leaves. Bharat says this girl is great, she is pretty, nicely raised and with good values.
Teni brings wine pot in her room and says what should i do with this wine? Teni’s alter image tells her to drink it, image says Teni you live on wine, Parth will not know it, just drink it,
Teni recalls how she promised Parth to not even think about it, she gets tensed.


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth is decorating his room with rose petals and balloons. Teni comes there. Parth is standing on bed and hanging rose petals bag on roof. Teni says i want to talk.. she stumbles on showpiece and falls in Parth’s arms, Parth falls on bed with Teni on top of him, rose petals showers on them from bag hanging on ceiling, Teni enjoys petals falling on her and looks at Parth lying beneath her on bed.

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