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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Dil Se Dil Tak 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teni comes in kitchen, Shorvori thinks I should send Teni to Parth, Baa has work with me. Shorvori asks Teni if she is free? Teni says yes. Shorvori says can you give this lunchbox to Parth? I have some work, Teni says I wont go, Shorvori says just take it and go, baby will see his papa’s office too, Teni starts leaving and says I am trying stay away from him but God is sending me to him more and more, what he wants?

Teni comes to Parth’s office. Teni comes to Parth’s office with lunchbox, she says I would put lunchbox here and leave and baby if you try to want to see your father and kick me then your food is banned for the day. Teni sees Parth from the glass door in his office, she helplessly looks at him. Peon asks what you want? Teni says give this box to him, she turns to leave but Parth comes out and says Teni where are you going? Shorvori told me you are coming,Teni gets tensed and says I was not going anywhere, I was just sweating, Parth says its centrally air conditioned, Teni says that is why it was cold sweat, he laughs and says come inside.

Mohini sees Sejal leaving house and asks where are you going? Sejal says out with friends, Mohini says when will you stop roaming around? she takes her car keys and says think about your future, Sejal says I have time, Mohini says Ramnik’s friend’s son is coming, his father has good business, his son Rishab is coming, you should make relation with him, Sejal says I dont want to marry rightnow, I want to do MBA, I dont want to marry some MBA guy and cook in his house for life, I will do love marriage like Parth and Shorvori, she leaves. Mohini says Parth and Shorvori has destroyed this house’s rules.

Baa says to Shorvori that we have to do pooja of Randhr Maa tomorrow, Baa says to Shorvori that if baby gets blessing of God in this pooja then no danger falls on baby, Mohini says yes when Indu was in trouble with Parth’s pregnancy, she prayed to Maa and got fine, Baa says since then we take her blessing when there is pregnancy in house, Parth is elder son of this house and we have to make sure that we take blessing nicely, Shorvori thinks that Teni is carrying our baby and I want Teni to get that blessing. Baa says I will make you understand how this pooja is done, we make umarried women sit in pooja, pregnant women have to wash their feet finger and make them eat food then they leave with gifts. Mohini says husband and wife sits together in pooja and wear clothes that they wore on their wedding day then you will do what priest asks you. Shorvori thinks that if we want baby to get blessed then Teni will have to do all these rituals but how will she do it?

Teni gives food to Parth, Parth says I made you wear bangles, didnt you like it? Teni says i cant wear heavy bangles all day, I like elephant baby too but I dont carry it whole day. Parth says you shouldnt have come to Delhi, you took too much risk. Parth starts eating, Teni recalls how she saved his life. Parth finds Shorvori’s note in lunchbox, Teni says I should leave, Parth holds her hand and says there is something for you too here, she asks what? Parth comes closer to her and says this laddo, Shorvori cant make you eat it so I have do it, teni says its bitter, I wont eat it, Parth says you would have to eat it, Teni says you cant forcefully make me eat, i wont spare you, Parth holds her nose, she opens her mouth, Parth makes her eat it and says finish it, Teni makes face. Parth goes to eat his food, Teni smiles at laddo and looks at Parth helplessly, she silently eats laddo, dil se dil tak plays. Parth gets Shorvori’s call, he says hello ma’am, thank you for food, she says always welcome, you eat homemade food, come back soon, I have to talk something important, Parth says okay, did you eat? She says no, he says you should be praised for food, Shorvori says you would have to give me more than praise, Parth asks what you want? Teni is hearing their call convo, Shorvori says I want a kiss, Parth says what? Shorvori you are saying this? are you serious? I cant give it now, later, Teni is here. Shorvori says I want it now, Parth says what are you saying? Teni is here, fine, he gives a kiss to phone, she giggles. Teni sees it and thinks this is truth, Parth is of Shorvori and cant be mine, I should get married to Aman and leave from here to forget him, Parth ends call. Teni says I am leaving, she leaves.

Scene 2
Sejal meets her ,friends and says my mom wants me to get married so I said that I want to do MBA. Waiter gives her bill, she says your calculation is not correct, waiter this is right bill, Sejal call manager. One geeky boy comes in glasses wearing checkered sweater, Sejal asks if he is manager? he says no just a customer whose math is good, can I see the bill? Sejal gives it to him, he calculates it and says to waiter that you did mistake, she is right, Sejal smiles at him, he leaves. Sejal’s friend says he is cute, go say thanks to him and take his number too, if you dont go then I will go and take his number, Sejal says why would you go? He helped me so I will say thanks. Sejal comes to boy and says thanks, he smiles at her, Sejal says I am saying thanks, you cant even say welcome? He says okay welcome. Sejal huffs and goes to her table, she says he has so much attitude.

Teni comes home and says to Aman that lets go to court or mandir and get married right now only. aman says wow fire is at both side but why so much hurry? whats the new problem? have you fallen for someone else after SRK? Teni says if you dont go with me to mandir then pack your bag, we will runaway, Aman pulls her closer and says we will get married on time, we will have to wait and be restless for each other, Teni recalls being restless for Parth, she screams stop it, Aman says i just gave idea, Teni says I am asking my mind to stop, you stay here, I will talk later, she leaves. Aman looks on.

Shorvori brings Teni to room, parth comes there too. Parth and Teni asks whats the matter? Shorvori you both have same timing to ask same question, Parth says what is it? Shorvori says its important, there is pooja tomorrow, parents of baby have to sit in that pooja, Shorvori says to Parth and Teni that Teni has to sit in this pooja for baby to get blessing, Parth says how will it be possible? Shorvori says I have a plan, she tells them plan which is muted, Parth is tensed, Teni says what are you saying Shorvori? Parth says there will be family members in pooja, you are taking thos pooja way too seriously, you are going to be mother, Shorvori says you know how much it hurts me to say all this but understand that if we want our baby to get Maa’s blessing then Teni has to sit in pooja and not me, I dont want our baby to not get her blessing, there is no if and buts in this, Parth is exasperated. Shorvori says I have promised Baa that her great grand baby is going to get Maa’s blessing, please agree to it, Parth says you have found this way? there will family, what will happen if they see her? Shorvori says there will be no problem, you are panicking, nothing will happen, you have always been with me so agree too this time, its for baby, please, please.. Parth clasps his hands and says do it, like you want it, do pooja like that. Teni says enough, what are you saying Shorvori? Nobody asked me if I want to do this, Shorvori but.. Tenii says I understand that you are lying to world, lying to family but.. will you lie to God too? Husband and wife sits in this pooja together then how are you making me sit with Parth in this pooja, with which right I will sit there with him?


Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shorvori says to Teni that you will sit in pooja with right of being mother of my and Parth’s baby, saying lie for the good is not a bad lie, Teni says its not about a lie, its about me, I am already in worse condition, you both do what you want, I am leaving, they are stunned hearing it.

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