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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The trio was leaving. Teni thinks how the family sleep so well in such a situation. She deliberately throws a vase to wake the family. She then pushes a huge decorative vase, everyone in the house wakes up. Mohini thinks what kind of a dream it was. Teni notices everyone watching them, she screams she can’t bear the burden of this heavy suitcase alone. Parth comes to hold it. Mohini wonders if it’s a dream, Ramnik also wonders why they are leaving at such a time. There, Dada ji says it doesn’t matter they leave at what time. Teni tells Shorvari not to look back once, everyone is awake and is looking towards them. Parth, Shorvari and Teni step out. Baa says they have left. They stop by the outhouse, everyone wonder what they are doing here. Teni tells Shorvari and Parth that they will live here now, this was constructed by Parth’s grandfather. Since Parth is no more a Bhanushali they can stay here now. The family was enraged over the decision made by Parth and Shorvari.

Teni tells Parth and Shorvari to clean around the room. Later, Shorvari says no one even stopped her. Teni tells her to think before she speaks, it’s a five months old lie, the family would forgive them but it will take time. She was thankful for Parth to let her stay here. Sejal comes to Jagruti and asks for her phone urgently, posing to speak to a friend. She then thinks she got Jagruti’s password.

There, Teni was happy that Shorvari fall asleep. She goes to pour water for herself when slips over Parth, her hair tuck with his button. After drinking water she come to lay down again. Parth wasn’t sleeping. After a while, Parth goes outside and sits on the bench there, thinking about Dada ji and Teni. Teni comes outside to sit with him, she says he fought everyone for her; held her hand against dada ji and still says he doesn’t love her. Parth was shocked to hear this. Teni says Parth doesn’t let her leave, but doesn’t promise to keep her forever. He cares for her, then claims this isn’t love. if this is care and not love, why is he so restless then. Parth says he loves her, but their love is different. He held her hand only because that is right, he would have done this even if there was someone else. He understands what pain Teni is in, he wish she had married and didn’t have to suffer this all. Teni says she fought her heart a lot, then she had to agree this is her fate. She says she got the best she could get, above all she has him. But his unhappiness makes her worried. Parth says when a heart ache, there is no happy ending in real life.

Teni touches the water with moon shining in it. She tries to catch the moon and says it would slip from her hand if she tries to hold her, similarly like his love. She says she is booking herself with him for the next life. Parth smirks, and tells her to come inside as its cold out here. Teni holds his hand and says this care is enough for her. He withdraws his hand, Teni makes him sit with her on a bench. She says in a Superhit movie she heard a dialogue, a one-sided love is very powerful as it doesn’t have to be shared between two people. He is so worried whenever she is upset. Teni says its only about four months, then she will give him the child and leave. She wants to convince him she isn’t tensed or sad, her one sided loved strengthen him. The love she holds for him is true, but she isn’t going crazy behind him. She asks to be friends like before. Parth forwards his hand with a smile, Teni holds it.


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baa hears Shorvari telling Teni that Parth left to find work, they will then get her some food. Dada ji comes to Parth and asks why he washed a car, Parth clarifies there is no sir name with his name now. Dada ji asks can’t he lie to the world like he lied to them for so long.

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