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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Teni tells Dadi ji she won’t wait till Diwali and leave with her child right away. Indu and Dadi ji stop Teni. She even drops the suitcase and says she didn’t bring anything into the house, she only owns the baby. Parth corrects even the child isn’t hers, they only borrowed her womb. Teni says it was only her mistake to not mention in the contract about the situation after their divorce. But she takes the responsibility of the child as a mother, atleast he must get the love of mother. She leaves. Baa and Indu follow her to the hall. Indu requests Teni to stay, everyone gather around. Teni says she is no more needed in the house, she became a surrogate only because Parth and Shorvari wanted to be parents.

Parth reminds her of the contract, if he will be able to look after the baby when he isn’t able to handle himself. And where should surrogate mothers leave their kids when the real parents have divorced. Everyone was speechless, Teni turns to leave but Parth stops her. Dada ji tells Teni neither she nor her demand is wrong. Everyone here also think she is right in her demand to marry, Parth doesn’t think so. They don’t only reveal their intentions.

Baa comes to stand beside Teni, for the right cause. Indu says she is suffering for her child and realizes Teni’s state. She also stands beside her. Ramnik, Dada ji and Mohini also take Teni’s side. Parth was left alone. Dadi says she thinks they shouldn’t make any delays in their wedding; she accepts the wedding. Parth says he doesn’t need a marriage to bring up his child, he can do it all alone. He is sure Shorvari will return for their child. Teni thinks she never wanted to quest him if Shorvari was fine, but now she must convince him to marriage before Diwali.

In the room, Parth thinks about Teni’s demands. Both Parth and Shorvari were thinking about each other. Teni stood behind Parth.

The next morning, Indu distributes Prasad to everyone. Baa signals Indu to speak to Parth. Indu begins to speak but Parth interrupts saying he will come along them in Diwali shopping. Rishab and mother come with gifts for them. Indu and Baa wee courteous. Rishab’s mother says gifts are exchanged on festivals. They were all puzzled but Rishab’s mother says she only came to have tea from Jagruti’s hands. Jagruti hurries inside. Mohini keeps Sejal aside, not to reveal her intentions to family. Rishab’s mother discuss about Parth, Shorvari and Teni. Jagruti says people must be let to talk, only they know what Parth if facing. Parth hugs Jagruti. Rishab says his mother had an argument with a neighbor. Indu apologizes her, but Rishab’s mother says they have been friends for long.

Parth leaves the hall. Teni was worried.
Rishab’s mother thinks it was their fault to hurry the proposal. Rishab must marry Sejal.
In the room, Indu convinces Ramnik to speak to Parth. Teni had come at the door and hears Indu’s determination not to let Teni and the child leave from this house. Teni convinces Indu not to pressurize Parth, he must take the decision himself so that he doesn’t later blames Indu for the marriage. Indu wonders how she will get married, as Teni can’t take wedding vow rounds. Teni says she has already spoken to registrar. Teni was passing by Parth, he stops her but Teni says she only wants to know about his decision.

In the room, Parth watches Shorvari’s photo. Indu and Dadi come to him. Dadi says they have come to announce their decision. Indu insists Parth must abide by the decision of elders and marry Teni.


Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parth comes to Teni’s room. There was Shorvari’s call. He tries to guess the password. Teni tells Shorvari its “Parth”. Shorvari wish Parth doesn’t guess and panics.

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