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Dil Se Dil Tak 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shorvari says she wants Parth to hate her and distance her from her life, so that he fall for Teni. She asks Teni to love her child and Parth just as she would have. Parth would be broken if he knows about her illness, she can’t see hopelessness in his eyes. She requests her to promise her about being with her, and not share it with Parth; her last wish. Teni looks towards her hand and says she always used to fight God for her fate, then Parth and Shorvari came to her life and everything changed. It doesn’t matter what they think of their life; Shorvari holds the strength of Parth’s love. He will even find nature for her, he will get her the best treatment. She decides to tell Parth about everything and hurries outside. Shorvari stops her and requests her not to tell anything to Parth.

Teni says Parth has a right over her life and her love, at the most she won’t speak to her again. Teni runs outside. Shorvari was stopped to make her entry, she stood in the hospital upset.

At home, Parth wakes up and decides to go to his room to avoid family. Teni comes to him and says Shorvari is really nice, she is only fighting her conditions. Parth says Shorvari’s suspiciousness is all wrong, she will soon find out the truth and their interesting relation would revive again. Shorvari had reached home and signals Teni in request. Parth says Shorvari loves him dearly and doesn’t listen to Teni. Parth says he went to Shorvari’s room last night but Shorvari was asleep, so he didn’t go inside. It’s been twenty four hours for the first time that Shorvari is angry at him, but he will make her up.

If Shorvari leaves him ever in life, he won’t be able to live. He shares with Teni about a surprise to prepare Shorvari breakfast by himself, and she will forget about all her anger. Teni follows him to the bedroom. Shorvari comes behind them. Teni wonders how she must stop him now. Shorvari had reached the door of the room. Parth was about to take the blanket off when Teni stops him. He asks if he wants to upset her even more. He must first get fresh, go for morning walk, then prepare breakfast and wake her up later. Parth agrees. Shorvari comes inside the room and thanks Teni for not sharing the truth with Parth. Teni says she doesn’t know about anything, she must first lay down in bed before Parth returns.

The next morning, Shorvari finds Teni sitting in the yard upset. She takes the breakfast tray for Teni and asks what happened. Teni says she isn’t hungry. She feeds her with her own hands. Teni takes her hand down and asks where she brings this courage. Shorvari says just like Teni finds a way to her smile. Teni says she is selfish and not as nice as Shorvari. Shorvari gets upset that she came out to be more selfish, she brought Teni then blamed her both for her personal reasons. Teni tells Shorvari like her, she can’t also see Parth broken. She can feel the pain Shorvari is going through, and will do whatever Shorvari would ask her for. Shorvari assures their interesting relation will get even more interesting, then was lost in some thought. Shorvari says its Parth’s birthday tomorrow, she must give Parth a gift.

Teni asks which gift? Parth watches Shorvari scold Teni for not eating by herself. Teni asks Shorvari if she doesn’t trust Parth. Shorvari says Parth never explained her anything, he proved her wrong to clarify her position. She tells Teni she only cares about her child, she must finish up the breakfast. Parth stood behind for breakfast for Shorvari. Shorvari says it’s a clean lie. This must be for his Teni, he should go and feed her. Teni cheerfully tells Parth to give this breakfast to her. Parth was upset. Shorvari watches him through the door of her room, he feels her presence but she hides herself. She thinks whatever she is doing is for Parth.


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Parth asks Shorvari where her clothes are. Shorvari says she gave him time for a few days only, she will have to leave in a day or two. Parth keeps the clothes back saying she is his life, he breathes because of her only and would die if she leaves him.

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