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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Parth comes to put the fire off from Teni’s clothes with his hands. Everyone was shocked. Aman pours water over it. Teni notices Parth had burnt his hands and holds herself responsible for not being attentive. Parth assures Teni he is fine. Shorvari brings him aside to apply bandage. Parth thinks Teni must be attracted towards him because she thinks only he can take care of her, its her immaturity. He come to the hall again. Baa sends Jalpa to bring a plate from kitchen. She hands the baby to Bharat but Bharat was upset about the receipt and leaves the baby on the couch. Jalpa was shocked to see this upon return. When Bharat returns she asks where he had been, Bharat says there was a phone call.
Everyone stands for Pooja. Later, Baa asks the couple to take blessings from everyone.

Parth says he isn’t as old that Teni touched his feet. Teni says Dadi said they must touch the feet of those we respect the most. She respects Parth the most in her life. Parth blesses Teni to get every happiness of her life. Sejal comes to take everyone for cake celebration. Bharat brings drum and beat it, the family dances over the beat. Aman and Teni cut the cake together. Teni was about to give a bite to Parth when the cake slips ruining Parth’s clothes. Teni holds her head as their heads bang.

Baa reminds Teni she says once banged heads breaks a relationship, they must bang twice. Teni and Parth bang their heads again. Everyone laugh. Sejal tries to give a bite of cake to Rishab. Shorvari watches this and feels hurt. She thinks may be Rishab considers Sejal as friend and likes Jagruti, she must speak to Jagruti. Rishab comes to Jagruti and shows her some photos of Sejal, he tells her that Sejal is no angrier with her and Jagruti must also agree. Shorvari takes Jagruti aside, she tells Jagruti it’s the right time, and she must inquire Rishab what’s in her head. She tells Shorvari Rishab made Sejal up for her sake. She then comes to Rishab and asks him to meet her tomorrow. Mohini thinks about doing something about this Jagruti.

In the room, Shorvari shows Teni huge Maha Kali Bindi. She tells Bengali girls wear these believing women are more powerful than anything just like Maa Kaali. Teni gets excited to wear the Bindi and says she really feels powerful, it feels she can fight anything in the life now. Shorvari and Teni promote MahaKali show.
Later, Shorvari comes to Parth. Parth says Aman and Teni looked really happy today. Shorvari shares she was thinking falsely for no reason. She shows Parth a bangles box as gift for Teni. Parth asks Shorvari what if what she suspected about Teni was true. Shorvari was lost at once.

She says Parth is her world, she loves him dearly and won’t bear if someone else comes into this world. She would never forgive that person. She doubted Teni for a while, it suffocated her though she couldn’t share with anyone that someone would snatch her life. She says all relations in the world can be shared, only a wife can never share her husband. Parth calms Shorvari down saying she doesn’t need to think about it so much. Shorvari was upset but Parth hugs her. They share an eye lock. Parth thinks he must keep Teni’s feelings to himself.


Dil Se Dil Tak 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Teni dreams about being with Parth. She sits up to see Shorvari and Parth standing with clothes for her Haldi. Teni announces she will get married directly.